Chapter 240


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Chapter 240 – Searching for Spirits

Hearing the Jack Frost die, Cruz shouted,

「You did it! Good job, Al!」

「Not a big deal as it was only one.」

「But if you can beat them that easily, then you should be able to get rid of a lot quickly.」

Cruz said happily, but then Luka followed up, seriously,

「It’s not THAT easy.」


「I really wish it were one, or just a few.」

Timi nodded as she agreed with Luka.

Even so, she didn’t change her flight. Excellent technique.

「Yeah, he did destroy only one Jack Frost. But with one gone, now whatever is making them will put a new one in its place.」

「Just as Timi said, they might be multiplying faster than we can kill them.」

「So killing them off is basically impossible?」

「Whether that’s what we’re facing or not…either way, it’s better to find the most efficient way to get rid of them.」

Cruz seemed a little depressed that it might not go so well.

Luka patted her head and said,

「It would be no problem if there was only one. But there’s more.」

「I see…」

Cruz said with a determined face,

「Hey, Al? Can you sense which direction they’re coming from now?」

「Just a second.」

I was focusing again.

There was just so much spirit power it was hard to determine.

「Hang in there, Al.」

「Sure…everyone quiet…」

「Okay! I’m cheering for you!」

Cruz then started looking around her.

「Do it Al…do it al!」

She said in a loud whisper as she continued looking in the trees below her.

I was really happy for her help, but she needed to stop distracting me.

「ryaa ryaa」

Maybe because of Cruz’ soft voice, Shiggy cried out softly as well.

I was wondering if she knew to encourage me too…It helped.

「Cruz. Calm down.」

「Wha? But…」

Luka walked over and just grabbed Cruz away.

Thanks to that I was finally able to focus.

「Okay, I’m not really sure, but it feels stronger on the west.」

「Great job Al!」

Hearing that, Timi turned to the west.

Even so, she didn’t fly straight there, but meandered around, feeling the density of spirits.

Compared to her normal flying, she was taking it very slow now.

A horse could have galloped faster than her.

「There’s a western mountain ridge from here.」

Luka said, looking out to the west.

It was night, in the middle of a blizzard. You could see nothing.

Even so, both girls turned their eyes to the west.


Shiggy looked out as well, to the west.

Even for a baby, she understood directions. I thought that was something.

「I know about that range as well. I flew around there before I installed the magical transport in the pole.」

She used to complain about her human form making her legs numb.

She probably just flew back in dragon form and slept instead.

Then, she would just sleep away from the village. Now she could just transport back.

However, before the circle she would have to find a place to hide and sleep, and that probably was these western mountains.

Hearing this Cruz said,

「Timi, you really went a long way to sleep, huh?」

「Yes, if I slept too near to the village, the wolves would have trouble.」

An ancient dragon drives all the magical monsters in the wolves’ direction, after all.

Femm’s hunting would be hurt by all the new, powerful monsters.

「Thanks for thinking about Femm.」

Timi was a little bit embarrassed at me thanking her for Femm.

「It’s no matter. Plus I can relax on the mountains.」



I had no idea how ancient dragons relaxed.

「I went to these mountains over and over in the summer.」

「That black magician was here too.」

「Is this part of your realm, Cruz?」

「The mountains are under the kingdom’s control. No people, fields, crops, so no ruler wants them.」

「I guess not.」

「Also, if you go over them, you get in to the old Demon Lord’s territory. It’s almost like a defense barrier.」

「I see.」

「Cruz, you really studied a lot to reach that conclusion.」

「Eheh heh」

Cruz blushed.

But I really did think she had been giving it all in her studies about being a ruler.

As we conversed, Timi said,

「Hm, it’s much stronger. I didn’t feel this when I passed over it this morning.」

「It is clear that in this area the spirits are very strong.」

This morning she hadn’t felt much, but now she clearly did.

That means the Jack Frosts were increasing quickly.

「There has to be something in these mountains.」

「Timi, slow it down as much as you can.」

「Got it.」

Then, Cruz shouted,

「Something BIG!!」

Cruz pointed, and we could see a huge dragon-shaped snow figure.



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