Chapter 207


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Chapter 207 – The Temporary Ass’ Violence

Resting is important. And it sucked when someone yelled at you that didn’t understand it.

I was thinking of a good response, when Timi replied while eating a hotbun,

「This bread is goooood.」

「Eheh heh. Thank you.」

Millet blushed at the compliment.

Everyone was completely ignoring the temporary assistant.

I could understand how everyone felt.

「ryaa ryaa」

「See? Shiggy likes it too!」


Shiggy was eating out of Timi’s hand now.

Seeing that he was being ignored, the temp ass’s anger was ready to explode,

「You low-life-pieces-of filth! Stop loafing around, AND GET TO WORK!」

「…shut up.」

Timi said, uninterested.

「SHUT UP?! You…bitch! How dare you mock me!」

He definitely heard her.

His face turned beet red and he glared at Timi.

It seems that he had forgotten that she had turned into an ancient dragon and roared at him.

No…maybe since he was on the other side of the river…he didn’t really get a good look at her.

He really may have bad eyesight.

Even so, I decided to calm the situation down.

「Okay, everyone, just calm down.」

I said, while at the same time,

「Here, open your mouth…」

Yureena said, trying to feed me some snacks,

「Hold on a second.」

「Open your mouth…」

But Yureena wouldn’t get up.

「I guess I have to.」

I ate the snack.

「Is it good?」

She said with a huge smile.

It was kind of scary, because Yureena never acts like this.

She had a little mud on her face…probably on purpose.

She was trying to make is so that there was no way the temporary ass would recognize her.

「Yes…yeah, it’s good.」


She was also trying to act like we were lovers.

However, it seems that the temporary ass didn’t even notice who she was.

So this whole love-dovey crap really had no meaning.

She knew what I was thinking, inched closer, and whispered in my ear,

「It’s all part of the plan.」

「The plan?」

「When he finds out it’s me, he’ll realize you’re my lover.」


It was true that if we didn’t do this act ahead of time, he wouldn’t think that it was an act in the first place.

However, I wondered if this was all really necessary.

If anything, she would just piss him off more than he already was.

「How dare you take advantage of my KINDNESS!」

I don’t remember any kindness from this guy.

But since he was pissed off, I just decided to be quiet and watched what happened.

As I was thinking this, Yureena said,

「I don’t remember any kindness.」

She said it just loud enough so that he could hear her.

She was really good at fanning the flames of his anger.


「Nah, I didn’t say anything…」

I remembered that she was going to trick him to do something violent against her so that she could easily break off any request for marriage he might have.

And this was all part of her strategy.

「You two loving it up without working AT ALL! GET TO WORK!」

「No need to talk to us like that when we’re on BREAK!」

「You bitch!」

He was literally shaking with rage, when Collette said,

「That guy’sth really a jerk.」



Collette said to Shiggy while they both ate a snack.

The kid ran around yelling at everyone, but they all ignored him.

After we had rested, I went back to work.

「Get TO WORK!」

The temp ass was screaming at people, but no one paid him mind.

I went back to building houses, just like I had done before taking a rest.

As I joined the builders, Yureena said,

「What do you think?」

「You’re trying too hard to piss him off.」

「I think I did pretty well. Right?」


Shiggy seemed to agree.

Just then, the temp ass put his hand on Yureena’s shoulder.

「Hey, you. Come with me.」


「Because you’ve got no need to work if you come with me.」


「You’ve got quite a good body for being just a villager. You want to have some fun?」

With a frank request like that, I was afraid how Yureena would respond.

It was so much, even Yureena looked like she didn’t know how to reply.

She wasn’t sticking to her own plan.

「Um, excuse me.」

「Could you leave my lover alone, please?」

「What are you saying to me, low-life?!」

The temp ass glared at me.

「Instead of fooling around with a low-life like you, she’d be happier with someone with royal blood, like me!」


I was lost as what to say, when Yureena said,

「Are you an idiot?」

「What did you SAY!?」

「Are you a freaking IDIOT?!」


Yureena was really pissed. Of course she would be.

Shiggy looked pissed too.

「Shut up and come with me!」

He said, and grabbed her by the arm.

「Leave me alone!」

She said back, with an icy glare.

He was pissed she wouldn’t listen to him.

He turned to his older bodyguard and said,



「Come and take her!」

「Yes, sir!」

The bodyguard didn’t even have an objection, it seemed.

Man…these guys really are pieces of filth.

「Let go of her HAND!」

I grabbed the kid’s arm and started to squeeze it.


I forced him to knee on the ground.


The bodyguard tried to kick me, but I grabbed his leg with my other hand.

I used magic to help squeeze his leg, and I could feel the bone strain.

「Ow! Let me go!」

Then I heard behind the two,


Cruz was approaching us, and she looked pissed.



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