Chapter 22


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Chapter 22 – Staying Inn

I bought a room at a slightly expensive place.

It cost a bit more to get a room where Femm was allowed inside.

「Here’s our room.」

「Um, Millet?」

「What is it?」

The room had two big beds, both of them doubles, but a the room was a little small.

I let Millet take care of all the payment in getting a room, and this was the result.

「There’s only two beds here.」

「Yes…what’s wrong?」

「Well, I mean…」

It was a little bit of a problem to mix a guy in with two beds full of girls.

On top of that, there weren’t enough beds for everyone else.

「It’s too expensive to put one person in one room.」

「Well, I’m an old guy. With young ladies. You need a separate room for me.」

「No…you sleep with Vi-Vi in the same room, right?」

「Yeah, I guess so.」

No objection there.

And as we were conversing, Femm jumped on the bed as if nothing was happening.

「I always sleep with Al, you know?」


Vi-Vi said pridefully, as Millet glared at her and me.

「Mr. Al! Is that true?」

「Pretty much. There’s only one bed.」

「But for two people to sleep on one bed…」

「Femm sleeps there too.」

「But Femm’s a DOG.」


While Femm said that, Vi-Vi sat down on the bed that Femm wasn’t laying on.

「Then maybe like usual I should just sleep in the bed that Al is in, right? Femm can sleep with you and Collette.」


Femm jumped over on the bed that Vi-Vi was on.

「S…stay away from me!」



Femm licked Vi-Vi’s face.

Millet reached out and grabbed Vi-Vi’s arm.

「Vi-Vi, you sleep over here! You’re sleeping with me!」

「But it’s going to be cramped with Collette too.」

The two started bickering.

「Um, what if I just sleep on the floor?」

I was an adventurer for a long time. It’s not like I never had to sleep on hard surface before.

Rocks sucked to sleep on. Especially really bumpy ones.

The ground was cold. It took your body heat away.

Thinking about that made sleeping on a wooden floor seem perfectly fine.

「Mr. Al, you’re the only one that SHOULDN’T sleep on the floor.」

「Even so…」

Just then, Collette raised her innocent voice.

「I’ll sthleep with the old man.」

「Yeah, I guess that’s the easiest…」

Vi-Vi and Millet seemed like they still had something to say.

However, it was decided that Femm, Collette, and I would sleep in the same bed.


That night. Femm and Collette were holding each other. Seems like Collette liked the feel of fur.

「Femm’s so soft.」


Femm just let itself be held. Femm didn’t seem too unhappy about it, either.

「Get over there some more!」

「Vi-Vi! You’re taking up more than half the bed!」

「It’s ridiculous that I have to give up half to a LOW-LIFE LIKE YOU!」

They were fighting over in the other bed again.

I just ignored them and slept.

It was late and everyone was sleeping soundly.


One more person got into bed.

It was Millet.



Millet was already asleep.

She had gone to the bathroom and maybe gotten in with Collette out of habit.

Millet’s cute ears twitched .

Femm opened its eyes, peered at Millet for a second, and then slept.

「Mr. Al…」

She put her arms around me and pulled me close. I could feel her large breasts squish against me.


「Millet? Millet.」

I shook her but she didn’t wake up.


I was thinking I should get up and shake her off, but she was holding me so tightly, that was impossible.

「Oh well.」

I quit thinking about it and just went back to sleep.


Morning…and Vi-Vi was screaming.

「I thought my bed had a little TOO much space! You’re some perverted elf to be creeping into bed with HIM!」

「Wha! I didn’t know…」


「I’m not lying!」

Somehow, Millet’s excuse seemed a little fake.

Vi-Vi probably thought so too.

「I know what’s going on!!」

「Mr. Al, you’re still sleepy, right?」

Millet said, and squeezed me a bit tighter.


Vi-Vi was so angry she grabbed Millet and threw her off the bed.

「I was still sleepy…」


The two were so loud…

「Old man…I’m sthleeeeepy.」

Now Collette moved over and held me.

「Geez…go back to sleep, Collette.」


Seeing all this occur, Femm yawned.


After eating breakfast and leaving, we went to get supplies.

With the money from the meat, we purchased the necessary things for the village.

「Just leave all the buying to me!」

「Okay, Millet.」

Millet ran in and out getting things.

She had a list of everything that the chief needed.

There were some pretty large things, and they all fit inside the magic purse.

It was an especially large one, so it held almost everything.

As I bought and nibbled on things here and there, Millet ran around buying this and that.

Even though she had haggled down everything she bought, it still added up to a lot.

That’s why Millet did her best in the buying of everything.

Since I had fed the whole group a lot of sweets, they were all in a good mood.

When Millet was finished with buying, she ate quite a bit too.

With that complete, we made our way back to Mulg in high spirits.



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