Chapter 235


Translator: ranzan

Chapter 235 – Baring the Blizzard

After we finished lunch, Timi nestled Shiggy in her bosom and petted her.

Then we had some tea to drink.


「Hm? You want some tea too?」


「Okay, okay.」

Everyone was watching them.

It was Timi and Shiggy, with Steff, Cruz, Vi-Vi, and I were eating.

In addition, Millet, Collette, Moofy, Femm, and Chel.

Vallimie was in her forests, Luka and Yureena were back at the capital.

I asked Timi, who was letting Shiggy drink tea,

「Hey, you said before that there was something unnatural about this snow…what did you mean?」

「Ah, that. I don’t know why, but a Jack Frost was created around here somewhere.」

Jack Frost had the same strength as an A-Class magical beast. Very hard to destroy.

And it wasn’t a magical beast, but a nature spirit.

Maybe a manifestation of nature is a better way of saying it. It’s not something you can just easily defeat.

It’s a horrible accident when people encounter a Jack Frost in the wild and are frozen to death.

Also, Jack Frosts could generate massive amounts of snow around them.

「A Jack Frost…ugh, that sucks.」Steff said to herself.

「If Jack Frost is the reason, then we have to do something!」

Cruz said, with a much more positive outlook.

I had to explain to her,

「Jack Frost is a nature spirit. You can’t just kill it off.」

「You can’t?」

「Yeah, it’s more of a manifestation of nature’s power.」

「Hm…sounds hard to beat.」

Cruz seemed to think it over hard.

So I continued,

「The best way to deal with a Jack Frost is to simply wait it out. Stay in the house and wait for the snow to end.」

「You shouldn’t go outside?」

「If you encounter the spirit in the wild, you’ll get frozen to death.」

A Jack Frost was fearsome to even experienced adventurers.

You can’t easily stop the natural magic that a Jack Frost generates.

It’s main power is being able to change the weather. That’s not enough to just freeze a normal human being.

But an adventurer caught by a Jack Frost out in the wild without help almost always dies.

Your body’s temperature drops, you lose consciousness, and then you freeze.

Femm and Chel had found that frozen boar, after all.

That might have been an unlucky boar that might have encountered Jack Frost.

If the village people encountered Jack Frost, there would be no way to stop them from dying.

During the winter years, Frost was the greatest danger for traveling peddlers.

「It’s hard to defeat the spirit, but if Jack Frost uses all its magic or spirit power or whatever, it disappears. Then the blizzard ends.」

「How long does that usually take?」

「Depends on range and severity. One night is the usual length.」

「Then it’s going to end now, right?」

Again, Cruz was a little too positive.

「However, since the range of this blizzard is much larger, this might not be the normal damage a Jack Frost brings…」

It’s true this was a very large and powerful blizzard.

Generally, the bigger it is, the less fierce it is.

And the fiercer it is, the quicker it’s over.

Even with a nature spirit like Jack Frost, there still is a limit to its powers.

Timi petted Shiggy’s head while saying,

「Very smart, Alra…you really are different from the rest.」

「How is he different?!」

Vi-Vi said with a serious face, after having listened to us silently.

「Seeing the scene from above, I don’t think there’s just one Jack Frost…」

「Timi, how many do think that there are?」

「No idea. But with this force…10, maybe 20 or so.」

「That many?」

「Yes…I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds.」

「What the…」

Vi-Vi was shocked.

「But with that many, what will happen to us?」

Steff said with a scared look.

「If there’s that many, we might have to go around and destroy them. What do you think Al?」

「There’s another way, Cruz.」

「Why do you say that?」

「Well, it’s just strange that so many of them would be generated like this.」

「Maybe it’s just irregular weather?」

「But there’s a limit to that as well.」

「I see…」

Then Timi said,

「I also was very curious as to why so many Jack Frosts would be generated.」

「After Luka comes back, we should discuss it with her.」

「Yeah, you might be right.」

Luka was the one who knew magical beasts after all. Nature spirits were a bit different, but she knew more than any normal academic.

Cruz stood slowly from her seat,

「Well, I’m going to visit my manor.」

「You need help?」

「I have a few things I have to check on.」

「Well, I guess I’ll go with you.」


We got ready to go out, and I called Femm over.

「It’s so bad that it could freeze that magic boar. Tell the other wolves to avoid going out if they can avoid it.」


Jack Frosts usually don’t try to enter homes.

After that, Cruz and I entered the magical transport and headed to the manor.



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