Chapter 208


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Chapter 208 – Cruz is Pissed!

Hearing Cruz’ voice, the temp ass and the older man twitched with a jolt.

It seems they didn’t know she was ruler yet, but they knew she was tough.

Since Cruz was here, I let go of the temp ass and the older man.

I could leave this to Cruz.

「What right do you think you have to put us in that pit like you did yesterday!?」

「Have you no idea HOW RUDE YOU ARE?!」

「Because we still haven’t forgiven you for YOUR rudeness yesterday!」

They still didn’t know she was ruler and were lecturing her.

They thought she was some kind of thug that was protecting the death cult.

She didn’t answer them, but just stood looking at them with an icy stare, and said,

「You two…you don’t seriously act like this everywhere you go, do you?」

「What?! It’s of no matter to you!」

「You don’t act like this, do you?」

「What do you mean?」

「Try to get women by saying you’re high class…」

「Oh, that? What do you care?」

I could see Cruz begin to seethe in anger.

Even Femm was surprised at this.

Femm was tough, but seeing Cruz, Femm could feel the strength of her rage.

However, the temp ass didn’t feel that at all. He was oblivious.

「Listen. We are high class. You low-lifes can’t just push us around.」

Hearing this, Timi’s face scowled at them.

Timi was born a royal as well. That’s why she was angry now.

「I want your parents to see you. How did they raise you, anyway?!」


It wasn’t just Timi, but Shiggy too.

「This has nothing to do with my PARENTS!」

「I think it does. You get your status from your father, after all.」


Timi’s logic was unassailable by the kid, so he just gulped angrily.

「Does your father think like you?」

「My father’s just a fool that tries to treat the low-lifes fairly. He’s part of the old way of thinking. You can’t be kind to loafers like the underclasses!」

「If that’s the new way of thinking, then I can’t allow it.」

Cruz was quieting her anger down, but you could still feel it in her words.

The temp ass was still completely ignorant of it. He looked at her as if it were no matter.

However, Femm started to tremble.

I patted Femm to calm it down.

Then Timi said, with a kinder tone,

「The higher classes have their duties as well. You should understand that. You know that you’re an embarrassment to them?」


「Don’t you dare lecture me!」

Hearing Timi talk in that kind tone made her even scarier.

I think it was good that she was lecturing him though.

Then Timi looked to Cruz,

「I think you should relieve this temporary assistant of his duties. He’s clearly unable to fulfill them, anyway.」

「Wha?! How dare you!」

「You still haven’t noticed?」

Then Timi let out a long sigh.


And Shiggy did as well.

Just then, one of Cruz’ aides from the manor, the oldest, ran over to us.

He probably could sense the volatile rage that was emanating from Cruz.

He had remained a distance away, watching what was going on. Very attentive.

But because of his age, he wasn’t quick to react. It took him a while to make his way over.

「Pant, huff. Your highness, what is the matter? Have they done something wrong?」

It was obvious he was talking to Cruz.

If you spelled out the full meaning of his words, we was saying,

「Madam Marquis Conradine, what is the matter? Has this idiot of a temporary assistant done something wrong?」

Even so, the temp ass still didn’t get it.

The temp ass then replied, angrily,

「This foolish person deserves to be WHIPPED!」

The temp ass was probably thinking that the term “Your highness” was directed to him.

The kid hadn’t inherited any title yet. So there was no “your highness” to him.

And there were several people there that qualified for the term.

The Baroness Shiggy. The Marquis Cruz.

The Viscounts Yureena, Timi, and I.

The only two that didn’t realize who he was addressing as “your highness” was the kid and his bodyguard.

Even so, they were mistaken thinking the aide was referring to them.

And it was embarrassing.


The aide then turned to the temp ass and glared at him.

「You basta…」

The kid was about to open his mouth again, but the aide cut him off.

「Marquis Cruz, did this assistant do something untoward?」

This time there was no abbreviation in his polite question.

Cruz smiled at the aide.

「I guess we can’t be tolerant of this fool this time.」

「Understood. What shall we do?」

「Huh? What’s going on?」

The temp ass was suddenly flustered, but Cruz ignored him.

Timi smiled and said,

「We should relieve him of his duties, and then take some time to think about what we shall do with him.」


「If we give him any real duties, he’ll just be a nuisance.」

Timi was angry, and yet smiling the whole time.

Shiggy was just angry.

「You’re right. But I won’t relieve him.」

Cruz said with a smile.

The temporary ass’s face seemed to take on a slight look of relief.



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