Chapter 242


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Chapter 242 – Mother’s Statue

Timisoara flew straight in front of the huge snow-covered statue.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy cried out, interested. She was looking closely at the statue.

It only looked like a snow statue. It had no movement or soul.

Even so, Shiggy seemed to know it was her mother.

「Timi, wait.」

「I know.」

I rubbed Shiggy’s head.

Shiggy never knew her mother.

Shiggy had fallen silent, as she probably was looking at the image of this dragon, knowing what it was.

However, I couldn’t just remain silent.

Even if this was just a huge stone, it looked just like her.

I should at least say something.

「Shiggy, this is a statue that looks like your mother.」


Shiggy’s eyes shimmered.

「Timi, bring us in close.」

「Can I?」


Timi brought us right up to the statue.

As we approached, we were attacked by the Jack Frosts that had amassed around the foot of the statue.

I put up a magic barrier with my left hand quickly.

The barrier went up directly below Timi. The attacks smashed against the barrier.

I dodged the attacks of the Jack Frosts and moved to Timi’s head.

Then I touched the stone with my right hand. It was so cold. It was far colder than the snow.

Shiggy reached out and touched the stone as well.

「This is just a statue. Not your mother. But it looks much like her.」


Shiggy touched the statue and cried out a bit.

I knew she wanted to touch it longer.

So I kept the barrier going longer.

After a while, Shiggy removed her claw and looked at me.

「You want to see it from far away?」


「Timi, please.」

「Yes, Alra.」

Timi pulled back away from the statue.

Then she rotated around the statue to give Shiggy a different look.

「It is huge.」


「Your mother was a great ancient dragon.」


Shiggy looked for a while at the statue.

Then she tapped my face.

「Are you okay?」


I asked her again.

「Shiggy, I have to destroy this statue.」


「It has some of the power of your mother left. It became this statue.」


「And if it stays, the Jack Frosts will grow, and people might be killed.」



「ryaa ryaa!」

I apologized, and Shiggy responded angrily.

「Alra, Shiggy understands. She understands that the statue is of her mother and that you must destroy it.」

「Smart, Shiggy.」

「That’s why she doesn’t want you to apologize.」



She responded and looked at me with her beautiful eyes.

They were eyes of decision…unwavering.

I guess I was the one that was less committed to destroy the statue.

「Okay, let’s do this Timi.」

「Are you ready?」


「Shiggy, are you ready?」



Timi then lifted off in the air to where the Jack Frosts couldn’t attack.

「Alra, ready? I’ll wait for your direction.」

「Okay, no need to be intricate with this…just a magic bolt.」

It wasn’t a complex chant or big display of magic.

It was just a bullet of pure magical power.

「We should get a bit closer though.」

Magic bolts lose their power quickly. You had to get close.

「However, if we get too close, then the spirit magic might come at us from the Jack Frosts. Don’t you think it’s dangerous if you have to defend at the same time.」

It was just as Timi said.

It was easy to put up a barrier and shoot a magic bolt.

But this time I would have to shoot a massive bolt.

That would mean that I probably couldn’t put up a barrier.

「I can block their shots with my body, you know?」

Timi said to me.

She was a very strong ancient dragon.

Even with all the Jack Frosts shooting, she wouldn’t be easy to hurt.

Even so, it would hurt and she would take damage.

「I see…could you rush down and shoot a magical bolt with your breath with all your power?」

「Sounds interesting!」

She said with a laugh.

「That’s a great idea! Excellent, Alra!」

We would plunge into the zone of spirit attacks quickly.

By the time they tried to attack us, our attack would already be over.

「Let’s do it!」

Timi swooped around, and then lifted even higher up.

I looked back at told Cruz and Luka,

「I know you heard, but hand on as we’re going down!」


「I hope this works.」

Cruz looked happy, but Luka was a bit scared.

「Shiggy, get in the pouch.」


Shiggy got in, but peaked out to look.

She probably wanted to see the image of her mother destroyed.

「Any time you’re ready Timi.」


After swirling around and around, she said,

「Let’s go!」


After lifting up for an instant, she plunged almost completely vertically downward.

As I rode on Timi’s head, I grabbed hold of her horn and got my footing.

Putting power into my left knee hurt, but I didn’t say anything about it.

The other two girls must have been hanging onto the scales.

I knew they’d keep from falling though.


Shiggy cried out loudly.

Timi was almost up to a free-fall speed.



Timi shouted while we pummeled the spirit statue with magic breath and magic bolts.



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