Chapter 244


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Chapter 244 – Mystery Girl

Cruz was the quickest to react.

I saw something moving, while at the same time Cruz turned and prepared to face whatever it was.

She had already unsheathed her holy sword.



I saw a small girl shaking at the end of Cruz’ holy sword.

She was as big as Collette, and her ears were tall and thin.

She was another small elven girl.

She had hair white and clear like freshly fallen snow, and large round sapphires.

「Who…are you…?」

I said to myself…and the girl.

I had never seen anyone like her before.

The thing that was the most noticeable was the translucent wings on her back.

Also…the fact that she had no clothes.

All she had on her was something like a crystal tiara, on her head, and a collar around her neck.

Because of all the fallen snow, the temperature was very cold.

There was not living thing that could exist in a place like this naked.

「Who is this? Who could survive being here and Timi AND Al hit this place with magic? She can’t be anyone normal…」

Even with a…thing that looked so cute, Cruz didn’t let her guard down.

Her sword still held only inches away, Cruz still face this…girl.


The little girl shook, and cried out in a small voice.

She might not understand human speech.

So I asked Luka,

「Luka, you know who this is?」

「The first time I saw one, but…a lord of the nature spirits…」

「Lord of the nature spirits…」

I was a magician. I had called to the lords of nature in many chants I had done.

But I had never seen one.

They usually resided in the spirit world.

The magician only briefly opens the gates to them through chanting and receive their power before the gates are again closed.

「Timi, do you know something?」

「This does look much like a lord of the natural world. The one that I saw was a bit older, though.」

Just like an ancient dragon like Timi to have met a nature lord before.

「Yeah, and the one that I saw was…more red…I think.」

「Perhaps that’s of natural fire? Maybe this one’s the one for ice?」

「I see…so there are several of them.」

As Luka and Timi were talking, the little lord shook.

I was almost kind of pitying the thing.

「Eeep eeeek」


「Wait, Shiggy.」

Shiggy jumped out and walked over to the little nymph.

I couldn’t let her get near the small girl.

Timi scooped up Shiggy to herself.

「Sighisoara. Don’t get near to her.」


Just then, the spirit lord started to cry out again.

I asked Luka,

「Do you think that huge statue drew this nature lord out into this world?」

「Hard to believe. A spirit or a spirit lords going to remain in the spirit world, usually. Unless it was summoned…」

Luka looked at me seriously.

「Even so, with all the power you two shot at the statue, it’s lucky she’s unhurt.」

「The Jack Frosts might have protected her. And the statue absorbed almost all of the power.」

Just then, looked very carefully at the little nymph while clutching Shiggy.

「Alra, I noticed something.」


「She has a collar around her neck…it’s out of place.」


I didn’t feel anything strange about the collar when I first noticed it.

But she had also seen the fire spirit as well, before.

「The other one I saw had a tiara like hers, but it didn’t have a collar.」

「I see, so what do you think, Luka?」

「I read about them in texts, but I’ve never seen one.」

Luka said, and continued,

「I never read about one with a collar though…」

「Let’s take a closer look.」

I got closer to the little nymph.

「Eep eeep!」

She shook in fear and cried out.

Just then, right in front of me, five Jack Frosts appeared out of nowhere.


I instinctually shot five magic blots and blew them away.

「Eeep eeepppp!」

She cried with a piercing cry.

The scared spirit had called the Jack Frosts to defend her.

It would be horrible if she called many more.

「I won’t hurt you, okay?」

I didn’t know if she’d understand, but I spoke as kindly as I could.

Then I put my hands out to her collar.


Her cries became louder and she was visibly shaking in terror.

I knew it was very scared and was sympathetic.

But we had to destroy that huge statue and all those Jack Frosts because of her, probably.

She was afraid, but it was probably observed.

「It’s going to be okay.」

I tried to speak as softly as possible so she wouldn’t be scared.

Then I touched the collar.

I felt magical power…no spirit power.

On the surface of the collar, there was very detailed writings in a magical circle.

I had never seen anything like it.

I turned and started explaining what it was to Luka and the others,

「So, Al, that’s not spirit power, but magic power right?」


「That collar gets weirder by the minute. What kind of magical circle is that?」

「Let me analyze it.」

Since Vi-Vi started to living with me, my knowledge of magic circles had grown exponentially.

I could probably analyze even magic circles I had seen for my first time.

「This is …kind of like the circles used to control magical beasts.」

This had to be the key to all this natural spirit energy unleashed into this world.



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