Chapter 249


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Chapter 249 – Questioning the Stronger Spirit

After jumping from Timi, I had destroyed 50 or so Jack Frosts.

Cruz said, happily,

「The blizzard’s going away!」

「Because I knocked out all the Jack Frosts.」

「Yeah! You really have some awesome magic!」

「No, it’s your legs that were pretty impressive.」

「No at all. All I did was run around.」

But her speed was absolutely breathtaking.

「No one can run as quickly as you, Cruz.」

「Eheh heh heh.」

Cruz laughed, embarrassed.

Seeing that all the Jack Frosts were gone, Timi landed.

We jumped up and onto her head.

「Are you ready?」

「Yeah, go ahead.」

FWUSSSSSSH, Timi breathed out on the ground. The snow on the ground all around melted away.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was quite impressed by that.

It jumped in my pouch and flapped away.

Then Luka and the nymph quickly jumped off of Timi.

It was quite a drop, but the spirit actually floated to the ground.

Almost as if she knew nothing of gravity.

Luka almost seemed to chase after her as she dropped down.

When everyone was off, Timi changed back to human form.


She took my arm again, and called out.

「Spirit lord. Thank you for stopping that stronger spirit.」

『No Need Thanks. Thank You.』

There was no need for that though. I was really thankful for what she did.

I passed the collar from the stronger spirit over to Luka.

「I took a quick look at it, but this is the same type as the spirit lord’s. Maybe you can get something out of looking at it?」

「I’m not experienced in magical tools. I’ll leave it to you, Al.」

I’d let Vi-Vi and Vallimie look at it.

Just then , the stronger spirit cried out,


The stronger spirit looked at us a bit confused.

It looked like a giant, but this giant looked like it was befuddled by itself.

The nymph clutched onto my arm and cried out to the stronger spirit,


Hearing her voice, the stronger spirit seemed to become more and more fearful.

The nymph was probably chiding the stronger spirit.

Luka was watching the whole exchange with a serious expression.

「Luka, do you have any idea what they said?」

「No idea.」

If Luka didn’t understand, no one did.

I guess there was no way to interpret what they were saying.

So I asked the nymph,

「Spirit lord, I have something to ask the stronger spirit, can I?」


I asked the stronger spirit through the spirit lord.

The first thing I asked was who was the person doing this to the spirits?

It’s because the spirit lord didn’t serve as much help.




I had no idea what they were saying, but they were talking about something.

Also, the spirit lord was very poor with human speech.

That’s why it probably was taking so long.

After the spirit lord explained it as best she could, Luka summarized,

「In other words…a beast-human magician is the culprit.」


And just like usual, she clung to my arm.

I guess she was very fond of me.

「Luka, can you ask how they were captured?」


I gave the task to Luka because she seemed to understand their speech better.

Luka asked the stronger spirit through the spirit lord again.

The nymph asked the giant, and the giant answered through the nymph.

『Come help lord』



「I see.」

Luka nodded, but I had no idea what was said,

「Luka, what did they say?」

「So, the spirit lord was captured, and the stronger spirit came to rescue her, and was captured.」

「I see now.. So the spirit lord was a hostage.」

Cruz nodded as she figured the story out.

「Okay…that’s really bed.」

Cruz rubbed the head of the stronger spirit as it was now kneeling before the nymph.

Because of that, if Cruz stretched, she could reach its head.

「Peyyyy…Peyyy, yyy」

I didn’t know what it was saying, but it looked lost.

With its giant appearance, it had a very imposing appearance.

It probably wasn’t used to being petted.

The lord saw the giant being petted and pulled my arm.

『We Trouble.』

「Hm? Yeah…I guess so.」

Both the stronger spirit and the spirit lord were in trouble.

『Need Calm.』


「She wants you to pet them?」

Luka said,

「No, there’s no way…」


Saying that, the nymph stuck out her head.

I guess that’s what she wanted. I went ahead and petted her.

She flapped her wings after I did.

After seeing that, for some reason, I remembered Femm.

From there, the stronger spirit returned to the spirit world.

I took what was left of the spirit stone that was near the stronger spirit and put in my magic bag.

『Strong Spirit. More Help.』

She then pulled my arm as she said this.

I guess she wanted me to help the other spirits caught on this earth as well.

Without releasing them, the summoning of the Jack Frosts wouldn’t stop.

So we all went around the realm and released the remaining three stronger spirits in order.

Distract the Jack Frosts, pull of the collar, and make them listen to the spirit lord.

We used any method we could.

There were no real problems, but after that we had released all four of the stronger spirits.



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