Chapter 225


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Chapter 225 – Everyday Winter Guard

The next day. I woke up and Millet and Steff had woken up before me.

「Good morning, everyone.」

「Mister Al, good morning. Apparently Steff prepared the breakfast before I could begin.」

「I see. Good work, Steff.」

She looked a bit embarrassed.

「Millet and Collette are also your disciples, I thought it was obvious I had to help as well.」

「You don’t have to worry about that.」

「Yeah! My sthisth alwaysth makesth it anywaysth!」

「Okay, Collette.」


Collette laughed to herself.

「Then let me help you with your work!」

「No, my work is actually quite boring.」

「Is that so?」

Steff seemed a little confused.

I guess if she saw my guarding position she’d figure it out quickly.

「All I just do is sit there and watch.」

「Is that all?」

「So just do whatever you want. I always teach magic in the afternoon.」

「In the afternoon, roger that.」

「Even so, I have something to do so today, no lesson.」

「Okay. Whatever you’re doing is more important, master.」

Just then, Moofy, with Vi-Vi and Collette on top, returned.

She must have finished with the other cows.

「Old man, the cowsth are doing great!」

「Good job, you two.」

I patted Collette’s head, and she ran around happily.

「Are you going out with Al today?」

「He said there’s nothing I can really help him with.」

「Always so serious.」

Saying this, Vi-Vi got off of Moofy, and started drawing a magic circle.

She was always studying them by drawing them everyday.

「Vi-Vi, what’s that?」

「I was thinking of making a new magic circle.」

「I…I see, wow…」

A normal magician never makes magic circles.

Most magicians just remember the ones they’ve seen. There’s a certain class that learns to make them, though.

Moofy nuzzled Steff to pet her, while Steff said,

「Your magic circles are way better than mine.」

「Better than my master…wow, that is impressive.」

「So, Steff. Can you understand the effects of the circle Vi-Vi is drawing?」

Vi-Vi’s circle was still being drawn.

However, you could still see the depth of thought put into its construction, and you could analyze it if you read it well.

Someone like me already knew some questions to ask about its creation.

Of course, Vi-Vi knew what I was going to ask about already.

I just wanted to see what Steff understood about it, so far.

「Um… no idea.」

「You don’t know magic circles?」

「I was good at the ones in the magical guild. I could make all the basic ones easily.」

「I see…」

You could memorize and reproduce ones you learned even without understanding the logic behind them.

I think Steff was at that level. Just a general magician.

「Steffy, sthee this place? It’s for magic amplification? Right here.」

「I…is that so?」

「And, thisth place createsth a barrier, see? Look, thisth kind of weird place. You can read it easthily.」

Collette was explaining the circle to Steff now.

She was right about it too. I never thought Collette could read the circles.

「You’ve done well, Collette!」


「Impressive! However, do you understand where the problems are?」

I thought that would be too difficult for her though.

However, she looked at the circle with a serious face.

「Ummm, ummm.」

Then she looked a bit sad.

「I don’t know.」

「You don’t have to.」

「Yeah, almost nobody does.」

「But still excellent work, Collette.」


After that Vi-Vi showed Collette and Steff how the circle was constructed.

They both listened with serious faces.

I thought I should show Millet what was going on as well.

While this was going on, Cruz and Millet came out from my house.

Femm, Shiggy, and Chel as well.

I remembered that this was Cruz’ day off.

「We’re all going hunting, do you want to come too, Al?」

「Hunting? I have to guard.」

「It’s fine, right? Everyone in the village loves wild game.」

Millet said to me.

She wanted us to bring some back for the villagers.

「Then I guess I’ll go.」

「So the guard place will be okay?」

「If something comes up, I put the guarding off until later.」

「I see.」

She was surprised at how loose responsibilities here in Mulg were.

「What are you all going to do?」

「Go hunting!」

「I want to go too」Collette said.

「Moo moo.」

「Well, I have work.」

「And I’ll go back into the house…I’m cold.」Vi-Vi said.

So I guess the ones going were Collette, Steff, and Moofy.

「Okay! Are you ready?」

「Meat. Please bring some back!」

Millet said to us as we left. So we went off for hunting.



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