Chapter 226


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Chapter 226 – Winter Hunt

Shiggy and Chel rode on Femm as we walked along.

As we got away from the village, Femm changed to its larger size.

「ryaa ryaa」


Shiggy and Chel seemed happy about it.


It was the first time Steff had seen Femm full size, and she fell down on her butt.

「Femm’s more than a magical wolf, but a heavenly wolf. This is Femm’s real form.」

「Femm’s huge!」


Femm wagged its tail happily.

「Steff and Collette, you should ride on Moofy.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy then nuzzled into Steff.

After that, they got onto Moofy and then I rode Femm.

Cruz ran along with us.

As we ran, I called out to Femm and Cruz,

「You were planning on doing this so Shiggy could see you hunt, right? Thanks.」


Shiggy also said her thanks.

『Don’t worry about it.』

Shiggy seemed to love hunting.

Femm was good at paying attention. Femm had planned to teach Shiggy more about hunting.

「You wanted to go hunting too, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa」

Instead of Cruz teaching, it would be more fun if we all went together.

It wasn’t a game, but it was fun if you did it with friends.

「Do you like hunting, Chel?」

『I give meat to village.』

「I see…it IS cold.」

It was winter at Chel’s village too. The building was beginning to slow down.

Also they had no livestock, so there wasn’t much meat.

After running a little, Femm stopped.

Femm had probably found some prey. Femm sniffed around.



Then Shiggy sniffed around too.

This was probably Femm teaching Shiggy.

『It’s over there.』

Then Femm started running again.

「What’s the prey?」

『Magic boar.』

「It’s been a while since I’ve seen those.」

『Everyday I’ve been avoiding howling so that they’d come back.』

This was because there no crops during the winter. There was no reason to chase away the beasts until summer.

So Femm kept from howling, and the beasts came back into the forest again.

That way the wolves got their meat again.

『From summer until autumn, you have to chase them off, that’s why there’s a lot of prey left.』

And there isn’t a lot of feed for the boars…except in the wolf area.

So, even with the threat of the wolves, they still came close to the village.

「The boars must be starving.」

『Yes, they are.』

「Femm said, and I was a little worried.」

「Yesterday, Timi cried out…was that okay?」

『It wasn’t good.』

「I see. Wow.」

If she had cried out any louder, there would be no prey to hunt nearby.

Since she didn’t, if we ran we could catch them.

Hearing this, Cruz said,

「I hope there’s not wild dragon or unicorn out here thought…」

「Yeah, that would be trouble.」

After a bit more, Femm stopped.

『It’s very close.』

We got down. Moofy did too.

We all got off the beasts.

『It’s over there.』

I looked in the direction Femm pointed, and there was a magic boar.

It was a big one. About the size of a cow.

It was a distance away, but with Femm’s ability to hunt, it wasn’t that far.

「Can I use magic to kill it?」

『Magic is good.』

Since Femm gave me permission, I shot a magic arrow.

It flew and was there instantly, the boar was down.

「Good job, Al.」


Cruz and Femm both complimented me.

After that, we rushed to the boar made the necessary preparations.

I used magic to string the boar up and Cruz quickly drained it of blood.

「Shiggy, this is how you drain blood from it.」


「It’s also important to skin it and carefully dissect it into parts.」

「ryaa ryaa!」「Piggi!」

Shiggy and Chel both watched the process carefully.

After we were done with the process, I stuffed it all into my magic bag.

「Moo moo」

「Moofy, what is it?」

『Over there.』

As she said that, she bit and pulled on my sleeve.

「What’s over there? More prey?」


「And Femm?」

『It has a very strange smell. But I don’t know what it is. I know that it ISN’T a boar.』

「Femm doesn’t know either.」

Collette then asked Moofy,

「What do you think it isth, Moofy?」

『No idea.』


Cruz rubbed Moofy’s head.

「Let’s go see. Are you ready, Al?」

「I am.」

After a while, Moofy walked ahead of us towards wherever it was.

So I called out to Steff, who was riding on Moofy,

「Are you okay? Cold?」

「I’m fine.」

I could see Steff’s tail wagging.

「I used to hunt on my own at my home. You can leave the next one to me.」


「Thank you.」

「Sthteff, do your best!」

Collette cheered for Steff a bit.

After running a bit, we saw a huge bird. It was about the side of three horses.

Cruz asked me in a whisper,

「Al, what the hell is that?」

「A roc.」

「Hm, so that’s what one looks like.」

Seems like she knew its name.

「Can you hunt it, Steff?」

「I can!」

「Okay then, good luck.」


Stella said back, looking tough.



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