Chapter 230


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Chapter 230 – Just Before Dinner

As we went to the kitchen, we bumped into Vi-Vi.

She had just gotten out of the bath and you could see the steam rising from her skin.

「You all look cold!」

「There was a sudden blizzard.」

「Then get in the bath first before dinner.」

Hearing this, Millet agreed,

「Sounds good to me.」

「Okay, Cruz, Collette, Steff, and Timi, go ahead.」

「You too, Al!」

Cruz implored.

「I’ll take it after dinner. Moofy, Femm, and Chel can join you.」

「Well, then I’ll take mine after too.」Cruz said.

And then Collette grabbed Cruz’ hand,

「Come with usth, Missth Cruz!」


「Moo moo」

Collette pulled Cruz towards the bath.

After them, Moofy followed slowly.

『I’ll wait.』

『Mee too』

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy jumped onto my head. She wanted to go later as well.

「You should come with me to the bath, Shiggy.」

Timi grabbed the little dragon and went in the bath.


Shiggy looked confused, but wasn’t really upset.

It was a good chance for her to spend time with her aunt.

After seeing them off, Femm, Chel, Vi-Vi and I all went to the kitchen.

Vallimie, Luka, and Yureena were all there.

They were all drinking some very exquisite tea.

「Ah, Al, welcome home.」

「Yeah, I’m back.」

As we were talking this over, Yureena got a towel and wiped the remaining snow from my head.

「Is my hair wet?」

「The snow’s been melting on you.」

「I see, thanks.」

I touched Femm’s back and it was a bit wet too.

I guess there are limits to any magic.

So I wiped Femm’s back with a towel as well.


Femm looked happy about it.

Luka grabbed Chel and put it on her knees.

「Chel’s not wet at all.」


「I think it just absorbs the moisture.」

「Must be convenient to be a slime.」

I said, and Chel jiggled.

I guess it thought I was complimenting it.

Then Luka said, while patting Chel,

「I know it’s no worry with you around, but with Collette, you have to watch the weather.」

「You’re absolutely right.」

I was kind of regretful about it.

Just then, Vallimie took a towel and patted down Vi-Vi’s head too.

It might have been she was still wet from the bath.

Then, Millet brought me some tea.

「You must be cold, mister Al. Here’s some hot tea. I have some for you too, Vi-Vi.」

「Oh, thanks.」

「Thank you.」

「I have some hot water for you Femm and Chel.」


Millet had already prepared tea and hot water for all of us.

Even with all the magic I used to keep the wind at bay, it was still cold. The tea heated you back up.

「Femm, Chel, is the water good? It’s the water from the hot springs.」

『It’s great! Thanks.』


Femm and Chel happily replied.

Magical beasts always like water that’s infused with the local magical stones in the water table.

I asked Millet,

「Does all this snow affect the village negatively?」

「I think they’re going to be fine. As soon as it starts snowing, everyone stops their work and goes home.」

「I know they say they have all the firewood and so on they need, but is there anything else?」

「I think they’re fine. They all have kept way enough firewood. It would be bad if the blowing snow continues for days though.」

There was a bunch of firewood stacked in the public square for anyone to use.

Everyone just took what they needed.

「How much snow does Mulg usually get in a year.」

「It doesn’t really snow much here.」

「How about blizzards like this?」

「Maybe once in several years.」

After hearing that, Luka looked at me with a serious face.

「A blizzard like this only falls once in a while even in the arctic. I have a bad feeling about this.」

「Well, sometimes it just happens.」

With that, Yureena stopped wiping my hair.

Then she started massaging my shoulders.

「Your shoulders are so tense.」

「Ah…thanks, Yureena.」

「Don’t worry about it. I’m actually worried more about Chel’s new village.」


The village was quite far from Mulg.

Even so, since we were in the same region, we were probably getting the same weather.

「Yeah, I’ll check on them tomorrow. Maybe I’ll bring some meat from the hunt.」


Chel jiggled while sitting on Luka’s knees.

I asked Vallimie,

「How is Lindobal forest?」

「No problems. No snow.」

「That’s good to hear.」

「Rai and Doby are both happily running around the forest.」

Lindobal used to be in the Demon Lord’s old territory.

It was very far from Mulg, so the weather must be different.

「Femm, how about the wolves?」

『They’re all in the wolf house.』

Vi-Vi had already drawn a magic circle there so they wouldn’t be cold.

You really didn’t have to worry.

「Tell me if they need anything.」


Femm replied with a swish of the tail.



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