Chapter 211


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 211 – Cruz’ Assistant

We made our way through the magic circles and finally arrived at the manor.

As we stepped out, one worker there noticed.

「Hello, marquis…what’s the problem?」

「I have to talk to my assistant. May I?」

「Ah, certainly. I’ll show you in.」

The worker there took us into the assistant’s office.

Nobody said anything as Yureena, Shiggy, and I followed her.

Compared to a cow and wolf…we really didn’t stand out.

We arrived at his office, and the worker knocked.

「Mr. Assistant, the marquis is here.」


From inside the room, we could hear his voice, and he sounded surprised.

He quickly beckoned to open the door.

「Madam, I’m sorry I couldn’t attend to you.」

「No problem, I was the one that came to you.」

Then he showed us in the room.

He quickly noticed that Yureena was with us.

「Miss Linmia, I’m glad to see you so…healthy.」

「It’s been quite a while…sir.」

Yureena’s family and the assistant’s knew each other for quite a while.

That’s why the conversation about marriage arose.

It was the first time I had seen the assistant, though. He glanced over at Cruz and then at me.

He probably wanted to be introduced.


Cruz noticed this and looked at me. She wanted to know if she could introduce me.

I nodded, silently. It was best to introduce me if the conversation was going to progress, anyway.

「Assistant…this is Viscount Alfred Lint.」

「What a famous…it’s my pleasure to meet you.」

After the assistant introduced himself, tea was brought in.

Cruz had a sip and then the assistant spoke.

「Madam. Is there a problem that’s arisen?」

「Unfortunately, yes.」

「Really? Well, what is it?」

「It’s difficult to say, but…」

Cruz spoke, seriously, about the temporary assistant, the man’s son, and what he had done.

The assistant’s face became more and more pale as the explanation progressed.

「And so that’s why we’re in a bit of a fix.」

「My humblest and sincerest apologies!」

The old man hit the floor on his hands and knees. I could see he broke out in a cold sweat.

「I take responsibility and will punish him severely! I also will resign as your assistant!」

「There’s no need for that.」

「Y…yes. Well, maybe something less then, like a temporary leave of absence…I’m extraordinarily sorry.」

If he was put on leave though, he’d have to do catch up afterwards.

Word about him would spread as well. It would become hard for him among the other royals.

He obviously was prepared to be punished.

「No, we don’t need that. I want you to continue working here.」


「Your son is a separate person from you. Regardless of the situation, he is an adult.」

「However, I put him in charge, as my son.」

「And I was the one that approved of it. We both have responsibility for that.」

Cruz said with a laugh,

「It would be trouble if you stopped working. I need you here.」

「Thank you for such kind words.」

And yet, the man said this very quietly and seriously.

「Allow me to punish my son. I plan to disinherit him and send him to prison…」

He was talking about this while planning to remove his son from his responsibilities.

If he did, the responsibility for punishment would shift.

「If there’s someway you’d like him punished, marquis, please tell me.」


「Of course, if you wish I will resign myself to whatever fate the Council of Royals deems appropriate as well.」

If that were the case, it would be a trail. But that made things tedious for Cruz.

That’s why the assistant stated he wouldn’t fight any charges.

It would be a harsh punishment though.

「No, I have no plan to remove him as temporary assistant.」

「Wha? I mean…really?!」

「Yes. I thought it would be better that he know what toil we were going through by making him work.」

「As a laborer?」

「Hauling blocks and stones, and digging ditches.」

The old man looked quite worried about his son’s physical state.

「But if he continues work as the temporary assistant, he might do something dreadful again?」

He didn’t want his son to do anything worse.

「It’s fine. I’ll keep my eye on him.」

「Thank you. I’m sorry to force you into extra work.」

With that, the assistant bowed.

「After the temporary assistant is done, my family shall decided about how to punish him.」

He bowed again.

「I am sorry to bring such trouble to the houses of Lint and Linmia.」

Yureena glanced over at me.

I guessed that since the son’s shamefulness was discussed, I wouldn’t have to act as her lover to break off the marriage.

「Um, sir. We have another matter.」


He again bowed deeply.

「My son’s disinheritance, and his punishment will not allow him time for marriage.」

「Oh, so you already knew…」

「I apologize. Pretend I never mentioned marriage.」

「Sure! I have a lover already, so I had to say no!」

Yureena said quickly, and grabbed hold of my arm.


I was lost.

It was just as she had prepared herself to say, but she really didn’t need to add that.

「I see…well, Master Lint…you look fine together.」

Then he bowed to me again.

「Sorry to trouble you Master Lint…sorry to assume such a position to push marriage on her.」

「No, no, don’t mention it!」

He probably thought he had got between two lovers.

It felt really weird.

So I said to the assistant,

「It might be that your son has a child already.」

「I…is that so?!」

「He may have had one with a commoner. He stated he was prepared to send money to any child he had…」

Hearing this, the father said,

「Well, it’s not that child’s fault. I know this is of no matter to you, but if so, would you allow us to take in the child?」

「Of course.」

「Thank you.」

He bowed again, deeply.

After that, Cruz talked about various issues.

And with that finished, we returned to the death temple.



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    The assistant had the right mindset, to a degree. Disinheritance to sever the shame to his noble family, and taking in the bastard offspring to bolster the line would satisfy all the angles. Timi and Shiggy would be appeased at a reasonable result for his disrespect and the blameless kid would be taken care of. Win-win.

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