Chapter 227


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Chapter 227 – Winter Hunt 2

Steff breathed softly and crept towards the massive roc.

When I first met her, she crept up to us without Femm even noticing.

She must have been very good at hiding her approach.

Whenever Steff was about to be beat, I always got ready to help her back up.

But after she had gotten really close, she shot a magic arrow right at the rock.

Then three more. One wasn’t enough.


The roc quickly screeched and dodged the first arrow.

The second one flew through its feathers, and the last one completely missed.

The roc flapped its wings and attempted to fly, but fell back to earth.

Then, Steff ran up to it.


The final magic arrow went straight through the roc’s head.

It quickly fell still.

We all then approached the roc.

「Beautiful job, Steff.」

「No, still needs work. If I can’t kill it in one shot…I put it through more pain than necessary.」

Steff seemed a bit sorry.

I held the roc up in the air magically, and we began to cut it up.

After that, Cruz asked Steff,

「Hey, Steff, why couldn’t the roc fly?」

「I shot it through the tendon that holds its wings.」

「I see. So you made it so that it couldn’t run away.」

「Yes. I was thinking the second or third shot would finish it, though.」


Cruz didn’t stop dissecting while talking, she was just that good.

Shiggy, Chel, and Collette just sat, watching.

After that was done, Femm and Moofy sniff around again.

「Wuff」「ryaa ryaa」

「Moo moo」「Pigii!」

Shiggy was on Femm’s head, and Chel was on Moofy’s.

They definitely were interested in how Femm and Moofy were sniffing the prey out.

『Over there.』

「Moo moo!」

「This prey is?」

『Another magical boar.』

The magical boar was the most delicious of all magical beasts and popular with humans.

We moved from Femm’s back to Moofy’s. Cruz ran along.

『Now you’ll see a wolf hunt.』


Femm was ready. Shiggy was watching.

We moved quite a bit, and Femm finally found the prey.

『Shiggy, you should get on Femm’s back.』


Femm only had Shiggy on top, sneaking carefully toward the prey without sound.

Femm got far away enough, and then suddenly sprung forth.

It was too late for the boar now. It was down in an instant.

「Wow, Femm!」

「Wuff wuff!」

After seeing a wolf like that attack, it would quickly decide whether to eat it there or carry it away.

But since there were humans waiting, it had to be dissected.

I hung it up with magic, and Steff began to dissect it.

She was pretty good at it. I bet she had hunted quite a bit.

「So, two magic boars and one roc. Al, what shall we do?」

「It’s enough for the village of Mulg, but do you think enough for the death temple village too?」

「Yeah, not enough…」

「PiggI PIggi!」

Chel jiggled.

『I help.』

「You don’t have to work too hard.」


Chel was jiggling more than usual.

Chel seemed a bit perturbed at being the only one not doing work.

However, I don’t think Chel could hunt very well, so it was basically no use.

『I don’t think there’s any game near to here, though?』

「Moo moo」

Femm said after sniffing around.

Moofy thought the same.


Seems that Chel was a bit sad about not being able to help.

「Chel, don’t worry. If there’s any undead later, we’ll need your help.」


「We have to get back before the sun gets down.」


Chel seemed like such a hard worker.

I petted it. Shiggy also did.

After that, we started to head back home.


「Ah, snow.」

As we went back home, snow began to fall.

Shiggy flapped her wings happily.

「Shiggy, is this the first time you’ve seen snow?」

『Didn’t she see it at the pole?』

「ryaa ryaa」

「I see…」

I worried about Collette as well.

「Collette, are you cold?」

「I’m fine, eheh heh.」

She said she was fine, but she looked cold.

I cast an anti-cold spell. It make a membrane of air around our bodies.

It had the ability to insulate the air around you, so I figured it would work.

I cast it over everyone.

「Ah, old man, I got warm again!」

「That’s called insulation magic.」

「Wow, old man!」

「Good job, master!」

Both of my disciples were impressed.

While this was going on, the weather suddenlly got worse.

A blizzard had begun.

I strengthened the insulation around us.

I wanted it to keep us from having to close our eyes on the road.

「I can’t see in front of me.」

『And I can’t smell out the path well.』

「Moo moo」

「Let’s rest until this snow calms down.」

「Good idea!」

As soon as that happened, Cruz took a tent out of her magic bag.

And it was HUGE.



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