Chapter 216


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Chapter 216 – Winter Comes to Mulg Village

I took my place back as the guard of Mulg again.

The weather was crisp, but there was an icy wind.

「It’s finally winter.」


Femm looked at me with a question on its face.

Maybe it was thinking that it was only going to get even colder.

「Aren’t you cold, Femm?」

『I’m fine. The fur keeps me warm.』

「I see…but if it gets too cold, then tell me okay?」


The little wolf cubs were playing with Shiggy nearby.

「Those cubs are happy even in the cold.」


「Don’t they get cold?」

『They’re still magic wolves. They have very thick fur.』

「I see. Just say if you get too cold. I’ll take care of you all.」


I looked over at the little wolf house.

Vi-Vi had insulated it with a magic circle.

It had to be much warmer that the outside.

Anyway, I wondered about their food supply.

I bet that their prey was getting increasingly hard to find.

「Femm, what about your food supply?」

『Still fine.』

「Can you hunt enough?」

『It’s winter, so it’s natural that it gets harder.』

「Okay. Let me know if you have trouble.」


「Got to keep those cubs growing.」


While we were talking that over, Vi-Vi came while riding Moofy.

I guess she was done caring for the cows.

She had a lot of clothes on.

On top of her usual overalls, she had a hooded coat.

She also had some warm looking thick boots and mittens.

「You look warm, Vi-Vi.」

「Warmer than you Al. I mean, you’re not wearing any different clothes than you did in summer.」

「Well, it’s because these clothes already are quite warm.」

I usually wore a magician’s robe.

It was a special garment that would strengthen my magic. It was strong against fire and lightning.

If you didn’t have clothes that had the quality, all the magic flowing through it would quickly destroy it.

「You should wear something warmer so you don’t catch a cold.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy rubbed her nose into my stomach.

I petted her.

「Aren’t you cold, Moofy?」


Moofy looked at me, confused.

She wasn’t cold at all. She might actually be quite warm.

「Just say if you’re cold, okay?」

「Mooo moo!」

If Moofy got cold, Cruz could just buy and put a cattle cover over Moofy.

As we were talking, Chel came over from the house.


It was bouncing happily.

「You look happy, Chel.」


Chel jumped onto my knee.

I could feel Chel rub my knee to make it warmer.

Chel was different than the other beasts. It was soft.

「Are you cold, Chel?」

『Not cold.』

I guess Chel was strong against cold too.

『I go back to village.』

「Back to the death temple’s village?」


「Do you need help?」

『I okay. Thanks』

Chel said, and then jiggled around.

Shiggy noticed that Moofy and Chel had approached and came over.

The little pups came over as well.

「ryaa ryaa」

「waff waff」


It seems that Chel and the pups had become friends.

Shiggy also liked to ride on Chel.

The village creation was on the right track.

The believers had begun to join the village, and there was enough buildings to support all of them.

The road also was constructed well.

Even so, Chel went here and there and back to the temple.

Chel probably was very curious about the village’s progress.

Maybe it wanted to make sure that the village was doing well for its followers.

Even with the village built, it was winter now.

There would have to be problems, and someone would have to help.

「If you have trouble, just ask, okay?」

『Yes thanks.』

「Tell the priest I said hi.」


Chel bounced away, and went to the storage shack with the magic circle.



The beasts seemed a bit lonely as they watched it go.

「Are you cold, Shiggy?」

「ryaa? Ryaaa」

Shiggy looked confused.

Shiggy was the same as Chel, no hair.

I should ask Timi if the little dragon might need something to warm her.

As I was thinking that, Vi-Vi looked at me seriously and said,

「Hm. I guess I should make you a coat, Shiggy.」


Shiggy reacted happily.

She probably wasn’t concerned about the cold, but just wanted a coat.

So cute.

「Vi-Vi, can you do it?」

「Leave it to me!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy said, while bowing her head to Vi-Vi.

She had learned how to show thanks to others.

I was very happy to see that.

Just then, Collette and Millet came over.

It was time to teach them magic.

「Al, please teach us.」

「Come on old man!」

Both the girls had gotten very good at controlling golems.

In other words, they were good at magical control.

I guess I should teach them advanced magic soon.

So I taught them some serious magic.

All the beasts and Vi-Vi watched us seriously.

「Okay! We’re done for the day!」

「Thank you again!」

「Thanksth, old man!」

After that was over, the girls bowed.

Just then, I heard a loud voice.

「I’ve finally found you, master!」

A young girl stood a bit a ways from me, her face hidden deep in a hood.



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