Chapter 228


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Chapter 228 – Snow Camping

I helped Cruz quickly put up the massive tent.

It was a strong tent, but easy to put up.

Then everyone quickly got inside.

Of course, Femm shrunk to its smaller size.

「You did well to bring this huge tent.」

「I always do, just in case.」

「I see. Well, it’s a monster.」

Ordinary adventurers only carried small tents with them.

You didn’t normally need a tent so huge that could hold both Femm and Moofy.

「The weather really got bad.」

「And it was just sunny.」

「Your magic was really a help, Al. Without that anti-cold effect, we’d really have a hard time.」

I thought that we’d actually be okay without my magic.

I had a lot of stuff in my magic bag, and Femm and Moofy were both quite tough.

However, little Collette was with us. It would be trouble if the sun went down with this snow still blowing.

「With the sun going going down…we might as well get prepared for the night.」

「Yeah, that’s safer.」

I wrote a magic circle around the tent.

It was the same insulation circle that Vi-Vi had drawn around my house.

I had watched her make that circle very carefully.

After I finished that, Collette came near and I held her.

「Collette, are you cold?」

「I’m okay, old man.」

「Al wrote this magic circle so that we’d get warmer.」

「All I did was copy Vi-Vi’s.」

「Wow, she’s a good magician.」

Steff was impressed.


Shiggy jumped into my chest pocket.

Since Shiggy was cold blooded, she wanted to stay next to someone warm.

「Tell me if you get cold, too, Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa」

I could kind of tell that Shiggy wasn’t cold from the way she replied, and I was relieved.

「Moo moo」

Moofy came closer as well. She laid right next to me after seeing that I was warming Collette.

She was trying to warm up Collette as well.

Then Femm laid down on the other side of me.

Steff and Cruz soon joined us.

「If you’re cold just tell me, everyone.」


As she said that, Cruz grabbed her magic bag and rummaged through it.

「Not good to be hungry.」

She got out some snacks from her magic bag.

Everyone said thanks and ate them. Sweets taste very good when it’s cold.

「Hey, Steff.」

「What, Cruz?」

「What type of beast-human are you?」

「Um…don’t know, really.」

「Is that so?」

「I was an abandoned child. My father adopted me.」

「I see…」

Collette looked a bit confused.

「Missth Sthteff, why do you want to be sthtronger?」

「Um, Collette, I want to be able to help my hometown.」

「Help them…that’sth nice.」

「Well, they’re very poor. I was thinking of helping them develop.」

「I see.」

「That’s why, once I become powerful, I’ll send them things as I work.」

「You really are kind…」

「Well, no, I, I just want to be a great magician, and then do the best that I can.」

I had a question, so I asked her,

「What did your father do, the man that also learned from my master?」

「I heard he would go on adventures. But, after he took me in, he would do magic in town and live there.」

「Almost sounds like what I went through.」

Then Steff said, somewhat sadly,

「He even wrote me a recommendation letter to the magical academy before he died.」

「He was good enough to do that?」

Not just anyone could write a recommendation like that. You had to be quite strong.

「I heard he was once a professor there.」

「…he sounds strong.」

But of course, both of us had a master that was very strong as well..

Since he was the master’s actual son, he was a direct disciple. Of course he was superb.

Cruz then asked, confused,

「If that’s so, why not just enter the academy?」

Depending on a magician’s position, fame, and desire for money, he either became joined the academy or started off as an adventurer.

However, as an adventurer, your life was always in danger.

So, the academy was safer. You had very little chance of losing your life.

And, if you graduated, you could become a magician under one of the royal families.

If you were VERY good, then you might even learn enough to be made a magical apprentice at the capital palace.

「Well, even though it was my father’s recommendation, they laughed me away.」


「…because I’m a beast-human. I was able to take the entry test though…」

「And you failed?」

「No, I was advanced class…but they still didn’t pass me.」

「That’s unbelievable.」

It’s probably because beast-humans usually don’t have much magic. But as I said, it varies among individuals.

But if she passed and they refused her, it’s unnatural to do so just because of race.

「So I had to become an adventurer. But so many parties don’t want a beast-human.」

「Even so, you said you were a genius at first.」

「…yes. If I don’t then no one accepts me.」

「Sounds rough.」

「No, not that hard!」

As we continued talking, the wind suddenly blew harshly.

Then, we heard a loud voice from outside the tent.


I knew who it was. Timi had found us.




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