Chapter 247


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Chapter 247 – Releasing the Stronger Spirits

The spirit strength was very dense.

I was wondering whether it was the stronger spirit or another spirit stone.

We would have to check it out.

「Timi, bring us in to check.」

「Leave it to me, Alra.」

Timi slowly began to circle in.

But she continued staying at a height where the Jack Frosts couldn’t reach.

I stayed focused on the land below me. Then I saw the form of the stronger spirit.

It was a giant, about two times the size of a man.

It had a huge collar around it’s massive neck.

White skin, blue eyes and hair, the same as the spirit lord.

「A stronger spirit.」

「There’s no spirit stone, though.」

Just in case, I asked the spirit lord, still clutching onto me,

「Spirit lord. Is there a spirit stone around here too?」


「There’s a small spirit stone?」


Timi said,

「You want me to shoot my breath?」

「No, no need, it’s just going to destroy everything on the ground.」


I didn’t want to use it unless I had to.

「If it’s only a small stone, then we should just release the giant first.」

「You may be right.」

If we can break open the collar, then we could know more about how and why they were made.

If I could just get close, it would be easy to break.

We needed to get information.

In the battle against the spirit lord, we had to use magic breath and my bolt to clear everything away.

Because of that, there were no traces left behind.

I wanted to hear the stronger spirit’s story, and examine the collar.

Timi could just drop me down, and I could approach the giant and his collar directly.

However, getting close was going to be quite hard.

First, my knee hurt. It might have been because of the magic I already used.

Even so, Timi weaved through the spirit magic that the Jack Frosts were shooting.

It would be a bit of a nuisance to get close.

If I had Femm with me, riding past them would be no problem.

Just then, Cruz said,

「You want me to do it?」

「No, it’s a magic device. Even with a holy sword, you might not be able to break it.」

「I see…」

She said, and Cruz again looked worried.

「But, Al, doesn’t your knee hurt?」

「A little. I can do something through using my magic.」

If I used magic, I could move quickly while I was fighting.

And since it was harder to run in, it might be better to move myself standing still so I could focus on magic.

I thought about it, then Cruz said, smiling,

「Here, I’ll carry you, Al.」


「I told you, let me carry you.」


I thought about it, though.

I never tried that before, but it seems like it would be a worse ride than Femm.

「I’ll run, and you can focus on using your magic.」


I was a bit worried.

「Look, Al, look.」

Cruz turned around and gestured for me to jump on her.


「Kinda fun, actually.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy thought it was fun.

Even so, it might be actually easy to fight this way.

I guess I would ‘ride her.’

「Sorry about this.」

「Don’t worry about it, Al.」

I got on her back, and she squatted a few times to test the weight.

「Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!」

Seems like she had to test out the position first.

The spirit was still clutching onto my arm, too.

The spirit pulled up as Cruz did the squats.

「Spirit lord. Wait just a second.」


「While you’re waiting, Luka will take care of you.」

「Huh? Me?」

Luka was a bit surprised.


The spirit went over and clutched onto Luka.

Luka looked a bit scared, but still patted her hair.

Just then, Timi said,

「Are you ready?」

「Sorry for making you wait.」

「Alra. Where should I land.」

Cruz answered for me.

「Timi, fly close to the stronger spirit. We’ll jump right off.」

「Hm. It’s going to be quite a jump for you, Cruz.」

「I’m on Cruz’ back, so try to make it low.」

「I know.」

And so, Cruz scrambled up Timi’s neck to her head and got ready.

「Thanks, Timi.」

「Leave it to me!」

She then dove downwards.

A lot slower than the last time, so the Jack Frosts started shooting their spirit magic at us.

I put up another magical curtain.

「You don’t need to do that for me.」

「Even so, it’s better that I did, Timi.」

Timi wouldn’t take much damage from them.

Even so, she would take a little.

Better to not take any.

There were many Jack Frosts near the stronger spirit.

They were shooting their magic like crazy. Hard to get close.

We jumped a bit aways from them.

Timi’s feet almost scraped the ground, that’s how much she was considerate of Cruz.

The Jack Frosts then immediately turned their attack to us.

「Timi! Thanks!」

「It helps!」

Cruz jumped off the dragon with me on her back.

「Take care of them!」

Timi said, then flying up in the air quickly.

The nearest Jack Frosts began shooting in our direction.


I could hear the spirit lord, and her voice was almost like she was cheering us on.



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