Chapter 206


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Chapter 206 – Building is Fun!

The two men were carried over the river to the other side without problem.

I yelled over to them.



The two men just kind of looked at me in a daze.

That gravity magic must have been a shock for them.

Then the bridge builders on our side said to me,

「Maybe…Al…you’re actually Viscount Alfred Lint?!」

「Why do you think that?」

I asked them, and they nodded to each other and said,

「Is there anyone else but the viscount that can use gravity magic that easily?」

「Yeah, I can’t think of anyone.」

I was found out. Oh well.

Even so, I was going to use gravity magic for the bridge building anyway. It was just a matter of time.

「Yes, it’s true…but I was trying to keep it secret.」

「Is that so? Well, we understand.」

「We won’t tell a soul.」

Then the fellows looked at Femm.

「We thought this was just a great wolf, but now it’s clear why Femm is your mount, Viscount.」

Femm stood there with a prideful look.

「To be able to tell this story to my kids…well, it’s a pleasure.」

A bridge builder said with a laugh.

After that, the builders finished the necessary measurements.

They worked very quickly and efficiently, just as I had expected.

After the fellows on the other side finished, I floated them back over.

「I’d like to see upstream.」


The bridge builders were talking it over, Timi said,

「You want me to carry you?」

「Can you?」

「Yes, but it might be scaaaary…」


「Yeah, don’t worry about it. I won’t try to hurt you.」

The men had no idea what Timi was talking about.

She giggled once, and then changed back to a dragon.



They all fell on their rumps. They were very scared.

I tried to relax them by saying,

「It’s okay. No matter her shape, she’s still the ancient dragon Timisoara.」

「If you say so, Viscount.」

Well, at least they trusted me.

「You can get on my back.」

「Th, thank you.」

I floated the men with gravity magic onto her back.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy got on her head happily.

I jumped on Femm and Timi flew.

She was considerate to the men and flew slowly.

After they checked upstream, we returned back to the village.

Timi didn’t want to scare the villagers, so she changed back before we returned.

As we got back the men started discussing the bridge with the priest and Cruz.

They were talking over the materials and size of the bridge.

I had no idea what they were talking about, so I would only use magic when I was asked.

「I can easily carry big stones, steel, and the like with magic, so feel free to ask, ok?」

「I can carry it too.」

Timi said with a smile.

Timi had a lot of power, as the bridge builders could tell now.

She could be extremely helpful.

「That would help a lot.」

「Now that we don’t have to worry about transportation, we can focus more on the bridge’s strength and convenience!」

They were pretty happy about it.

As we talked, Yureena came over. She was with the house builders.

She stepped right behind me.

「What is it?」

「N…nothing. Nothing at all.」

「Did you talk to the temporary assistant?」

「He hasn’t noticed who I am.」

「I see. You need help with something?」

「We need someone to carry the wood around.」

I left Cruz and went over with the house builders.

Femm, Shiggy, and Timi joined me. Shiggy was in my pouch.

I listened to the directions of the leader of the builders and carried the wood around where needed.

「I can cut the wood too. Just let me know and it will all be cut.」

「Sure. Then can you cut along this line?」

「Sure. I can also nail the wood easily as well.」

「Wow. I guess being a magician makes you perfect for building.」

「I think so too, sometimes.」

We said to each other, as the work continued.

Timi stayed in human form and helped.

She could carry heavy things in human form as well and could cut the wood too.

And she could apparently punch nails in with her bare hands.

「Wow, pretty good, miss.」

「Heh heh. Yup.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi was happy to be complimented.

Shiggy cried out happily too.

After a while, Millet said to me after working,

「We should take a break.」

「Oh, good idea!」

The leader agreed.

Millet called out to the field group as well.

Everyone was ready to rest.

Millet and some of the followers prepared tea.

It was deep into autumn, but everyone was still sweating.


「ryaa ryaa」

「Wow! This tastes great!」

Collette and Shiggy were happy. Timi had worked very hard and was happy to rest as well.

「Drink a lot Moofy.」

「Mooo mooo」

Moofy had her own dish of tea. She was working the plow.

「Vi-Vi, how are the fields going?」

「Perfect as usual.」

Vi-Vi looked at the houses being constructed.

「Hmm, the houses are going pretty well too. After we make them I can put in a magic circle.」

「What magic circle?」

The leader asked Vi-Vi, and Vi-Vi explained.

「Whoa! That’s something! Magic really is amazing.」


After finishing off the tea, we also ate snacks.


The temporary ass was at it again.



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