Chapter 217


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Chapter 217 – The New Disciple

Femm was the most surprised by the girl.

It hadn’t sensed the girl’s approach.

As a magical wolf, it had very sensitive smell.

But Femm hadn’t sense the girl…who might be quite skilled.

I wondered if Moofy had sensed her, as she had very keen smell too.

When I looked over, it seemed that Moofy wasn’t that surprised.

「Uh…who are you?」

When I asked, Shiggy jumped into my pouch.

Femm and the pups got behind me.

Millet and Collette also looked confused by the sudden visitor.

Vi-Vi prepared herself to fight, if it was necessary to protect everyone.

「Moo moo!」

「Moo…Moofy! Be careful!」

Moofy walked over and nuzzled up to the girl.

Vi-Vi tried to stop her, but Moofy just went over.

「Huh? What’s with this cow?」

「Moo moo!」

The girl seemed quite bothered by this cow nuzzling into her.

There was no way she had met Moofy before.

Even so, she reached out to rub Moofy.

And Moofy happily responded to it.

「Heh heh heh」


As she was rubbing Moofy, it seemed she really became enamored to the cow.

「It seems that she knows you…why are you here?」

「Oh…oh yeah! I finally found you, Master Alfred!」


I don’t remember another girl being my disciple.

Well, Millet and Collette were…and they were surprised too.

「Huh? Is this girl your disciple?」

「Old man, who isth thisth girl?」

「Well, I don’t remember anyone…I mean, this is the first time I met her.」

But I asked the girl, just in case.

「Ah, I may be mistaken, but this is our first meeting, right?」

「Well, it is, but in a way, it really ISN’T!」

I had no idea what she was talking about.

「So…what do you mean by that?」

「Before I explain myself, I need to introduce myself. I am Sterra…the genius magician.」

「Genius? …I guess that SOUNDS impressive.」

Having too much confidence invites trouble if you ever have to fight.

However, it’s not a bad thing, outside of battle.

If you don’t have confidence, you lose heart during times of difficulty.

Even so, I thought myself a genius too, when I was a child.

It gave me confidence….kind of nostalgic to hear her say such a thing.

「So, give me the reason you want me as your master.」

「Sure, master!」

Sterra began her story.

She was the daughter of a disciple my magical master.

However, her father, who would have been her teacher, passed away before he could become hers.

So as a girl in a family of magicians, she thought that I had the duty to be her teacher.

Or at least that was her argument.

Anyway, as she was telling her story, Sterra continued to pat Moofy’s head.

Moofy was happy and continued to nuzzle Sterra.

「I see, so your father was also my master’s follower.」

「I think of you almost as brothers.」

「Well, we’re not, so don’t call me master.」

「No…I guess I won’t.」

She was hard-headed.

But that wasn’t a bad thing either. You have to be hard-headed to be a magician.

However, there was also the other type like Millet, so you can’t make that generalization.

Her argument seemed a bit impossible to me, but she had taken steps to learn magic herself.

She believed a little too much in who should be her master, though.

She was thinking that since her father and I were taught by the same master…we were irrevocably linked.

However, since everyone but me that could teach her my master’s magic had died, that link was gone.

In that case, I guess I understood her logic.

Since the master had died, the person that was taught by said master was the next one to continue as master.

So that’s why she had come to me as her next master.

「I see. I understand. However, it is our first time meeting.」

「No! I saw you in the parade after you killed the Demon King.」

「…I wonder if you can call that a meeting…」

That was just a parade celebrating the death of the Demon Lord.

But several hundred thousands were there for the parade.

I might have met eyes with her or something, but I had no remembrance.

「Aren’t there any others that can be your master?」



My master was just some magician in my hometown.

He was a retired adventurer, but he taught me everything I knew.

Because of that, he had a profound influence over my thinking.

He died before I became an adventurer.

There was no way I could repay him as a magician for all he taught me.

Even so…

「I still really don’t want to…」

「Why not, MASTER?!」

All the magic that I learned took five whole years before I left him.

The master let me go off on my own, and then I studied myself.

After I became an adventurer, I arranged the magic that I used myself so that I could do battle in the strongest manner.

So I’m really not sure that I could teach still in the same system of magic that my master taught me.

「I don’t think I’d be an appropriate teacher for you, Sterra.」

Even so, Sterra had searched far and wide for me.

It was clear that she wanted me to continue with her in her magical learning.

Even so, I wasn’t the right one.

Fundamentally, I wondered if I could teach her in the same way that my master taught me.

However, it was quite impressive that she could approach me and Femm without being noticed.

She was probably already experienced and had already learned the basics.

「I really don’t think I’m a match for you as teacher, Sterra.」

I said again, and Sterra looked at me with a bitter frown.



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