Chapter 221


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 221 – Timi vs. Sterra

Timi came from the storage shack and immediately started petting Shiggy.

Shiggy happily rubbed into Timi as well.

Suddenly Sterra stepped up to her and said,

「You there! I’d like a battle with you!」

「A battle? What kind?」

「I am the magician Sterra, from the same magical school as the great magician Alfred Lint! So I need to battle you!」

This time, at least she introduced herself correctly.

She has said she already was a follower of mine when she introduced herself to Luka, so this time she changed it.

However, now she said she was from the same school as me. That was of no doubt.

My master, and her father’s master, so the same great master.

However, I said nothing, and just stood there.

After hearing the introduction, Timi glanced over at me.

「Hm, Sterra you say?」

「Yes, Sterra!」

「Did you have a -ra on the end of your name for a reason?」

「What does that mean?」

Sterra looked at her, confused.

Timi had made a mistake so I quickly rushed to correct her.

「Sterra’s -ra isn’t because of honor, it’s because she’s just a human given the name Sterra.」

「I see. Is that how it works…」

She nodded to herself.

「Even so, she’s a magician with the same origin as you? Interesting?」

「Yes, that’s why I want you to fight me.」

「Okay. If you’re of the same school as Alra, who beat my older sister, and you’ve already got a -ra at the end of your name, I’m interested.」

Then Timi handed over Shiggy to me.

She then turned around, and walked forward.

「Let’s fight someplace else. Come with me.」

「Thank you very much!」

After saying her thanks to Sterra, she followed Timi.

I followed them.

Vi-Vi, Moofy, and Femm followed me.

「I’ll get dinner ready.」

Millet said, and took Collette into the house.

Vi-Vi yanked on my sleeve,

「This…this is going to be dangerous.」

「ryaa ryaa」

「She can’t win, but I don’t think Timi will kill her.」

「You think? I’m worried.」


Shiggy sounded worried too.

「She’ll hold off on her own power.」


「With someone as strong as Timi, she’ll gauge how strong Sterra is when they fight.」


Shiggy jumped on my shoulder and flapped her wings.

Then she stuck her beak in my ear.

「Shiggy! That tickles!」


Maybe Shiggy’s trying to get me to stop the fight.

「Don’t worry. If it gets too dangerous, I’ll stop it.」


I think she finally understood.

Timi walked out of the village a bit and then stopped.

「Young woman of Alra’s school of magic – do you think you’re strong?」

「I don’t think I’m as good as Alfred.」

「I see.」

Timi then glanced over at me.

I said frankly,

「Sorry to have you come all the way out here…if you think you’re going up against a strong opponent, I think you might be disappointed.」

「I see. That’s fine, though. But next time, I’d like to fight someone strong like you.」

「If we get the chance.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy cried out happily.

「I’d also like to show Shiggy what a real fight between me and you looks like, Alra.」

「I can see why. Then, later.」


Then, Sterra faced Timi.

「What kind of fight are you looking for? Do you want to attack? Do you want me to attack?」

「I want to attack you, and for you to attack me.」

「Hm, if so, then attack all you want. If I attack first, you’ll never get a chance.」

「I see. Thank you.」

She seemed quite humble about it, maybe because Luka crushed her.

Seeing Sterra like that, Timi happily nodded.

「I haven’t formally given you my name. I am Timisoara.」

After that, she changed into her real form.

The air rushed out and blew by us. It was almost a storm gale.

After that, she had changed to an ancient dragon form bigger than Moofy’s.


「Go ahead and attack.」

Timi said almost kindly to a shuddering Sterra.


Her knees were shaking. She crumbled to her knees.

「Hm? No attack?」

Timi looked confused. Kind of cute in a way.

Even so, Sterra was shocked and couldn’t move.

「Timi, it seems Sterra’s afraid. Could you wait until she calms down?」

「I guess I have to.」


Shiggy was happily flapping her wings.

The Timi peered down at Shiggy.

「I guess you really do like me more like this!」

「ryaa ryaaa」

Timi and Shiggy were playing around over the immobilized Sterra.

I ran over to Sterra.

「Are you okay? You can withdraw.」

「…n, no! This isn’t a real battle, just a fight. I…I can do it!」

「Okay, but don’t go to far.」

After five minutes, Sterra stood up. Seems she had some guts after all.

「Excuse me. Allow me again to fight against you.」

「Sure, any time.」

Then Sterra’s knees looked like they were going to give out again, so she hit them.

She started to chant.

「Oh four great spirits combined…the glorious retainer in the house of fire.
With my magic, see my strength
With infernal fire, let me crush the laws of this world!
For my name is Sterra!」

The magic fire that she shot wasn’t much stronger than what she threw over and over at Luka.

She had put all her force into it, and shot the most fire that she could muster.

Timi didn’t even try to dodge it. She let it hit her.

She had even dropped the magic shield that most dragons have by default.

「Hm…that strong?」

Even so, Sterra’s magic fire hadn’t even scratched Timi.

Not even her scales were touched.

「N…no way…」

「Now it’s my turn.」

Timi breathed in a bit.



Shiggy cried out with her almost in what seemed a whisper.

Then, Sterra fainted.



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