Chapter 243


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Chapter 243 – Shattered Statue

I didn’t hold back. Timi and I used all of our power.

I put all my power into making a pure magic bolt, the most basic of all magics.

Timi used her magical breath, and her breath was the most basic of all magics as well.

Any dragon could use such magic.

She put all of her power into her breath.

Since it was such simple magic, there was an immense power we put into it, and you could see it when the magic struck the statue.

There was no fooling anyone.


Shiggy cried out.

This was probably the first time she had seen power like this.

The immense statue quickly disintegrated in the onrush of magic bolts and breath.

It was like a snowflake being flattened in someone’s palm.

All of the Jack Frosts in the ground around were blown away as well.

As soon as the statue was gone, Timi stopped her breath and cried out.


We were about to slam into the ground, but Timi quickly spun up and we flew over the ground.

I could hear her bones, scales, muscles creak under the stress.

She had used her full force.

I could feel the centrifugal force hit me, and if I wasn’t holding on I would have been flung into space.

Then I heard Cruz and Luka,



They were almost screaming.

We almost skidded along the ground after nearly crashing into it, and after that, Timi flew back into the sky.

As we rose, Timi took a second to stop,

「….are you all okay?」

「…I guess.」

「Wow, Timi!」

「I thought I was dead.」

Cruz and Luka both looked exhausted as they sat on Timi’s back.

I walked down her neck back to her back again.

「ryaa ryaa! Ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was absolutely ecstatic.

「Sighisoara, how was it? That was your auntie’s full flying power.」


「Glad you liked it.」

Timi said, thoroughly satisfied.

「Good work, Timi.」

「You too, Alra, that was quite a magic bolt.」

「Your breath was impressive too, Timi. And that speed and change of direction!」

「ryaryarya, it feels good to be complimented by you Alra.」

Timi said, with an apparent laugh of ryaryarya.

「Whoa, that was too much.」

「You didn’t just blast the statue, but all the Jack Frosts there are gone.」

「The place they were was blown away.」

I heard Cruz and Luka say behind me.

I looked over to where the statue used to be. The rock was fissured deeply.

I was glad it was far from where people lived.

Then a worried Cruz said,

「Luka, you said natural spirits like that unactuated magic, right? Is it okay to use all those magic bolts?」

「Sure, since we blew up that huge crystal of unactuated magic, they should all be dead.」

「Well, that’s a relief!」

Cruz sighed.

But then Luka said,

「But it was quite a lot of force, there’s no traces left.」

「What do you mean, traces?」

I said as I finally returned to where Cruz was on the back.

「Um, the traces of whomever used the power in the remains of the old duchess to make this massive statue.」

「Don’t you think the magical forces just naturally combined here to make it?」

「Those slowly disperse over time. It’s hard to think this was created only after a few months.」

「Hm. If someone used the remaining forces of my older sister, I’ll destroy them.」

Timi said with a huff.

「It may be pointless, but we should at least look around.」

「Sure, that’s probably the best.」


Timi lowered down to the ground again.

Just then, Cruz happily shouted,

「Al, look! The blizzard is stopping!」

「Oh, yeah!」

「I guess all the Jack Frosts are destroyed.」

She changed back to her human form after we jumped off.

Usually a Jack Frost disappears after a night.

These didn’t disappear though because they were connected to the power of a massive spirit stone.

On top of that, the stone was producing more and more Jack Frosts.

Because of that, the area of blizzard was quickly expanding.

「Luka, do you think all the snowing will be over by tomorrow?」

「Sure, I guess it will.」

「Well, that’s a relief!」

Cruz said happily.

After that, we searched around.

Seeing the ground around us, Timi said to herself,

「Absolutely nothing.」

「Timi, you left this rock blown smooth.」

Cruz said as she touched the ground.

My bolt and her breath had scraped that cliffside and ground flat.

「Maybe I should have held back a bit.」

I said to myself, but Luka shook her head.

「That spirit stone was huge. You had to destroy it with all the force you had.」

「I guess you’re right.」

「If you would have held back, the remainder would have been hard to deal with.」

「What would have happened?」

Cruz asked.

「The remaining stone, because it was shocked, would split up and that would cause the number of the Jack Frosts to increase…maybe.」

That would suck. I guess it’s best we gave it our all.

And as I was thinking that, something came out of hiding…



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