Chapter 229


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Chapter 229 – Ancient Dragon Aide

I walked out of the tent.

There, above me, was the massive shape of Timisoara.

Timi saw Shiggy’s face peak out of my pouch and huffed.

「So there’s where you went, Shiggy!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy happily cried back to her.

「Timi, you came all the way out here. Thanks.」

「Why? I heard my niece didn’t come back. It’s my responsibility to find her, as an aunt.」

「Ah, thanks for coming Timi.」

Cruz popped her head out of the tent.

「It was no problem.」

Then, Timi looked at us, a bit confused, and said,

「Cruz…especially since you have Al and Femm here, why would you allow yourself be stranded in this snow?」

「I guess we could charge through it if we had to, but we don’t.」

「I know with Al’s magic and Femm’s nose, there would be no problem getting home.」

「Well, Collette is with us, so we didn’t want to push too hard.」

「Hm…I understand.」

Then Timi said,

「Okay, then just ride on my back.」

「Thanks, Timi.」

We all left the tent, and the quickly packed it up.

It was quite easy to do. Just like most things Cruz had, it was a versatile tent.

Timi crouched down. Just enough for Cruz and Femm to jump on.

Cruz jumped right up on her back.

Femm jumped up Timi’s knee and on to her back.

All the others I lifted with magic onto Timi’s back.

「I’m going to lift you on her back, Moofy!」

「Moo moo!」

But Moofy ran up, and jumped up on Timi like Femm did.

Then Collette and Cruz petted her.

「She’s like a mountain goat.」

「Wow, Moofy!」

「Moo moo」

I got onto Timi, and she said,

「Are you ready?」

「Wait a second.」

I put up a magical barrier over our heads so the snow wouldn’t get on us.

「Hold on to Moofy, Collete.」


Moofy mooed loudly, probably saying leave her to me.

「It’s stho dark! If you fall, you’ll die!」

Collette said, and set a magic light in front of us.

It got bright very quickly.

「Thanks, Collette.」

「Eheh heh」

As the scene brightened, I looked around again.

Steff looked quite pale.

I got closer to her.

「Are you okay?」


She didn’t look okay, though, as she was shivering.

Femm also drew closer and stood next to her.

「If you fall, I can use my magic, so don’t worry.」

「Yes, I trust you master.」

Even so, she was still shivering. It might have been Timi that was scaring her.

I guess she would just have to get used to it.

「Timi, we’re ready.」

「Hm, hold on!」

She floated up into the air.

I knew she was being very careful. She moved very softly.

And then she began to gain speed.

I placed a magical barrier in front of her as well.

That gave us two barriers that we were protected by.

Even though she was flying very quickly, the barriers kept you from feeling the speed of the wind.

Speedily flying through a blizzard. We could see all the snow fly around us thanks to Collette’s light.

It was a mysterious scene that not many people got to se.

And even though she was still shaking, Steff gazed around us as well.

「This is some crazy snow.」

「Well, Mulg is located in a very snowy area.」

Steff and Cruz said, and Collette looked at us, confused,

「I don’t think that’sth right.」

「You don’t?」

「No, it doesthn’t usthually sthnow that much.」

Collette said, but she was still very young.

She only had memories of a few winters.

It might have just been a few snowless winters after she was born.

After we returned to the village, I would have to ask Millet.

As I was thinking this over, Timi said,

「We’re almost home.」

「Wow, that was fast.」

Cruz said to Timi, and she responded by a huge wag of her tail.

The snow was so fierce, we had no idea of how fast she had flown.

She landed and it seemed like we did even move.

Different than before, this time she landed quite close to my house.

Cruz, Femm, and Moofy jumped off.

I used my gravity magic for everyone else.

And then Timi returned to human form.

「Hm, quite the blizzard.」

「Are you used to it? You live on the pole.」

「Of course I am. That’s why, in blizzards like this, I had to keep mind of which direction I had flown in.」

「Good job then.」

Cruz was impressed.

Millet came from the house after seeing we had returned.

「Welcome back! Hurry up and get inside! You’ll catch a cold.」


So we hurried inside. As we entered the snow fell in patches from our clothes.

Even with the magic barriers, there was snow all over us.

「Ah, smells great! Al!」


There was a very good smell coming from the kitchen.

「I made hot soup tonight!」


So we went into the kitchen.



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