Chapter 222


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Chapter 222 – Sterra’s True Form

Sterra passed out and collapsed to the ground. I ran to grab her before she hit her head.

The bottom half of her robe was wet.

I noticed suddenly that she had ears of a beast.

Also, behind her robe was a pretty thick tail.

「A beast-woman.」

『I could tell by smell.』

「Humans don’t have that good of noses.」


As I was talking to Femm, Shiggy was flapping away towards us.


Shiggy few into Sterra’s chest, and worryingly patted her forehead.

『Should I bring some water?』

「Yeah, please.」

『Ok, Moofy, come with me.』

「Moo moo!」

Femm and Moofy tore off.

The animals were probably scared after Timi’s cry as well.

Femm probably wanted to go back and check on the pups.

After that, Femm would decided what to do.

Because of that, Femm had Moofy go with.

Timi approached Sterra still in dragon form.

「Hm, seems she can’t take offensive magic.」


「Did I treat your disciple too harshly, Alra?」

「No, she’s the one that asked for it.」

「You’re right.」

「She’d probably say she’s thankful for the fight.」

I said, and Timi huffed.

She sounded a little embarrassed.

「Well, I guess you wanted to see me fight too, right, Shiggy?」


Shiggy looked confused as she petted Sterra’s head.

「You didn’t get to see much fighting though…so…Alra…」

「I know, next time I’ll fight too.」

Timi shook a bit, and the ground shook with her.

「Thank you! I can’t wait to try you on!」

「ryaa ryaa!!」

Shiggy seemed happy about it too. She flapped her wings.

All during this, I was holding Sterra up.

As I was on the ground, and it was winter, the ground was cold.

I could feel my body heat getting cold.

I was worried about Sterra, when Vi-Vi peered at us.

「Looks like Timi went too hard again.」

Vi-Vi touched Sterra’s forehead and then petted Shiggy.

「Huh? You didn’t pass out at all, Vi-Vi.」

I guess it was after Vi-Vi went through Timi’s training. It had a good effect on her.

「Hm, I don’t have the guts to try her at full power, but this was more like a deep breath than a cry.」

「I guess you’re right. Either way you’ve learned to endure it, Vi-Vi.」

Timi said, and nuzzled her snout into Vi-Vi.

Vi-Vi patted Timi’s nose.

And the nose was quite bigger than Vi-Vi’s whole body.

It was a weird sight.

「Timi, you think you should go back to human form soon?」


「When Sterra wakes up, you don’t want her to pass out again.」

「I guess you’re right.」

Timi nodded and suddenly was human again.

「Moo moo」

Moofy arrived with Collette on her back.

Collette had a leather bladder with water.

「Old man. I could hear Timi from the housthe! Wasth it Timi?」

「Oh, yeah, it was Timi’s voice.」

I guess even away in the village they could hear her.

It must have echoed.

「So Missth Sthterra passthed out?」

Collette got off of Moofy, and ran up to Sterra.

「They usually pass out.」

「Really? Timi, you’re stho sthtrong!」

Collette smiled at Timi.

However, Timi looked troubled.

「Is there anyone in the village that passed out?」

「They’re fine.」

「I see…」

It was evening, so most of them were inside.

Also, since it was winter, all the windows and doors were shut too.

「I tried my hardest not to point in the direction of the village, I’ll be more careful next time.」

Timi looked really regretful about it all.

「Moofy, where’s Femm?」

『Wolf house』

「I guess Femm is checking to see how the pups are doing.」

「I see.」

Collette’s question was quickly answered by Moofy’s spirit speech.

「Old man, isth Sthterra’s fight over?」

「Seems so.」

「Millet isth making dinner, bring her home.」

「I see, thanks. I’ll carry her on my back.」


「What? You want to carry her, Moofy?」


Just like usual, Moofy wanted to give people a ride.

I slung Sterra over Moofy’s back and her eyes opened.


「Oh, you’re awake. Are you okay?」

「Yes, master, I apologize for having to see me like this…」

I could see her face becoming red quickly.

She touched down between her legs and could feel something wet down there.

I pretended not to notice. Vi-Vi was already used to it.

「Just relax.」

And with that, I put her on Moofy.

「Hey, Missth Sthterra.」

「T…thank you very much.」

Collette had given her water to drink.

「Moo mooo!」

And with that Moofy began walking away.

「Uh, um…」

She was about to say something.

「For now, let’s talk about being a disciple later.」

「…sure, sorry to cause problems.」

「My sthisthter made you dinner!」

Collette, Moofy, and Sterra walked back to town together.



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