Chapter 210


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 210 – Cruz’ Thinking

I could tell that Timi was not pleased at how lightly Cruz treated the temp ass’s punishment.

I understood how she felt. He was just put to labor.

Then Timi asked,

「Why didn’t you remove him from duty?」

「Because now he’s under my authority. I let his dad appoint him.」

「But…you could refer him to the Council of Royals…right?」

「I could.」

「I think we shouldn’t waste time in doing that!」

Timi really was unhappy about it.

Even so, I said to Timi,

「That would result in real imprisonment. It’s not a light punishment.」


「If we went to the Council of Royals, then, after a long trial, he would be imprisoned.」

There’s a very strong chance his family’s title would be crushed, and the kid himself would do hard time.

「Is that true?」

「If so, why not just use this guy and punish him while he helps build the town?」

Hearing that, Yureena complimented Cruz.

This was while she was still clinging to my arm.

「Wow, you’ve really thought this out, Cruz!」

「Well, I guess so…」

Cruz sounded a bit evasive.

Maybe she really hadn’t thought it out that much.

So I asked,

「What was your aim in not relieving this kid of his job?」

「Um, if the baron and the Council of Royals get into a fight…my assistant that chose him might get crushed as well.」

「That’s true.」

「If so, then then it would be really hard to find a new assistant.」

It seems that Cruz actually had very good decision making skills.

Her assistant, the father of the kid, was at a high level in the capital’s internal affairs.

In order to hire the assistant, she had to use that place to recruit.

If he had to go to war again the Council of Royals, then the whole internal affairs office might turn against her.

Then it would be hard to recruit anyone else to work with her realm.

「You have to consider where this kid is coming from.」

Cruz said with a smile.

「You’ve thought this over Cruz!」

「Eheh heh!」

「Great job, Cruz!」

Timi seemed to understand now too, as she nodded.

「I see now, it’s quite complex.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy nodded as well. It seemed like both had learned from Cruz.

「But Cruz, I have something I’m still wondering about.」


「I can see why you didn’t contact the Council. But why didn’t you just relieve him of his duty?」

「If I did, he’s no longer under my control. So then I can’t order her around.」

「I see…」

「Even if he’s in my realm, he’s not directly under my control.」

He was a kid from a completely different realm. And that bodyguard was his father’s retainer.

Even if she far outranked him, she couldn’t order him around.

If she relieved him from duty, he would just go home.

I added, so Timi would understand,

「Because she didn’t release the kid, she’ll have someone indebted to her.」

「The baron…and internal affairs?」

「Yeah. She needs to keep them on her side, since the owe her.」

「She’s in quite a position.」


Even Shiggy nodded at that.

It was clear that relieving him of his position was clearly a dishonor.

Now he was carrying stones, and even as the temporary assistant, no one would know of his dishonor.

I think Cruz’ assistant would quickly notice that Cruz had protected that kid.

She had done quite a bit to protect the baron’s name.

And of course, the baron himself could also punish his own child as well.

He could disinherit his son, making him a commoner, and could even do more on top of that.

It was important that a father should be able to punish his son.

And with that in mind, I’m sure that a baron would punish his son severely for this.

Even if his son was found out to be worthless, the baron himself wouldn’t be hurt by that.

「And in addition, I think that he wouldn’t talk down to lower classes from now on.」

「He did do that.」

「That’s why it might be nice to have him experience how they feel?」

「So you thought of that?」

「You’re really smart, Cruz!」

Yureena said to Cruz.

Cruz seemed embarrassed,

「He had no idea that everyone around him thought he was an idiot, anyway,」

She said, laughing.

That’s because they were all members in Cruz’ manor.

They also knew that this boy’s father was their resident boss’s son.

「They’d tell the boss sooner or later.」

「Yeah, yeah. They would tell him.」

「Yeah, me as well. I need to tell him why I’ve refused to marry him.」

Seems like she’d go with them. And with her timing would be perfect for the refusal.

「Really? Well do your best.」

「I want you to come with me, Al.」

She said to me, still holding onto my arm.


「You’ll act as my lover, right?」

「But you don’t me for that now, right?」

Yureena said, strongly.

I had no idea why, but if Yureena wanted it, I would help.

「Ok, I’ll help.」


Yureena smiled that cute smile of hers again.


Shiggy then flew up and onto my shoulder.

「You want to go too, Shiggy?」


「I see.」

It was cute to see Shiggy in those farmer overalls.

We walked into the temple to get to the magic transport.

Then Cruz jumped as if she remembered something,

「Oh, yeah!」

「What is it, marquis?」

「Can I ask you to create the documents for the temporary assistant? This temporary assistant is going to be too busy carrying rocks and digging holes.」

「Yes, ma’am.」


Then we made our way to Cruz’ manor.



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    Cruz was born a commoner. She may have been raised to Marquis, but she can only become a Royal by marrying into the King’s family. This goes for all of her teammates (except perhaps for Yureena – who started as a noble and whose exact blood relationship to the Royal Family is unknown).

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