Chapter 234


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Chapter 234 – Shiggy’s Food, and Timisoara

After we were done drawing circles all through the new houses, Cruz and her group, Vi-Vi, Steff and I all joined up again.

Cruz and the others had joined the village people in snow removal.

「Cruz, need help with anything else?」

「We’re fine. See, they’re already almost done.」

「That was fast.」

「Moofy’s blasting through the drifts, but since this snow doesn’t stop, we’re going to have to do it again soon.」

「Well, it’s got to end sometime.」

「I hope it does.」

Because of the snow removal, it became easier to move from house to house.

「Moo moo」

「Thanks Moofy.」


Moofy was helpful as usual.

Everyone around her patted her head.

And as the snow plowing continued, we didn’t just clear paths.

The snow was dragged out of town by the villagers.

And with Moofy helping, it was done much faster than you’d expect.

「What about Femm?」

「Femm and Chel are looking around this area.」

Because of all the heavy snow, they were checking to see what strange things were going on around here.

And they might also be worried about the road.

The priest then gave out food and fuel to all the houses, and we listened to whatever problems they had.

It was good to see a village that could work together and get over any problems.

Vi-Vi, Steff, and I all worked with the villagers to complete the snow removal.

My knee still hurt, so I couldn’t scoop any snow. I just used gravity magic to lift the snow.

Vi-Vi and Steff then removed the snow.

「This snow is so light!」

「This is easy.」

Even though snow looks so light and fluffy, it’s really heavy.

Your arms start hurting quickly. If you don’t be careful, you throw out your back.

That’s why gravity magic is great for snow removal.

As we were finishing all the plowing, Chel came back riding on top of Femm.

Femm had a huge, frozen boar in its mouth.


「Wow, what happened?」

『We were looking around and found this frozen boar, so I brought it.』

「Wow, that’s something.」

I patted Femm and Chel when they came over.

Even so, there’s no doubt this is a severe blizzard if it freezes even a magic boar.

That’s why we all had to be on our guard.

「Even so, with the snow everywhere you can’t smell beasts and their footprints disappear…aren’t things like that hard to find?」

『I didn’t find it, but Chel discovered where it was hidden.』


Chel jiggled on top of Femm’s back.

The last time, Chel didn’t really help with the hunt, so I’m glad it had a chance to this time.

I bet it was happy to.

Even in all this snow, it was able to find a magic boar in the snow that Femm didn’t detect.

Maybe Chel has senses other than smell that work. A mysterious slime.

『I was going to give the whole thing to the village. Is that okay?』

「Sure it is.」

I patted them again in thanks for all they did.

「Wuff wuff」


And the priest was very happy to get the additional meat as well.

The villagers were even happier. And Chel was happy to see them happy.

After that, we went back to Mulg. It was near afternoon.

「That reminds me, we didn’t eat breakfast!」Steff said.

「You’re right.」

「We were so busy with everything, I totally forgot.」said Vi-Vi.

「Well, I’m hungry now!」replied Steff.

We had all forgotten breakfast.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy also was a bit upset. You can’t just deprive a child of its meal.

I had give her snacks and so on, but I had totally forgotten about breakfast.

I kind of felt sorry.

「Sorry, Shiggy. We’ll get you a lot to eat.」


We went back home and to my house.

「Grr….You’re late, Al.」

Timisoara was waiting with an angry face in the kitchen.

「What is it, Timi?」

「I heard from Millet that little Shiggy here left without eating her breakfast!」


「Don’t mess up like that, Alra!」

After being lectured by Timi, we ate break…I mean lunch.

While I watched Shiggy eat, I asked Cruz,

「What are you doing this afternoon, Cruz?」

「Let’s see…maybe go back to the manor and see what the damage there is.」

「If both Mulg and the death temple village are in a blizzard, then it might be all over your realm.」

「Yeah, it could be serious.」

Just then, Timi said to herself,

「I’ll fly around for a while.」

「Is that why you were late this morning too?」

Timi sometimes was a bit late because she flew here.

Even though she looked bored most of the time, she still was the regent to Duchess Shiggy. She probably was quite busy.

「Hm…Shiggy, eat this too.」

Timi was much more focused on feeding Shiggy than paying attention to the conversation.

Even though I was already feeding her, Timi sat next to me, feeding her too.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Even so, she was still quite hungry as she gobbled away.

I know I shouldn’t forget to eat, but I really shouldn’t forget to feed Shiggy.

I was quite sorry.

「I don’t think this snow is a natural occurrence.」

「You don’t?」

「No…Shiggy, try this too.」


After Shiggy had finished eating, I would ask Timi to tell me what she meant in detail.



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