Chapter 220


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Chapter 220 – Sterra Doesn’t Give Up!

Sterra was getting frustrated as Luka showed no signs of weakness.

Well, maybe not frustration, more like haste.

As I was observing her, Sterra shouted,

「I’ll wipe that smile off your face!」

Magic arrows of fire, water, ice, lightning.

It seems she could master multiple simultaneous casting.

It was almost like she was searching for any magic that would actually affect Luka.

However, Luka easily deflected all of it.


「What is it, Al?」

I was thinking to myself and Vi-Vi noticed and asked, and I answered,

「Nothing really. Just…well, she can use multiple magic, but the way she uses them…」


「What do you mean?」


Vi-Vi was confused, and Millet asked about it as well.

Collette, on the other hand, was watching Sterra closely.

I could see the little elf girls ears moving as well.

Shiggy just cried out from my pouch.

「I guess…you just can’t think about just using magic. You have to be able to use it effectively.」

「You’re right.」

Millet responded with a serious face.

Collette then said to herself, as she watched Sterra and Luka,

「Like freeze the water?」

「Yeah, good eye, Collette.」

「Heh heh, thanks.」

Collette was a bit embarrassed.

But, she was smart.

If Sterra froze the water below Luka, the surface of the mud would become slippery.

On the other hand, if you shot fire after freezing it, then it would get even muddier.

If Luka didn’t notice, than it could be very effective.

And even if she did, Sterra could still restrict Luka’s movements.

「Sterra’s not thinking strategically about her own magic.」

It was almost like Vi-Vi a long time ago.

「I see.」

Vi-Vi said as she nodded deeply.

I noticed that Sterra was getting out of breath.

She was tired from using all that magic.

Then Luka asked her with a smile,

「Are you done? Or do you still want to shoot more at me?」

「…I’m waiting for you to attack…」

「Really? Okay then.」

She was still bouncing on one leg. Then she suddenly bounded in the air.

And in a blink, she was right in front of Sterra.

With, that Sterra squealed and cowered away from Luka.


「This will finish it!」

Luka said, and Sterra waited for Luka to strike her with her club.


But Luka just extended the arm without the club and flicked Sterra in her forehead.


And Sterra fell back on her butt.

「You still want to fight?」

「No, I concede defeat.」

「That’s good to hear.」

Then Luka put her left leg down to the ground again.

「Thanks Luka.」

「I was bored, right? But I’m pretty tired from hopping on one leg like that.」

She said with a smile.

「Right? You look tired.」


And out of nowhere, Femm was right beside me again.

「Well, I don’t have to run…because I have Femm.」

「Wuff Wuff!」

I rubbed Femm and its tail wagged.

「I’m taking a bath after today!」

Luka said, and started walking away.

Just then, Sterra called out to her,

「Miss Luka!」

「Hm? What is it?」

「I’m sorry I couldn’t be a challenge for you. Thank you for the fight.」

「I should fight you. You’re quite good.」

「No, it didn’t amount to anything.」

「Well, you proved you can use magic.」

Luka said, encouraging her, and then went off to the bath.

Sterra then walked over to us.

「I lost.」

「Yup, but it’s because Luka’s very strong.」

Sterra looked pretty depressed.

So I thought a bit.

As far as I could see from the fight, there was something I could teach her.

However, she wanted to continue in the teaching of my master.

I’d be of no use if that’s what she wanted.

「Sterra, I’ll be honest. I have no way of continuing the teachings of my master.」

「You’re just being humble.」

「No, no, I mean it. My master’s magic and my own are quite different.」

It seems that she still wasn’t getting it.

「I still want to become a disciple of yours.」

「But you lost to Luka…」

「Give me one more chance. If I can’t win, I’ll give up, okay?」

Vi-Vi had said the same thing.

「The next person that comes to town, I’ll fight, and if I win, you’ll let me be your disciple!」

「Um… but that’s a little…」

「Excluding those that don’t fight, the next person that comes here, if I win, you will let me learn!」

「But you might lose that way.」

「There’s a reason I said so. Will you agree to do so?」

「Okay then.」

「Thank you!」

Sterra stood a little away from the village gate, and waited, trying to look imposing.

Femm asked, a bit concerned,

『Are you okay with this?』

「Well, she won’t shut up until I let her do what she wants.」

『But this is the time Cruz comes home.』

「If it’s Cruz, then there’s ABSOLUTELY no way she can win.」

Then Vi-Vi asked, while riding Moofy,

「You think a healer like Yureena could beat her?」

「You may think Yureena can’t fight because she’s a healer, but she’s very strong.」


「She’s got one hell of a punch. She hit an orc king so hard with her fist that the damn thing died.」

『There’s no way…』

Femm said and shook a bit.

「Maybe Vallimie would be the easiest to beat?」

「It’s true my big sis would probably be the easiest to beat…she’s not that much of a battler.」

「I still don’t think that Sterra could beat her with magic.」

Just then, I heard Shiggy cry out from my pouch.

「ryaa ryaa」

And the storage shack opened.

「Shiggy! Were you a good girl?!」


Timi emerged with a big smile on her face.

Shiggy flapped her wings happily, and flew to Timi.

「She got the worse opponent she could get.」

Vi-Vi said with a frown.



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