Chapter 248


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Chapter 248 – Fighting the Stronger Spirit

While we jumped from Timi’s head, the Jack Frosts began shooting a huge burst of spirit magic at us.

There were about 10 Jack Frosts near us.

While on Cruz’ back, I put up a magical barrier.


The sound of the spirit magic from the Jack Frosts hitting the barrier made an unsettling sound.

As I deflected several dozen shots from them, Cruz finally landed on the ground.

The ground was deep snow, so Cruz’ feet sunk in quite far.

There was no way she could run like this. Even walking was difficult.

Even so, Cruz went,


And with that one sound, took out her holy sword and swirled it in the air, and with that, spun and blew the snow all around us away.

After that, with incredible speed, the stronger spirit ran towards us.

It had no regard for the snow it was running in.

Or rather, there was magic in its legs so that it wouldn’t sink in the snow.

So it was getting faster and faster as it ran.

Cruz was dodging the magical attacks easily from a good distance.

And quickly the stronger spirit had run right up to us.

I got ready the magic to quickly yank this collar from the spirit.

As soon as Cruz dashed right beside the giant, I reached up, grabbed, and broke the collar.

Grasping the collar in my right hand, I shot the Jack Frosts nearby with magic bolts.

They were quickly wiped away.

I was planning on putting up another magical barrier so I could muster another attack, but Cruz’ reactions were impeccable.

She had dodged every attack, so there was no need for defense.

I crushed the Jack Frosts one by one.

I cleared each of them away, but there were many. It would take a little more time.

As I was thinking about this,


I could hear it screech while I felt a huge wave of cold air erupting behind me.

As the same time, the magical attacks got stronger.

But there was no way they could win.

Cruz’ legs got even faster and she dodged with unbelievable speed.

There was no way she could dodge everything, so I put up a magic barrier, just in case.

As Cruz was running, the barrier in front of us slammed into the small spirit stone, which exploded into a cold – colder than the cold spirit magic attacks.

As it exploded, the air around us was surrounded in cold and the temperature sunk like a rock.

「The stronger spirit seems angry…」

「Even though we’re trying to help it.」

「From it’s viewpoint, it was a human that attacked it, so it probably sees us as an enemy.」


「I know how it feels.」

Even so, it was controlled by the collar, up until now.

Controlled by magic, it was made to summon Jack Frosts.

After I took the collar off, it was probably angry at whomever put it on.

But I was the one that took it off.

And we were also the two that were destroying it’s Jack Frosts.

Of course it would attack.

「Can you take much more?」

「I’m giving my all trying to dodge!」

Looks like she was at her limit.

「Cruz, I have to talk to it.」


Cruz’ way of dodging changes. She used the least amount of effort to dodge the magic.

It was a battle, so I couldn’t talk long.

So I spoke to the stronger spirit so I could get the info I need.

Cruz knew this so she did what she could to get me close.

I could have just blown it away with one fierce magic bolt, but then I couldn’t get the info I needed. So the choice was a longer fight.

I shot as many Jack Frosts as I could, and called to the stronger spirit,

「Stronger spirit! I have set you free! I am not your enemy!」


In the middle of the magical battle, the spirit now called more Jack Frosts into the fray.

Because of this, no matter how many I destroyed, we were still surrounded.




Cruz leapt far above and away to get distance.

Because of this, after a few seconds we were far from the magical fray and their shots were much weaker.

「I guess it’s not going to listen.」

「No good.」

「If it’s going to use up all this magic for a long time, sooner or later it’s going to run out.」

「Even worse.」

If the stronger spirit used up all its magic, it would disappear to the spirit world.

I wanted to return Cruz’ realm to its previous state, but I needed info first.

As I was thinking this over, Timi came plunging down to right above the stronger spirit.


The spirit screamed, but,


The spirit load riding on Timi screeched back.


The stronger spirit, in one cry, suddenly fell silent.

She probably told it to shut up.

Then we could focus on just attacking the Jack Frosts.

I called out to the spirit lord,

「Spirit lord. Can you quiet the Jack Frosts?!」


「They don’t listen to what you tell them?!」


Compared to the stronger spirit, the Frosts must be considerably less intelligent.

They may not be able to understand speech. So they must be destroyed.

「So, can I destroy them all?」


I don’t know how the spirit world works, but these Jack Frosts might be servants of the spirit lord.

That’s why she was able to give permission.

And since I was, I destroyed all the Jack Frosts around me.



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