Chapter 241



Chapter 241 – Snow Dragon

The statue looked like a huge snow statue of an ancient dragon.

I looked at it carefully. But the blizzard was blowing, and it was hard to see.

「Is that, a snow sculpture?」

「It’s made so well…it looks like it’s alive…」


Shiggy said as she looked out from my pouch.

「There’s no way…」

Timi said quietly to herself.

The western mountains. This was right where Shiggy’s mother, Jilnidora, had fallen.

There had to be a relation.

「If someone did this to mock my sister’s death, they will pay!」

「I agree.」


It didn’t seem that Shiggy understood what was happening.

I rubbed Shiggy’s head.

Timi flew slowly over the snow dragon’s head.

「I can feel a very strong spirit.」

「Yeah, this has to be what’s generating it.」

「The problem is, if we destroy this, will it all end?」

「Hm, maybe we should break it first and think about it later.」

「Wait a second.」

Luka looked over the statue and said.

「What is it, Luka?」

「That’s not just a snow statue is it?」

「I think you’re right. The spirit force is too strong.」

「Give me a second to look it over.」

「Okay, let me go a little higher.」

「Thanks, Timi.」

Timi spiraled up above the statue.

Luka peered at the statue as closely as she could.

Cruz as well peered at the statue next to Luka.

「It’s huge. Bigger than Timi?」

「I think it’s as big as my older sister…so of course it’s bigger.」

「I see.」

When I fought with Jilnidora, it was Vi-Vi, Femm, Moofy, and I.

Cruz and Luka never got to meet Jilnidora.

「The surface is snow…but the inside is a spirit stone? I read about this phenomena in old literature.」

「A spirit stone.」

「You know magical crystals, right?」

「Pretty soon they’re going to be Mulg’s new special product.」

Vi-Vi had written a magical circle and that condensed the magical stones into crystals so the crops would grow better.

The magical crystals are manifestations of magical power. If you use them during magical operations, it refills the power of magicians.

「This might be the spirit version of that.」

「I see.」

I had never seen a spirit stone though.

It would be expensive, even though it would be much more rare than the magic crystals you see in the markets.

「I understand all that, but…why would it be in the shape of my sister?」

「So this is where the former duchess died?」

「Yes, I killed her, and burned the body.」

She was mostly zombified, and since Jilnidora pleaded with me to kill her, I delivered the final blow.

Also, this was before Shiggy was born from her egg.

「It’s said that the ancient dragons are the closest rare to the gods. So this duchess, after she died may have left her spirit behind.」

「I guess it’s obvious now.」

I had burned her body so there was no way she could become undead.

However, this may be the reason for all this new magical power.

There was nothing I could do about it, either way.

「Natural spirits always surge towards unsettled pockets of magical power. It’s said that natural spirits are just unactualized magical power.」

「I think I remember hearing that too.」

「In the ancient texts, after a magical lord dies, it was written that magicians would use the lord’s remaining magical power to summon natural forces.」

「Did that happen?」

「It was a quite rare event. It’s written in some rare, minor texts. And it took my a while to remember it.」

Luka looked like she was a bit sorry for not remembering quickly.

However, it’s interesting that she had access to such old texts.

Even though it took some time, it’s superb that she had that information.

「Luka, that really helps. Thanks.」

「Great job Luka.」


Luka looked a bit embarrassed.

「Flattery will get you nowhere.」

「Even I, an ancient dragon, did not know this. You should be proud.」

Timi said as well.

Then Cruz asked,

「Luka, these spirit stones, can I punch them?」

「If we do it poorly, the spirit stone will break and spread, and the Jack Frosts will simply grow in massive numbers.」

「Then what should we do?」

「Hit it with dragon breath?」

Timi said, but Luka shook her head.

「Magical breath might be able to disintegrate it…but with something this huge…」

「Maybe I can combine powers with Al?」

「It may work…but it’s a huge spirit stone, right? It might be too hard?」

Spirit was unactualized magic.

That’s why you could destroy most of it by hitting it with a magical bolt.

Even a spirit stone, a manifestation of spirit energy, could be neutralized by a large magical bolt.

However, it was hard to predict what would happen if we tried to eliminate a stone the size of a great dragon.

Luka looked at me, unsettled.

「Al. Can you do it?」

「Al, Timi, please. If it goes on like this, then many villagers will die.」

Cruz bowed her head.

「Let’s try it.」

「Leave it to us. Alra and I will destroy it.」

Timi and I said, and Cruz huffed a sigh of relief.



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