Chapter 209


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Chapter 209 – How to Kick a Temporary Ass

Timi looked unhappy at the words Cruz had said, but said nothing.

She respected Cruz, as she was also a ruler.

However, the aide said, quietly,

「Marquis…if I could have a word.」

「Go ahead. Say whatever you’d like.」

Cruz said with a smile.

「This temporary assistant has been exceptionally rude to your highness. Yesterday, he attacked you violently. That’s why I think simply imprisonment is not enough.」


The aide lightly conversed with her, while the angry temp ass growled.

And the aide continued,

「That punishment would be too light, and cause problems. It would result in a disruption of social order.」

「Thanks for the suggestion.」

Cruz said, genuinely thanking the aide.

「Well, then…」

She turned to the temp ass.

Just then, the kid’s bodyguard stood forward.

He probably thought Cruz was going to punish him and the kid.

「I apologize for the rudeness we’ve shown. We had no idea you were the marquis.」

「It was still rude, regardless if you knew, correct?」

The kid had tried to punch Cruz. It was wrong regardless of who Cruz was.

「Yes…I understand that.」

「I don’t think you do!」


Timi said, and Shiggy echoed her.

The ancient dragons were both quite angry.

「You’re not just guilty of trying to hit Cruz, you know.」

Seeing Timi say that, Yureena followed.

She saw Timi was looking at her.

Then the bodyguard said in a low voice,

「Is it wrong for the boy to want to play around before he gets married?」

「Very wrong.」

I decided to leave this all to Cruz.

However, I had said the previous words without thinking.

The bodyguard looked at me.

「However, you’re a man. You know how it is…right?」

Don’t group me with you guys. It kind of pisses me off.

And they “playing around” this kid was going to do wasn’t just “playing around.”

Then the kid started making excuses,

「It…it was just a passing impulse of mine! I admit it was wrong!」

「We can’t just accept it as a “passing impulse.”」

「But, if she were to become pregnant, I promise that I’d pay for the child’s upbringing! That’s the type of man I am! I’ve done it before!」

He said with a somewhat proud look.


Yureena screamed, with a horrified look.

Then she grabbed onto my arm and held it.

After hearing Yureena open her mouth, the bodyguard looked puzzled.

The kid froze for a second…he had finally noticed it was Yureena.


「I didn’t think you were this much of a complete FOOL!」

「No, I mean…it’s not like that.」

He reached out to take her hand and she quickly swatted it away.

「Never think about marrying me AGAIN!」

「But I only…」

He was still trying to reason with Yureena.

I guess marrying Yureena was really important to this guy.

In order for him to become baron, he had to also marry Yureena.

Yureena looked at him icily.

「Do you understand?」


Then Yureena said to Cruz,

「Cruz, he’s not a candidate to marry me or anything, anymore, so do whatever you want with him now!」

「I wasn’t considering it like that at all.」


Yureena was quite surprised.

She had thought that the reason Cruz didn’t remove the kid from the job was because he was trying to marry Yureena.

Then Cruz turned to the temp ass.

「I have my reasons. I’m not relieving your from your duties, okay?」

「Why not?」

Timi said, trying to hide her unhappiness.

「Th…thank you! I’ll do my best to show you I’m a changed man!」

「We’ll work our hardest to repay your endless compassion, Ms. marquis!」

The kid and the bodyguard both got on their hands and knees and thanked her.

「That helps. I have something I have for you to do. It’s in exchange for me sending you to prison.」

「We’ll do anything! Any punishment wouldn’t be enough!」

「We’ll do whatever you ask!」

「Yes, you will. If you don’t, then you will be relieved and punished.」

「Yes! We’ll work as hard as we can!」

「If you’re relieved, it will be a big deal, okay?」

Cruz said with a laugh.

Cruz was hinting that if that happened, she’d go to the Council of the Royals.

This was the organization that punished illegal actions among anyone with a title.

If she brought this matter to the Council of Royals, it would be possible the kid would never become a baron.

He had been violent with a higher ranking marquis.

If that was the case, he’d be sent to the mines to break rocks for years.

「Yes! I am aware!」

After nodding to his response, Cruz called the priest over,

「Yes, madam?」

「The temporary assistant and his follower want to make up for what they’ve done, so put them to work with whatever it needed.」

「I see. Understood. We can use them to carry stones to the bridges.」

「Yes, that’s fine for now. And don’t think of him as any type of assistant, but as a slave.」

Then she turned to the two and said,

「Well, it’ll be hard on your bodies, but hang in there!」


「I’ll do my best!」

Then the priest called the planner over.

He was quite tall and very strong.

「Okay, newbies! You better get ready to LIFT!」

He said and took the two with him.

「I hope he doesn’t mess with the other workers.」

「Not with a body like that.」

Cruz watched the temp ass begin his work.

All the others were muscular compared to this thin kid.

Even so, he was able to carry some very large stones.

If he worked like that, he’d get a good night of sleep tonight.



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