Chapter 238


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Chapter 238 – Spirit Strategy

Hearing what Luka said, Vi-Vi asked,

「In other words, there’s something non-human that’s generating all of those Jack Frosts?」

「I think the possibility is high, but we can’t say it’s a definite.」

「So you think someone or something is summoning them?」

「I can’t deny it.」

「But, even if not human, there aren’t many things that can summon nature spirits.」

Just like an academic, Luka couldn’t deny any theory.

It was just a matter of possibility or not.

I wondered what kind of creature would go around summoning creatures like that.

So I asked Timi,

「Are you able to do something like summon a Jack Frost, Timi?」

「It would be hard, but not impossible. No, honestly…I couldn’t.」

Even something close to a god like Timi couldn’t do it.

It would be hard even for a demon that had a lot of magic.

So then what could summon a lot of Jack Frosts like that?

Everyone was looking at Luka,

「Well, it really sounds impossible. Maybe there’s some special conditions.」

「Special conditions? Like a special race that’s summoning them?」

「Or more than that, a special magic tool that’s doing it?」

「Is there any tool like that?」

「It’s possible that there were in ancient times.」

I asked Timi,

「Timi, do you have a magic tool like that in your treasury?」

「I wonder…」


Shiggy, the owner of the treasury, cried out quietly,

「I don’t think Shiggy or I really know everything that’s in there. But I know that the ones I DO know don’t have that ability.」

「I see, is there anyone else in the ancient dragon royalty that have a tool like that?」

「Maybe there is…I just don’t know.」

「I see.」

I guess Timi really doesn’t know much about the treasures that other dragons own.

Even so, I bet that all the stuff that dragons own aren’t well known by humans.

Luka then cooly said,

「Maybe there’s a magician that’s chanting to a spirit lord?」

「Yeah, that might be it.」

I hardly ever chant, but there are magicians that use chants as their normal method.

There were many types, but there were some that involve calling of the nature spirits.

「Instead of directly summoning a Jack Frost, maybe they’re calling them through a lord of nature instead.」

「A nature lord…I still think that’s difficult.」

「I remember there are records of magicians calling on the lords of nature in some literature I’ve read.」

「What did the magician use to get the lord’s attention?」

「The lives of around 100 people.」

「Wow, that’s bad.」

Hearing that, Vi-Vi said,

「I don’t think there’s anyone around here that’s willing to be sacrificed for something like that to happen.」

「Yeah, you would definitely notice.」

Then Timi said with a serious look,

「I have no idea how they’re doing it, but we need to stop it from happening.」


「Alra…let’s see if we can find the source.」

「That’s our only chance.

「I don’t know how they’re summoning them, but we have to kill whoever is.」

Cruz nodded.

「Yeah, or at least grab the guy and ask him how he’s doing it.」

「Okay, let’s go, Alra.」

「I think you’d get a better view this morning than at night…like now.」

「No, we don’t know if the summoning is continuing. If it gets worse, we might get a Jack Frost coming into the town.」

Most nature spirits avoided humans.

Normally they avoided any habitations. They never went inside a house.

The only time they were seen was when people were moving from place to place outside.

But if there are a lot of Jack Frosts in an area, things change.

All the Frosts start to crowd each other and start to push each other away.

As a result, they could start entering human settlements.

And if one gets in, the whole village freezes.

Everyone could die.

「Yeah, we need to go, now.」

「I’ll go too.」

「Me too.」

Cruz and Luka also pushed us to go.

「Well, that means I’ll stay here.」

「Sure, stay here Yureena.」

With her in the town, the people would be safe.

「Master, please take me with you.」

「Steff, you should stay here too.」

Lately, I had worried about her fighting.

I didn’t really know how she’d fight at a time like this. Best not to take her.

「…I understand.」

「Moofy and Femm, stay here too.」



「We need you to defend the town.」


『I understand.』

I also put Shiggy on the table.

「Just in case, you need to stay here too.」


She cried, and grabbed on to me. I know she wanted to go.


「Alra. Shiggy is the Duchess of the North. A Jack Frost is nothing compared to her.」

「Even so…」

I was worried. Shiggy was still a baby.

「As an ancient dragon, no nature spirit threatens me, and seeing the magic will be good for her education.」

「Okay, then are you coming?」


Shiggy jumped right into my pocket.

「If necessary, I can blow them away with my breath anyway.」

And again Timi said something that scared me a bit.



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