Chapter 233


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Chapter 233 – The Death Temple Village in a Blizzard

We left the house and the blizzard was still raging.

「Moo moo!」

「Even the place that Moofy drove through is covered with snow again.」


Moofy started plowing through the snow again.

「Moo moo MOOO!」

「Great job, Moofy!」

Vi-Vi said, happily.

We followed Moofy all the way to the storage shack.

「It’s pretty cold!」

「Yeah, I made circles for everywhere that has people living but not here.」

「Yeah, it’s really cold.」

As soon as we passed through, the priest ran up to us.

There was an alarm that sounded whenever anyone passed through the magic transport.

「Ah, the death lord AND the marquis. All of you together. Thank you for coming.」


Chel jumped to the priest, who caught it and petted it.

Then we introduced Steff, while Cruz smiled and said,

「A blizzard’s been dropping snow like crazy in Mulg, so we wanted to stop by to see how you were doing.」

「Thank you very much. We also have had very bad snow from yesterday…」

「I knew it. Are you okay?」

「Well, we’ve had our challenges…」

The priest looked quite troubled.

Especially since none of the houses had magic circles, and were cold, and they were quite low on food.

After explaining that, I asked,

「What about firewood?」

「There was much left over from building, so we have a lot left over.」

「Good to hear.」

「I was quite scared that we’d have nothing to burn, but I’m relieved.」

The priest was still holding Chel, who was jiggling.

「Piggi PiGGi」

「What is it?」

『We brought meat.』

Handing it over, Cruz said,

「Chel and we went hunting, so this is some of it.」

「This is very helpful. Thank you very much!」

First, we all went to the food storage.

We split off one half of the roc meat and a magic boar for the people of the village.

This should hold them for a while.

「Thank you very much.」


Chel and the priest both said their thanks.

Chel then jiggled cutely.

We looked at the food storage, and Vi-Vi said with a serious face,

「This food storage is a bit of a problem. We should wait a while before taking the meat out.」

「Um, what seems to be the problem?」

The priest asked in an unsettled tone.

「Well, I have to draw a condition-stopping circle here. Then the meat will last a lot longer.」

「C…can you do that?」

「Leave it to me!」

Vi-Vi checked even the corners of the food storage area. Then she said to Steff,

「Steff, first, take a look. Even though you might not understand what’s going on.」

「Ah, sure. Thank you!」


Then Steff, Shiggy, Moofy, and Vi-Vi started to check the place out.

I think that Moofy’s had interest in these magic circles from the beginning.

A condition-stopping circle is not an easy one to draw. It’s complex and very difficult.

Even so, someone like Vi-Vi was able to complete it quickly.

「Great job, Vi-Vi.」

「Heh heh, of course!」

She blushed again after I complimented her.

Then Steff mumbled to herself,

「Jeez, I guess I don’t get anything…」

「Don’t worry, it’s not easy. You’re not expected to understand.」

Then everyone went to the waiting room.

The stove in the waiting room was filled with burning wood, and it was warm.

「Do you have a map of the village?」


The priest quickly brought the map of the village that Vi-Vi asked for.

「Does this have all the houses drawn on it?」

「Yes, as soon as they’re built we draw them in.」

「So there’s about 10 houses that don’t have magic circles drawn around them?」

Vi-Vi said while pointing around.

「Those are the newest houses, so I think there aren’t any drawn there.」

「Are there people living there already?」

「Yes, there are.」

After checking, Vi-Vi decided to go out and draw circles there.

「Al, the circles I always draw are insulation, fire-prevention, shock-absorption, and anti-earthquake. But in these circumstances and since it takes so much time, I think insulation alone is good enough.」

「Well, all you have to do is show me once and I can reproduce it for others.」

「Really? Then come along. Steff too.」

「Sure! I’d be happy to.」

「Moo moo!」

I stopped Moofy from following us though.

「No, Moofy, you help Cruz with what she needs to get done.」


「She probably needs to clear snow, so they’re going to need you to come along.」


Moofy understood and stayed behind, while Vi-Vi and Steff and I went off to the other houses.

「The snow drifts are so high!」

「We have to use magic or something.」

I shot magic missiles here and there, and we made our way to the houses.

The villagers were surprised at the sudden visit, but once we told them about the magic circles, they were ecstatic.

Everyone already knew how well Vi-Vi’s magic circles worked.

After seeing what circles she used, I split off to help the other homes.

Because of this, we had finished 10 houses in less than two hours.



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