Chapter 218


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Chapter 218 – Sterra’s Request

After she glared at me and then put her head down in bitterness, she looked up at me again.

「I’m not just a wizard with little power. Is that what you think of me?」

「No, I’m not saying that…」

「Lack of genius. Is that what you think?」

「I said, I’m not saying that…」

Actually the opposite.

If Femm had sensed her approach, she would be a commonplace wizard.

I just think that it would be important to teach someone like the daughter of my master’s disciple.

However, I don’t think that I could continue in my master’s system of magic after so much time on my own.

So I explained that to her.

Even so, Sterra didn’t seem to understand.

「I guess you just think I’m good enough…」

「No, not at all. I think you’ve become a great magician already.」

As I said that, Sterra shook her head.

「I heard that you could do gravity magic and manipulate multiple things with multiple magic as well. I can’t even imagine something like that.」

She was true about that, but I wondered how she knew.

It bothered me.

「Where did you hear that?」

「During the Demon King parade. It was a pretty well-known story.」

「I see. I guess you’re right.」

It’s true I didn’t hide who I was until I retired to Mulg Village.

And even then, I didn’t really hide my abilities.

After I killed the Demon Lord, I had a lot of different parties that I attended with the king and all the other royalty.

During that time, I might have told some of the stories about how I beat the Demon Lord.

I mean, Cruz and the rest of us were so happy, we were practically blabbing to anyone about it.

All the different strong monsters we fought, and how strong the Demon Lord was.

What magic I used, and what skill got us through the fight.

Because of that, there might have been some rumors that leaked to the public.

「In the magician’s guild, whenever anyone talks about my father, the conversation quickly shifts to you, Alfred.」

「Sorry for the bother.」

「It’s no bother!! I’m happy to be in the line of the master that also taught the Demon King killer, Alfred Lint!」

I haven’t heard of being in a ‘line,’ and what’s with her calling the Demon Lord, King?

However, this girl was probably thinking of me as her uncle by now.

「So…why did you figure out that I was living here?」

「Well, I heard some royal kid and old guy getting drunk and talking about some great magician they had seen.」

Damn it. Probably the temp ass and his aide.

「Where did you hear that?」

「The mines. Seems his father was putting them there to punish them. I was sent to the mines to research some veins of magical rock and just happened to meet them.」

It probably was a vein of mithril or orichalcum.

It had a high magical ability and affinity, so every magician was looking for it.

And you couldn’t just send a regular magician on a quest like that.

It was very difficult, so you needed someone with high magical ability.

Because of that, the pay for quests like that was high.

「You really are quite the wizard already.」

「No, I have genius, but I’m still not well trained.」

She calls herself a genius, but untrained. A strange way of self-assessment.

She bowed her head once more.

「Master Alfred! Please teach me gravity magic!」


I did think that Sterra was already an established magician.

However, you can’t just easily use gravity magic. I was the only human I knew that could.

Among the devils and demons, only the huge demon I defeated before could use it.

That’s what Vi-Vi said. It’s just that hard.

Instead of wasting my time possibly teaching someone something that she may never learn, I should teach her something else.

I should teach her something she can use…that’s better.

「I think that teaching you gravity magic might prove impossible.」

「I knew it, you think I’m not trained well enough.」

I can’t say she’s wrong. She wasn’t trained well enough for gravity magic.

I couldn’t have her follow me if that’s what she wanted to learn.

「What I’m saying is, I think you are a well trained magician. But you should brush up on perfecting your own type of magic.」

Sterra still gazed at the ground, and I could see she was clenching her fists.

She did believe she was a genius, so there was a lot of pride.

「If I can show that I’m a very strong magician, will you teach me gravity?」

「No, what I mean is…」

Sterra looked over at Millet.

「If I beat one of your followers, will you teach me?」

「She only started to learn since the end of this summer, so it’s obvious you’d beat her.」

「Then how about that devil girl…」

She looked over at Vi-Vi as she said that.

「I can fight you if you like!」Vi-Vi said.

「No, she’s a magician, but she’s not the type that fights. She’s more of a researcher into magic.」

「That’s true, but…」

「I know you think you want to beat her as a magician, but there’s no reason to beat her with your research.」


I said, and Sterra was very angry.

I was thinking that maybe I should fight her and show her.

But just as that happened, the storage shack door opened.

「Ah, I don’t know this young lady. Do you know her, Al?」

It was Luka. She was coming back from whatever she had done in the capital.

Sterra looked at Luka and stepped back, ready to fight.

She could probably feel how strong Luka was…she had good intuition.

Sterra looked at her and said,

「Well, if I beat HER will you fight me?」

「No, you can’t beat Luka.」

「If my master says that, then of course now I want to fight.」

「What? Fight? Sure, you got it, honey…I’m bored anyway.」

Luka said, smiling at her.



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