Chapter 213


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 213 – Making a Road

And so the village continued to be built, even with the temp ass kid and his aide pitching in obediently.

They hardly even rested much, lugging rocks and digging holes.

They didn’t even say anything about the others resting.

And I also helped with the bridges being built.

I helped with moving around stones and putting them together.

Vi-Vi and Moofy continued their work in the fields.

Timi worked on continuing the road.

Millet and Collette continued using the golems and moving them around.

After a month went by, both bridges were finally completed.

Knowing this, Cruz, the priest, Chel, and everyone else gathered there.

Including the agricultural team with Vi-Vi and Moofy, and Millet and Collete.

「What a beautiful bridge!」


「It is nice!」

The builders were happy at all the compliments.

Then they said,

「I didn’t think we’d be done this quickly.」

「It’s because of Al’s magic.」

「No, you guys are the ones that built it.」

「Thanks to you too, Femm.」


While they were building, I would use magic while riding on Femm’s back.

「Thanks as always, Femm.」

「Ruff wuff!」

Femm wagged its tail.

The bridge was a spectacularly well made stone bridge.

Vi-Vi had put a magic circle over it, so it could take almost any flood.

As I looked it over, I said,

「Now for the road.」

「Right. If we don’t connect a road to here correctly, no one will use the bridge.」

Timi and Shiggy had worked together to make the road as good as possible.

She had pulled out the trees and flattened the land. It was hard work.

「Maybe I can help you continue making the road.」

「Sure, Al. The builders are pretty much done with the houses anyway.」

‘Even so, the amount of houses were still not enough for everyone expected.

They would be coming after the snows in spring, though, so we still had plenty of time.

Then Millet and Collette said,

「Well, we can help too.」

「Old man, usthe the golemsth.」

「That would help a lot…」

Then Vi-Vi and Moofy said,

「I can help too.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy was ready to got.

「Vi-Vi, what about the fields?」

「Done. Now we just have to wait until spring to place the sprouts.」

「Ok, then.」

So, from this day we all worked together on the road.

We had to build it all the way to Cruz’ manor.

It was quite a nice road as well.

Moofy and Timi plucked up the trees as if they were dandelions.

Then I carried all the trees back to town together.

It was quite a load too, thanks to Timi and Moofy’s strength and my magic.

I put whatever was left in my magic bag and Millet helped in bringing that back to town.

The biggest help was Vi-Vi’s magical circles.

She wrote a transport circle on the back of a big shield, and we moved it as we continued with the road building.

Then I used invisibility magic on it so that no one would use it wrongly if they stumbled upon it.

Because of this, as soon as we were done, I could just transport the wood back to town.

Getting there and back was very easy.

She was probably the biggest contributor of all.

Collette’s golems also were a big help.

They were useful in covering over all the holes from the fallen trees.

「You really use golems well, Millet and Collette.」

「Really? Thanks!」

「Heh heh heh」

You could say it was quite complex work.

Using magic like that was a feat.

And Shiggy had grown too.

Shiggy placed her claws on the base of a tree.


「Yeah! Like that!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was also trying to loosen the soil so the tree could be plucked like Timi did.

She was probably trying to use the same shock magic as Timi did.

And that wasn’t easy.

And after Shiggy used the magic to shock the tree, Timi plucked it out just like she had done herself.


「I told you! Shiggy’s a genius.」

「ryaaa ryaaa」

Timi was quite proud, and Shiggy did really seem intelligent.

So Shiggy used shock magic, and Timi used gravity.

I knew that Timi would have done it faster if she had done it herself.

However, this was an important lesson to Shiggy.

Shiggy’s magic had grown noticeably even though she hadn’t.

And so now we were a month after the bridges were made.

The weather had chilled heavily, and now we were at the beginning of winter. We had gotten the road all the way to the manor.

「PiggGi! Piggii!」

「We did it!」

As we arrived at the manor, Cruz was there waiting for us.

They had probably used the magic circle to get there quickly.

The priest bowed to us again.

「I can never thank you all enough.」

「No problem.」

「It was fun too!」

Collette had learned how to control up to 5 golems by now.

After all the greetings were over, the priest had a party for us.

The houses and the fields were finished. Now we just had to wait for the followers to show up.

「I’m happy to have another village in my realm.」

Cruz said happily.

We were enjoying the party when Yureena showed up,

「Hey, come on and join us!」

「Huh? T…thanks?」

Yureena never drank usually, but she poured herself a glass.

「What is it?」

「Um…thanks, for playing my lover…」

「It wasn’t that big of a deal.」

I had actually expected that I would have to do some extreme things to fulfill that role.

It was a bit anticlimactic.

「I have a bit of a brazen favor to ask.」

「What? I’ll do anything for you.」

「My father…wants to meet you.」



It seems that the temp ass’s dad apologized to Yureena’s.

After that, her father ‘found out’ that I was her lover.

「It’s no big deal! Just meet my father!」

Even so, it was quite a pain for me to have to play her game again.



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