Chapter 231


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Chapter 231 – Neverending Blizzard

Collette and the rest finished their baths, and we all ate.

Then I got in.

For some reason Moofy, who had already got in, got in again.

That cow really loves a bath.

After I got out, I went straight to bed.

If you hang around in the cold after a bath, you catch a cold, after all.

「You have to get in the bed too, Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa」

「You too, Femm.」


Femm usually just lied to lay down on top of my pillow.

Both of them were going to tonight, but they got in the covers when I asked them.

「It’s really cold tonight.」

「Moo moo」

Moofy got in the bed her usual way.

Even with the air so cold, the beasts around you made the bed warm.

And I was able to get a very warm and cozy sleep.

The next morning, Millet, Collette, Steff, and Chel were in the kitchen.

Millet looked quite troubled. Steff also sat there with a serious look.

「What’s wrong?」

「Um, mister Al, it’s…」

「The snow is still falling.」

Even though Millet looked upset, Collette was quite happy.

Every kid loves it when snow falls.

「It’s been falling for a long time.」

「Yes. And the blizzard won’t stop…it’s a bad sign.」

「We have to shovel the snow too…」

「Leave that to me! I did it in my hometown all the time!」

Steff said, cheerfully. I was glad to hear it.

On the other hand, Chel was shivering on the table.


『No good』

Femm looked worried as well.

However, Collette, as a child, was happy about all the snow.

「Moofy! Let’sth make a sthnowman!」

「Moo moo」

「You too, Sthiggy!」


Like I said, kids just love the snow.

『I’ll go check the wolf house.』

「I’ll go too. We have to give them some of the meat from yesterday.」


I grabbed my magic sack with the meat.

「How much do you need?」

『One magic boar is enough.』

「Got it.」

As we left the house, Collette, Steff, Moofy, and Shiggy followed us.

Shiggy jumped in my pouch.

「Steff and Collette, we’re going to the wolf house, so stay in the house, okay?」

「Understood, master. Be careful.」

「Sure, thanks.」

Steff was a little to serious in her way of speaking, and it was kind of funny.

The wolf house was right outside of my house.

「I want to go too, old man.」

「Collette, don’t be difficult.」


Millet held Collette back and scolded her.

Then she made a short bow to me.

「Sorry, mister Al, but please tour the village to see if anyone needs help.」

「Sure, leave it to me.」

As I left the house, the blizzard hit me like a wall.

It was worse than yesterday. Everything was blanketed in white and you could see little else.

The snow almost reached to my chest in places.

I put a magic barrier around me to keep the wind off.

I did the same around Moofy and Femm too. If I didn’t it would be hard to breathe, and even harder to talk.

Maybe the reason Steff told me to be careful is because she had been through storms like this before.

「Mooo moo!」

Moofy ran right into the wall of snow.

She stomped the snow down, making a path.

「Thanks, Moofy.」


Moofy looked pretty proud about it. Then she started doing so again.

After walking a bit, I said to myself,

「The really is some fierce snow.」

『You can’t even feel it from inside the house.』

「Thanks to Vi-Vi’s magic circles.」

She had put an insulation and anti-heat ring around the house.

Even in a storm, you couldn’t hear much.

「The villagers were asking for the same circles for their houses. Do you think she drew them?」

『I have no idea.』

If she did, I would be relieved. If not, well…

「I also have to remove this snow with fire.」

『Just use a fire spell.』

「Then the ground gets all muddy, and the mud freezes into ice.」


Moofy stomped a path ahead straight to the wolf house.

The door had a spring so it would close after anyone walked in.

You had to push against it to open it.

But with all the snow against the door, the door didn’t move.

「The door’s stuffed shut.」

『This is no good.』

The wolves sensed we were near.


We could hear them inside.

I used magic to push away all the snow blocking the door.

With gravity magic, it was easy.

As we went inside, the group of magic wolves were waiting.



They all wagged their tails, very happy.

「wiff wiff」


The pups barked at Shiggy and ran around me feet. They probably wanted to play with her.

Shiggy flapped her wings as she left my pouch as well.

「Femm, are they all here?」

『Yeah, no problem with that.』


The wolves all went out to take drink, but in this blizzard, it was hard.

I took a pan out from my magic bag.

We got some snow, I melted it with fire magic, and made water. It was actually quite warm.

After that, I gave over one magic boar to Femm.

『Thank you.』

Then Femm went,

「Graw garr!」



Femm was telling how the game would be split up.

It was obviously important that the wolves were careful to eat everything in this storm.

Then the wolves all went to eat the boar.

It seems like they were all very hungry.



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