Chapter 219


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Chapter 219 – Luka vs. Sterra

Luka looked around her and found a large branch that had fallen from a tree.

She broke it to half the length of her body and swung it around easily.

After that, she smiled at Sterra,

「So, a match against this girl?」

「My name’s Sterra. I’m going to be Alfred’s disciple.」

「Hm? Alfred’s disciple? Well, that does sound interesting.」

She was already calling herself my follower…and it seems Luka believed her.

I would have to say something about that.

「Wait, she’s not my follower.」


「She is the kid of my master’s disciple. She’s basically the child of another magician I trained with. A kind of…apprentice niece.」

「Ah, I see.」

After that, Luka turned towards Sterra.

Sterra looked a little scared.

「What’s with the club?」

「If I use my sword, I’d kill you, right?」

「But that branch looks easy to break.」

「It’s too much work to find a wooden sword…and I’d probably end up killing you with that too.」

「If you say so, but don’t make excuses when you lose.」

Now Sterra looked a bit pissed off. She took her cane and swung it at Luka.

Luka smiled over at me.

「Al, should I give her a handicap?」

「Handicap? I wonder…」

I thought it over, and then saw Sterra glare at Luka.

「You’re already using a branch for a sword.」

「That’s not a handicap, though.」

Luka wasn’t trying to make the girl angrier…she really meant it.

Luka thought a second and then said with a smile,

「Well, how about if I keep my left leg off the ground?」

And as she said that, she hopped around on her right leg.

It was probably her little joke about me having a hurt left knee.

But the handicap was quite big if she wasn’t using her left leg.

「Ok, ready?」

I said, and I could see Sterra’s fists shaking.

She’s the type to get angry easily.

「You both are MOCKING ME!」

「I don’t think we are.」

Luka said, a bit confused.

Just then, Vi-Vi said to Luka,

「Luka, don’t burn down Al’s house again!」

「How rude! Of course I won’t.」

The first time Luka and Vi-Vi met in Mulg Village, their fight resulted in my house getting burned down.

She must have been talking about that.

Of course, now my house is protected by Luka’s fire-protection circle.

No way to burn it down that easily.

In other words, Vi-Vi was just trying to piss Luka off.

「Since I’m here, you don’t have to worry about my house or the storage shack, but be careful about the village.」

I didn’t want fireballs to go flying again.

It would scare the hell out of the villagers to see that, so I wanted to avoid it.

As we were talking about that, Collette came over, riding Moofy’s back.

「This is gonna be fun!」

「Moo moo!」

「Collette, get behind your sister.」


Then Vi-Vi responded,

「She’s on Moofy. She’ll be okay.」


「Yeah, actually Millet should get on Moofy too.」


So Millet went and moved behind Moofy.

While this was happening, Femm herded the pups into the wolf-house.


「Fwuff wuff」

All of the magic wolves followed Femm back to the wolf house.

They probably knew they needed the protection.

And with that, Femm stood in front of the wolf house’s entrance.

Of course Femm would stand there to protect them. It was Femm’s job as king.

And when Vi-Vi called out Luka’s name, Sterra looked shocked and said,

「Luka?! You mean THE Luka Langow?!」

「Yeah. Ah, I didn’t introduce myself…sorry for being rude.」

「Well, if you’re my opponent, Viscount Langow, then I won’t hold back.」

「Fine by me.」

So I asked the two,

「Are you ready?」

「Any time.」


Then I looked around.

「Wuff」「Moo moo」

「Go on then, girls!」Vi-Vi said.

「ryaa ryaa」

Everyone was ready to watch.

Shiggy even stuck her head from my pouch and cried out.

「Okay, GO!」

As soon as I said go, Sterra began casting a spell without chanting.

It was a forceful, but small fireball. She was careful about her speed and handling of it.

I think that it was quite in line with how my master taught offensive magic.


Without taking a step, Luka swatted the fireball down with her club.

Even though she couldn’t use magic, Luka was very good against it.

She could knock a spell away quite easily.

And not only that, she was still bouncing around on her right leg.

「Wow, Luka!」


I guess the elf sisters had never seen how strong Luka really was in a fight.

Maybe after this, they could learn how to deflect magic like Luka does.

As she knocked down Sterra’s spells, Luka began to move.

So Sterra now shot a magical ball of water.

It flew at Luka, and she swatted this down as well.

「Ah…I see. Excellent.」

I whispered to myself.

The ground around Luka began to become muddy. This was going to take a while.

The terrain would also slow Luka down.

On top of that, she was bouncing up and down on her leg.

Even so, Luka didn’t stop smiling.

「Are you going to fight, or what? You can do whatever you want…or is that all you got?」

Luka said, still smiling.



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