Chapter 215


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Chapter 215 – Marriage Matters

As soon as Cruz saw us, she looked at us proudly.

Shiggy flew over onto Cruz’ head and made the same pose.

「Um…uh…I’m just against it!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Then Cruz ran over and took my arm.

「Oh, now I see.」

It seems that Cruz now was interested as well. Yureena’s mother was figuring all this out.

Then she nodded,

「Well, you ARE Viscount Lint after all. There’s no wonder why this is happening. I guess there’s no helping it.」

Then, Yureena’s mother looked over at us,

「Well, with rank in mind, that would make Marquis Conradine the legal wife. Are you all right with that, Yureena?」

「What? What are you saying?!」

「Well, if Conradine is the legal wife, then you become the concubine. If you’re fine with that then I won’t say anything about it.」

「So then Cruz would have the famil…」

Yureena looked at Cruz,

「I have nothing against that!」

Yureena was saying some wild stuff.

Maybe it’s because Yureena loved Cruz as well.

「We still haven’t come to the marriage arrangements yet!」

I tried to calm everyone down.

「I see…」

The father seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

He probably was happy that none of us had really talked this over ahead of time.

But then the mother turned to the father and said,

「Dear. If Viscount Lint and Yureena marry…」

「Oh, is that so…」



「…you may never find a man as great as Viscount Lint, after all.」

After the mother whispered to the father, the father said,

「Viscount Lint! I urge you to marry my daughter!」

「No…I mean…」

「You needn’t provide us with any marriage gifts.」

Being Yureena’s ‘lover’ was fine but marrying her…

I looked over to Cruz for some help.

Cruz nodded strongly and then really ran her mouth,

「So then I can be his legal wife!」

「I don’t mind at all.」

「There’s nothing we can do.」

「I have nothing against it.」

The three Linmia family members were all in agreement with Cruz.

Cruz nodded to each of their responses.

This sucks.


I looked over at Yureena.


She looked at my troubled face and reacted,

「B…but! Maybe we should take it slower!」


「Um…because “Love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.”」

「Hm…I see.」

Yureena’s father seemed to understand.

The mother looked concerned, though,

「This is strange though.」

「W…what is?」

「Are you two…really lovers?」


For some reason Moofy perked up after being silent for a long time.

「Mother, what are you saying! Of course we are!」

「I wonder…」

「Moo moo!」

And again, for some reason Moofy was reacting.

Moofy looked like she was sweating. She was stressing out that Yureena’s little lie would be found out.

She didn’t need to act like this.

Yureena quickly said,

「Al and I are in love! Everyday, the same bed…」


Yureena’s father stomped and stood forward.

「You haven’t been married yet! That’s a disgrace!」

He was glaring at us and…it was scary.

「…I was going to say I wanted to share with him! I haven’t gone that far yet! But we are in love!」

「Ah, I see…You shocked me. It’s bad for my heart.」

「I always sleep in the same bed with him though!」Cruz said.


Cruz was saying stupid things again, and Yureen’s father was shocked again.

Then the mother looked questioning at us again,

「So, you’re not sleeping with Yureena, but you ARE sleeping with Cruz?」

「Yes! That’s correct!」

Cruz said proudly.

Then Yureena’s mother said, seemingly to herself,

「I guess that Viscount Lint’s lover is Cruz and not Yureena…」

「No, that’s not true…」

「Moo moo moo moo」

Moofy was really fidgety now…she was sweating.

「But we really are lovers…」

「Even though you’ve never slept with him?」

「Engaged couples rarely sleep together before marriage.」

「I don’t know if I trust this…」

「Moo mooo…」

Then, Yureena’s mother turned to us and said,

「I want to see you two kiss…」

「W, why?!」

「I was thinking that you probably forced the Viscount into this so that you won’t have to marry…」

「Moo moo」

The mother had figured things out.

Yureena had made her decision, though, as she clasped my face between both of her hands.


「Sorry, Al.」

She whispered to me and then kissed me. Her lips were so soft.

「Moo mooo!」「ryaa」「Wuff?!」

The beasts all jumped.

Then Yureena pulled her mouth away.

「Now do you see?」

「Yes, I have.」

The mother smiled wryly.

It was her objective to get Yureena to kiss me.

Now that was out of the way.


On the other hand, Cruz had seen it and was completely taken aback.

After that, Cruz got onto Moofy and rode back home.

As Yureena and I walked home, I said,

「Your mother’s very smart.」

「I think she knows. Sorry about having to kiss you.」

「No…no problem.」

「I think that she trusts we’re going to get married though.」


「I wonder if you’d really marry me though?」

She would joke around like that sometimes.

So I said back,

「I…I’d be happy to.」

Then Yureena whispered in my ear,

「Yeah…you would.」

「Yeah, me too!」

Cruz came out of nowhere galloping on Moofy, jumped off, and landed in front of me.

She grabbed my face in her hands and kissed me.


She kissed me so hard her teeth hit mine. Ouch.


「I won’t lose to you, Yureena!」

「Moo moo!」

Saying that, Cruz looked at Yureena.

For some reason, Moofy looked too.

「Cruz…your first kiss…」

Yureena was about to tear up.

「ryaa ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy was flapping away on top of Cruz.

Then she jumped down into my pouch.

「Shiggy, try not to stand out too much in the capital, okay?」

I said down to her.


Shiggy popped out of the pouch and licked my cheek.

Then a cold winter wind blew and my body felt cold.

The girls probably felt me shiver, so they grabbed each of my arms and squeezed into me to make me warmer.



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