Chapter 214


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Chapter 214 – The Linmia Home

I wasn’t too disturbed with having to meet Yureena’s father.

However, it was hard to do so as her ‘lover.’

「Uh, well…」

「Please! You got to meet him!」

「But you already settled your marriage problem, right?」

Then she whispered to me,

「I might get engaged to someone else though.」

「I thought you were done with that!」

「Well, you never know…」

Seems like there was a lot going on in the Linmia home.

「Well, okay…」

「Really?! Thanks…I really like you, Al!」


She grabbed on to me and squeezed me. She had to be drunk.

「You’ve had too much.」

「I haven’t drunk anything at all!!」

She said to me, with her face all red.

The next morning.

I ate breakfast and then headed to the capital.

Yureena and I used the magic circle, and we went through Cruz’ place.

After that, we met Femm and Moofy, waiting for us.


「Mooo moo!」

Femm was wagging its tail.

「Hm? Why are you two here?」


Lately I had refused them going along with me.

So they worked around it by getting there before me.

They were both quite clever.

「Damn…okay then.」

「Can you two behave?」


Yureena petted them and the two responded happily.

Shiggy simply stayed as usual in my pouch.

She was very quiet. She might have gone to sleep after she ate breakfast.

Right after we emerged from the magic circle, I noticed.

「Dang it…I need my disguise.」

「You don’t have to wear one…」

「No, if someone recognizes me, my life’s going to be a mess.」

I put on the wolf mask, and I went with Moofy and Femm to the Limnia home.

It was about a 10 minute walk, and then we arrived,

「This place is huge!」


「You think?」

I was a massive mansion. Even the two animals were impressed.

Her house was right next to her family’s business headquarters.

So you know it would be huge.

「Ok, come on…sorry to cause you trouble, but help me out, okay?」

「Leave it to me.」

Yureena took my hand.

We walked into the mansion.

「Ah, miss! Who is this?」

The butler was quite surprised. Probably because of the mask.

「Ah, Al, you don’t need the mask here.」

「I guess not.」

The butler was probably a man of strict silence.

He took us both to the waiting room.

Then he brought us tea and crackers.


Shiggy’s head popped out as soon as she smelled the crackers.

「Moo mooo!」

Moofy nuzzled up to Yureena, asking for a snack.

On the other hand, Femm sat quietly and observed.

I knew Femm wanted to eat, but probably wanted to look proper even more.

That’s why I went ahead and fed Femm.

After all that was finished, Yureena’s family came to meet us.

Her father and mother.

After introductions were over, I saw Yureena’s father sigh,

「Well, if she’s fallen for you Viscount Lint, I guess I can’t refuse…」

「Right?! Mom, dad, you don’t have to try to get me engaged any more.」

「Well, I guess he’ll make a perfect husband to a tomboy like you, Yureena.」

Yureena’s mother seemed quite impressed.

「He’s not my husband, yet!」

Yureena said, but the mother seemed not to notice.

Then the mother looked at Moofy and said,

「Master Lint, is this a marriage gift to us?」


Moofy seemed a bit confused.

But a cow was a very good present.

Not just in the city, but in the country it was a common gift.

「No, she’s just…our pet.」

「Oh, too bad…and this doggie?」

「No…just a pet.」

「A very cute dog, though.」

Yureena’s mother happily petted Femm.

On the other hand, her father was still very serious.

「For my daughter to marry Viscount Lint…」

「Well, we’re not even engaged yet.」

「Well, let’s begin with calculating the dowry…」

Just then, the window swung open,

「Wait just a second!」

It was Cruz. Cruz jumped through the wind and into the room.

「Ah…Marquis Conradine! What is it?」

Yureena’s father asked, after springing backwards.

「I can’t allow this marriage!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was very happy to see Cruz again.

「W…why are you against it?」


Yureena’s father was confused, but Yureena seemed quite moved.

Cruz had come to stop the marriage, and she was impressed by it.

She really liked Cruz, after all.

But for me…I had no idea what the hell was going on.



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      • I’m going with Cruz is just to honest to lie to Yureena’s parents and wants the act to end. She’ll just tell them straight up to stop meddling with her marriage arrangements and that they already screwed up once by trying to force her to marry Mr Rapey.

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