Chapter 223


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Chapter 223 – Disciples

We made it back to the house, and Vi-Vi took Sterra to the bath. Vi-Vi knew what it was like.

Moofy went with them. And that was just because Moofy liked baths.

On the other hand, Luka had just finished with hers.

「Ah, so Sterra went up against Timi?」


「Sounds like your disciple’s taking quite a beating.」

「I wasn’t hoping for it.」

「So, what now? Is she your disciple?」

「Depends on what she wants.」

「Well, hang in there.」

After that, Luka went to the kitchen.

We all ate dinner.

「This…is so good! It’s delicious!」

Sterra looked genuinely impressed.

And also, she wasn’t hiding her ears and tail any longer.

「I have seconds, if you’d like.」

「Thank you!」

Sterra was a little down before dinner time.

After eating the wonderful feast she was given, however, she seemed to liven up.

After eating, I asked Sterra.

「So what now, Sterra?」

「I hope to become a strong magician after following you as a disciple…」

「But my magic and your father’s are quite different…you know that right?」

「I still want to become stronger!」

「I see.」

I didn’t ask WHY she wanted to become stronger, though.

However, as a magician it was an obvious goal.

「So, it’s not really because you want to learn my master’s way of magic?」

「…It’s because, number one, I want to become a strong and useful magician.」

「I see.」

「However, I’ll say this, if you refuse because of that…I still tried my best as a magician to impress you.」

Saying that, Sterra got down on her hands and knees and begged.

Her tail was up in the air as well.

「I apologize for my behavior until now…it was reprehensible.」

「You don’t have to beg.」

Saying this, I picked her up and sat her in a seat.

「But I must have offended you somehow. And because of my rude actions, you’re going to refuse to allow me to be your disciple…」

「No, don’t worry about that. If you just want to become stronger, I’ll accept you.」


Sterra looked shocked. Her beast-ears twitched.

「Is it really okay? I lied to you…」

「I know a lie is bad, but I do owe my master a lot. If his granddaughter wants to become stronger, I’ll help her.」

「T…thank you so much!」

Sterra bowed deeply. Then Vi-Vi said,

「You should have just accepted her from the first time she asked, Al.」

「The reason I refused was because there was no way I could correctly teach her in the way of my master.」


「Yes, if she really wanted to follow in the way of her grandfather, I couldn’t help. That’s what I thought.」

Then Cruz said, after watching our conversation with interest,

「Honesty is the best policy! I mean, I want to be stronger too!」

「I see.」

「That’s why I want to be your disciple too!」

「No, you don’t have to Cruz.」


「Don’t say ‘Whaaa?’」

Cruz was already very strong. There was nothing I could teach her.

Except for common sense.

「Alra’s new disciple…」

Timi said, looking at Sterra.

She looked at her seriously.


「If you’re his disciple, I’ll overlook the fact that the -ra at the end of your name has a special meaning.」


Sterra looked confused.

She was wondering what Timi meant…

「You, probably should remove the -ra from the end of your name. That’s my opinion.」


Sterra looked a bit troubled, and looked at me.

「Timi, I know how you feel, but she was born with the name Sterra. Don’t worry about the ending.」

「Hmph. Humans actually think like that? Even so, it’s hard to say her name for me…」

Timi said very seriously. She really didn’t want to say the -ra in her name.

It really had a huge meaning in her culture.


「Timisoara…if it’s that difficult for you, then you can call me Steff as my magician name.」

「As your magician name?」

It was an old custom. When you became a disciple, it was normal to change your name as well.

It meant that as a magician, you were separating yourself from the common world.

At the same time, when you left your master, you could take your master’s name or your old one again.

「Are you okay with that, Sterra?」

「Yes, it’s like turning over a new leaf.」

「Then I guess it’s fine.」

Timi turned to Steff and said,

「Hm, Steff, Alra’s disciple. I accept you then. I am the ancient dragon Timisoara.」

「ryaa ryaa」

「And this is my niece, the duchess Sighisoara.」


「S…so you’re dragon royalty?」

「Yes. Especially this little one.」

Timi said while patting Shiggy’s head.

「You are Alra’s disciple. If you’d like to be taught something, just ask.」

「Thank you very much!」

Steff said, visibly moved.

I showed Steff her room.

The house was pretty, and there were other open rooms left.

「Just relax for today. I’ll start teaching you whenever I’m free tomorrow.」

「Thank you very much!!」

She said, happily.

「Okay, well, I’m getting in the bath and going to bed, so see you tomorrow.」

Saying this, I called over Femm, and took Shiggy from Timi’s hands when I left to the bath.

「Moo moo」

Moofy followed us.

「But you just went in the bath, Moofy!」


「You’re going in again?!」


「Oh well.」

So Moofy, Femm, and Shiggy all got in the bath together.

As we went in, I noticed Steff had followed us into the changing room.



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