Chapter 232


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Chapter 232 – Mulg in a Blizzard

After the wolves were done eating, I went to check on them.

I petted them all, checking if any of them were sick.

「wiff wiff!」


The pups all looked really healthy.

Then they started playing with Shiggy.

The pups seemed even more healthy that the adults did.

They also got the pick of the boar.

「Any problem you see Femm?」

『Everything seems fine.』

「Good. It sure is warm in here.」

『Thanks to Vi-Vi.』

It was good that Femm recognized that.

Then we left the wolf house and returned to the house.

Millet was waiting.

「How were they?」

「No problems. However, I worry about the village.」

Then Vi-Vi approached us,

「What, is it still snowing?」

「Yeah, worse than yesterday.」

「Really? That’s pretty bad.」
After that, Femm said,

『Thank you Vi-Vi.』

「W…what is it?」

She was a bit shocked to be thanked by Femm.

『That wolf house was very warm. It helps us out a lot.』

「Oh, that’s what you’re talking about? Don’t worry about it.」

Vi-Vi said with a smile.

「Vi-Vi, did you draw magic circles around the other houses of the village and the livestock pen?」

「Yeah, I did. I did it right after taking care of them, one day.」

「You really are some magician!」

「Moo moo!」「ryaa!」

I patted her head.

Moofy licked her hand.

Shiggy jumped on her shoulder and petted her too.

「S…Stop…well…it’s okay, I guess.」

She wanted to tell us to stop, but stopped when Shiggy started petting her.

Shiggy was so cute, no one could just refuse her.

「If you drew circles around those houses, then I can relax a bit.」

「Yeah, thanks Vi-Vi!」

「Don’t mention it!」

Then Millet said,
「I need to take a look around the village.」

「Shall we go together?」

「No, I’m fine.」

「But the snow is drifting really high.」


「Moofy, are you going to take me?」

「Moo moo!」


「I’ll go too. I’m worried about the cows.」

Millet and Vi-Vi wanted to see how the village was doing.

I was worried if they were alone, but with Moofy it was fine.

「Take care of them, Moofy.」


After Millet and the rest left, a few minutes passed, and Cruz came in.

「This snow is making me worry.」

「Millet and Vi-Vi went to check on the rest of the village.」

「Yesterday, the weather was so nice in the capital, but here it’s horrible.」

「If you need help, I can take time off from the capital. Shall I?」

Luka asked and I was happy for it, but I think the village is okay.

While I was thinking it over, Cruz responded,

「Luka, thanks, but I think we’ll be okay.」

「You don’t have to refuse, Cruz.」

「Thanks to you too, Yureena.」

While we were talking this over, Chel was jiggling near us.

It probably was worried over the new village.

Shiggy flew over and onto Chel.



Seems like they were talking.

「I’ll take you to your village, Chel, later.」


「Yeah, I know you’re worried. We’ll take them some meat.」


After that, we split up the meat.

Some for Mulg, and some for the death temple’s village.

「With all this meat, even if we distribute it, some will spoil, so we have to put some in storage..」


Then, Millet, Vi-Vi, and Moofy came back.

「We’re back!」

「How was the village?」

They dumped all the snow off their clothes in the entrance.

「Everyone’s a bit troubled, but they all seem okay.」

「Moo moo」

Moofy had a mound of snow on her. She must have plowed through snow drifts.

I brushed all the snow off of Moofy.

「Good job, Moofy.」


「How were the cows, Vi-Vi?」

「Good. But they looked bored as they couldn’t go out for exercise.」

It was sad to hear that, but they would have to be patient.

Just then, Vallimie joined us. She probably came to eat breakfast like usual.

「All of this SNOW!」

「Doesn’t look like it will stop…not a good sign.」

「If you need a golem, just ask.」

「Thanks, if I need one, I will.」

After that, we headed off for the death temple’s village.

Cruz, Chel, Femm, and Moofy joined me.

「I’ll go too. Maybe the houses need magic circles.」

「Okay, sure.」

「Master, I’ll go too!」

Vi-Vi and Steff were going along too. The village might need help, after all.

「Okay, Steff, come along.」

「Yes sir!」

I put Shiggy in my pouch and headed towards the death temple.



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