Chapter 237


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Chapter 237 – Thinking about the Abundance of Nature Spirits

After talking this over with the assistant, we all returned to Mulg.

As we left the shack, the path was covered in snow again.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy was ready to blow through the snow again.

「Moofy, I have to go back to the house and say hi before you start making paths.」


I went back home, and it was refreshingly warm.

After I told the others I was home, I warmed myself up, and then went out to clear paths.

Millet, Steff, Vi-Vi, and Timi all helped, but the biggest help was Moofy, of corse.

It seemed that evening came quickly and we finished the snow clearing and returned home.

Luka, Yureena, and Vallimie had come back early.

They were getting worried about the blizzard as well.

So we all gathered in the kitchen.

「Luka, everyone…we have some news about this storm…」

Timi and I both took turns explaining about the Jack Frost.

「No wonder it’s a Jack Frost…but with this intensity, there has to be dozens, right?」

「Yes, at least 100. But we need to prepare for hundreds of them.」

「A hundred is bad enough.」

Even though Timi said there was the possibility of several hundreds, Luka was cool around it,

「Hundreds! That’s horrible!」

And like usual, Yureena was quite upset.

That was their usual reactions.

「Luka, do you know the reason for all these Jack Frosts being generated?」


Luka thought over my question.

It was very rare for a large population of Jack Frosts to be generated.

But someone like Luka might be able to discover why it happened.

While Luka was thinking, Yureena said,

「I think the Timi using her dragon breath would clear them away quickly…」

「Cruz was saying that same thing.」

I said with a sigh, but Yureena smiled.

「I thought the same as you Cruz!」

「Yup! The same!」

The two girls both smiled at each other.

「Cruz said the same, but if we clear away those Jack Frosts with her breath, nothing will be left standing.」

「Yes. You’re right.」

「I thought it was a good plan.」

Then Yureena looked at me,

「Hey, Al. I think you can go around and destroy them.」

「Yeah, I probably could.」

The Jack Frost wasn’t a magic beast but a nature spirit.

I heard that it looks somewhat like a large snowman.

But the body of a Jack Frost is just for decoration.

Even if you cut it or burn it with fire and the body melts, it doesn’t cause much damage.

It was even hard to damage it with Cruz’ holy sword.

Even though it was a natural spirit, holy magic wasn’t its weakness.

A holy sword wasn’t very different in effect from a normal sword.

What worked was pure magical energy, like a magic bolt.

Timi’s fire breath wouldn’t work as well as her magic breath would.

「The worst would be me having to blow them away one by one…」

「And they have a large range, there are many, we can’t really do that…」

Vi-Vi said after a long silence.

She must have been thinking it over too.

Also, using a magic bolt meant you had to get close to the Jack Frost as well.

Vallimie said to us,

「It would be hard to kill them off with an army of golems as well.」

Even with a bunch of golems, getting rid of a Jack Frost would be difficult.

Even with a magic lion like Rai who could use magic bolts easily, a Jack Frost would be a tough opponent.

One on one, and Rai might lose.

Two on one, and Rai would definitely lose. That’s how strong they were.

Even hard for Femm or Doby.

While we were talking this over, Luka finally opened her mouth after a long thought.

「There is something that could generate it.」

「Did you think of something?」

「Normally what generates a Jack Frost is magical power mixing with weather conditions.」

「Hm…I think I might know where the magical power is being stored.」

I use magic at almost every opportunity.

When that happens, my magical power spreads out into the atmosphere.

The air around us must be imbued with much thicker magical power than normal areas.

「There are other possibilities more than that, but it’s hard to think of any of them actually causing this amount of Jack Frosts.」

「So I guess we might think of my magic use as the cause of them?」

「I think it’s obvious we should.」

Luka said, so I think that’s probably the case.

「So I guess this phenomenon is human generated?」

「I think that’s a possibility.」

Hearing that, Vi-Vi replied,

「W…wait a second! I don’t think there’s an artificial cause for this amount of spirits begin generated!」

「Right! If that were possible, we’d already be using it for war and such, right?」

Being able to willfully generate this amount of spirits means that you’d be able to generate that much of disaster.

It would be a power that every nation would seek to use.

And it would manifest itself sometime in our history already.

「I guess it’s hard for us humans to make this, then.」

Luka said, seriously.



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