Chapter 239


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Chapter 239 – Searching for the Nature Spirits

We left the house, and Timi changed back to her dragon form.

Cruz and Luka both jumped back on top of her.

「Alra, do you need help?」

「No, I’m fine.」

Timi was worried that I had no ability for frontal attack.

However, as the only member in a party of female warriors, I could attack from the back.

I jumped up on my knee that didn’t hurt, and jumped up from Timi’s knee.

From there, I could hop up on her wing.

As soon as I got on her back, I slipped a little, but grabbed her scale and stabled my self.

Seeing this, Luka looked shocked and said,

「You don’t have to push yourself that hard, just use magic.」

「Well, I have to exercise sometimes.」

「I guess that’s the more healthier way…」

As we were talking it over, I set up a magic barrier to stop the wind.

In addition, I made a soft film of air around the girls and I.

This way the cold was significantly less.

「Al, Thanks!」

「Thanks, but since we’re trying to avoid a fight, we don’t need to worry THAT much about heat.」

「I know already.」

With all the preparation over, we were waiting to go.

Timi then said, in a voice we could even hear clearly in all the snow,

「Are you all ready?」

「We are. Thanks.」


Then, Timi rose up into the air.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy popped her head out of the pouch and looked around.

It’s true that even a baby dragon loved to fly.

Timi rose straight up in the air, and then began to turn to her side.

She wanted the people in Mulg not to see her.

After flying softly for a little bit, she began picking up speed.

Even at her fast speeds, you didn’t feel her move very much.

Since my magic barrier was stopping the wind, it was very quiet riding on her back.

Luka was carefully looking around and down on the scenery when she said,

「Even this far up, with all this snow it’s impossible to see anything.」

「Yeah, there’s no way!」

Cruz was running around trying to see something, but the snow made the air as black as a starless night.

Even if I put out a magical flame, all we would see is the blizzard around us.

「Al, do you see anything?」

「I can’t see a thing either, Al, can’t you sense out the nature spirits or something?」

「Actually, the amount of it is so high around us, it’s even harder to judge than if there was a little.」

When the weather was a disturbed as this, even without other manifestations of spirits, the natural spirit energy around you is very high

You could say that it’s almost the magical manifestation of nature.
「I guess that’s how it works, then.」

Cruz nodded as if she understood.

Even so, I probably would be the one to sense any strangeness in the natural spirits out of everyone.

It can’t be that hard to figure it out.

If I really put my heart into it, I might be able to feel it.

「…it’s true that I can sense a lot of manifestations of nature below…the Jack Frosts.」

「Right? So I guess you CAN feel them.」

Timi said, slightly happier.

「I guess if you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have tried and then sensed it, Timi.」

「If you would have flown with me this morning, you would have been able to sense it too.」

She said with a happy laugh.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy seemed to be laugh as well.

「Even so, you already knew that there were a lot of Jack Frosts down below…you told us before.」

「Yes. The problem is how many there are.」

I figured that there would be a lot of Jack Frosts near whatever is generating them.

「Hm…I know there are many, but that’s it. Can you feel where there are many?」

「It’s hard to tell. It’s going to take some time.」

「Can you fly lower?」

Timi swooped down after Luka asked her. She was quite low, just above the trees.

Timi’s claws brushed against the treetops now and then.

「Is it harder to sense now? Maybe I should go higher?」

Saying that, she went higher again.

「No, maybe it was stronger down close to the ground again.」

So she went down again. She was trying to find at what height was the best to sense the spirits.

「ryaa ryaa!」

She swooped up and down and Shiggy was loving every minute of it.

She was flapping with joy inside my pouch.

「I have no idea! There are too many!」

「Yeah, a multitude.」

Timi said with exasperation, and Cruz responded a bit perplexed.

After she tested the heights, she picked the height where she thought it was easiest to sense the spirits.

I was silent, trying to sense their powers around me.

And once again, as Timi swooped down,


Timi made a sound of surprise, and an ice shard went flying by.

「Jack Frost’s magic!」

Luka quickly shouted. Again, the experience of a magical expert.

「This sucks because I couldn’t sense anything. You want to blow it away?」

「Timi, wait a second.」

「Sure, I will. Leave it to Alra.」

The shard had bounced off my magical barrier.

Of course we were already protected from the attack by the barrier I put around us.

And after feeling where the magic emerged from, I shot a magic bolt there.

Because the snow was so thick, I couldn’t confirm that it was a Jack Frost.

Even so, I knew there was a response,

「I guess one shot won’t be enough.」

So I followed up with 5 shots.


I heard a strange screech, as the Jack Frost died.



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