Chapter 212


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Chapter 212 – Billows of Building

When we arrived back at the temple, Timi was waiting for us.

「Did it go okay?」

「Yeah, no problems. The assistant apologized A LOT.」

Cruz said with a smile, but Timi looked troubled.

「Too bad his dad sounds like a decent guy.」

So I said to her,

「It’s not hard for a good man to raise a crappy son.」

「You’re probably right.」

Then Cruz asked the priest.

「How about the guy that the temporary assistant was with?」

「He’s working very hard. They’re carrying heavy stones, so they look like they’re having a very hard time of it.」

Good to hear they’re taking it seriously, but the kid had just started working.

You can’t just let the two off.

So I went back to work.

Timi and I were working the buildings, while Cruz was directing the whole thing.

The foreman of all the building smiled at us.

「Hey, you’re back. Because of this temp ass kid our work has slowed down a bit. Let’s hurry this up.」



「ryaa ryaa」

I was ready to attack the building seriously.

I floated, dropped, and line up pillars.

Millet and Collette also operated the golems to help with the building.

「Al, good work!」

「Come on, old man!」

「Let’s do it!」

Millet and Collette controlled the golems, which carried the wood to construction.

Two of them controlled three golems at once.

「They’re doing very well…」

I said to myself.

They were controlling them with their own magical ability.

Even just controlling two golems at the same time was quite advanced.

With three, I could tell that both of the girls had really learned how to take control of magic.

Well, I couldn’t just sit back either, so I went to work as well.

The foreman smiled at me as he watched me work.

「Wow, that’s fast. Make the floor here and we’ll start putting things together.」


So they put the floor together as I quickly brought the materials over. Seeing this, Timi worked to things together quickly as well.

I used magic, while Timi used her own hands.

Actually, the builders seemed almost envious of Timi’s power.


「She’s not human!」

「It…almost makes me feel shameful.」

So I explained to them,

「She’s actually a dragon.」

「Oh…I see.」

They seemed to just accept it.

And the house was built without an hour passing.

The foreman was quite happy.

「Al, Timi, excellent job. You really helped.」

「No need to thanks, lets go to the next house.」

「I can keep going too!」


Shiggy gleefully cried out while standing on my shoulder.

After that, Timi and I continued building houses.

Well, it was less building and more just putting together.

The foreman was the most important person in the process, directing other where quickly to assemble the wood.

So we were just basically there to position it for them.

「This lumber over here isn’t the right stuff!」

「Ok, then let me help.」

I helped them move the correct lumber around.

It was quite easy to arrange the lumber around here and there.
There were several different shapes and types of lumber, so I just asked the foreman what he wanted and where.

As we were busy working, the sky faded into the red light of a sunset.

「Oh, already this late?」

「It’s too bad the autumn day is so short.」


Timi said with a far away look, and Shiggy made a sound of agreeing.

The foreman, however, approached us happily,

「We got 10 houses built today because of you!」

「Glad to hear.」

「Still no interior, but if we keep building like this, we’ll have a village in no time.」

「I guess so.」

The foreman and builders were all smiles as Chel and the priest approached.

Chel was on the priest’s shoulder, and then sprung to mine.

I had Shiggy on one side and Chel on the other.


「Chel, we build 10 houses today.」

Chel quivered happily.

The priest bowed to the builders, Timi, Millet, Collette, and I.

「Thank you very much.」

「It’s because of Al’s magical skill, and the golems, and that Timi can lift more than all of us combined.」


Timi said proudly.

While this was happening, Vi-Vi came back with all the agriculture group.

Moofy was with her.

「Hm, nice houses. When can someone live in here?」

「We have to build the interior, but that will only take a little longer.」

The foreman said in good spirits.

「If that’s so, then tell me when you’re about to be done and I’ll place a magical circle.」

「Magic circle?」

The foreman said questioningly, so I explained,

「It’s her specialty. She can make the house stronger and last longer.」


As we talked about this, Collette grabbed hold of Moofy,

「You did great too Moofy!」

「Moo moo!」

She petted Moofy, and Moofy looked happy.

So I asked Vi-Vi,

「Vi-Vi, how are the fields going?」

「Hm, since Moofy worked so hard, I’ll be ready to put in magical circles tomorrow.」

「That’s fast!」

「Well, it’s because Moofy’s such a natural at this.」

Vi-Vi said, and Moofy seemed embarrassed.

「Mooo MOoo mooo」

「Good job Moofy!」

I said, and petted Moofy as well.



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