Chapter 250


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Chapter 250 – Return of the Lord

The three other stronger spirits were asked who did this to them, but there was no new information.

With all of the spirits summoned to Cruz’ realm released, they had all returned to the spirit world.

「I guess these spirits really can’t tell much about different types of humans.」

「You think so?」

「Well, Cruz, you can’t tell the differences between goblins, right?」

「… I guess not.」

After the last stronger spirit was released, we talked over what had happened.

It was Timi, Cruz, Luka, and I.

Timi was in human form, and Shiggy was in my pouch with only her face out.

The spirit lord was still clinging to my arm.

「Spirit lord, there aren’t any more stronger spirits around here, are there?」


「I guess the blizzard will stop then?」


Hearing this, Cruz breathed a sigh of relief.

「Gooooood. I guess we can finally clean the snow!」

「Al, how many spirit stones did you get?」


There was a spirit stone placed close to the spirit lords and stronger spirits.

The spirit lord had a huge stone statue of a dragon, that I destroyed.

However, I had recovered the remains of the four other stones that were with the stronger spirits.

They were small stones the size of your fist.

「Spirit lord, do you need these stones?」

The nymph shook her head.


「I see. So what should we do with them, Luka?」

「Give me one for my research. The rest are yours.」

「Got it.」

If I put it in my magic bag, no one could call a spirit with it.

Even if I took it out, they were now so small I don’t think anyone could use them to summon.

Luka asked the spirit lord,

「Are you ready to go home?」


「Do you need any help doing it?」


The nymph shook her right hand.

Then the air seemed to warp. Maybe a passage back to the spirit world.

Her hand plunged into the warp and then,

「Eeep eppp?

After a bit, I understood she was searching for something.」

Then she pulled her hand out of the warp.

『Alfredora. Here.』

It was the first time she had called me by my name.

She had something like a bracelet that she presented to me.

「This is for me?」

『Thanks. Seal.』

「That you very much. I’m delighted to take it.」

As I said that, she smiled to me.

「Eep eeep eppp」

And with that, I put the bracelet on my left arm.

It was transparent. It was decorated with something like gold and silver stones.

However, it was also carved with beautifully intricate designs.

「What kind of bracelet is this?」


She looked at me, confused.

There might be no effect at all. I couldn’t feel any magic.

It was made of a strange material.

But it did look like the same material her tiara was made of.


「Are you going back? Thanks for helping us.」

『Thank you.』

And with that, she left me. I was a bit sad for her to go.

「See you later, spirit lord.」

Cruz said while waving to her.

「Eep eeep」

She said and waved to me.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Good bye.」

「Thank you.」

The rest of us also said our goodbyes.


And after that last cry, the air warped again and she disappeared into it.

With that done, Cruz ran over to me,

She smiled,

「Al, we finished that up quick!」

「What are you saying?! This won’t end until we get that beast-human or whatever it is that’s doing this!」

Luka said, a bit loudly, to Cruz.

But I knew how Cruz felt.

I was glad that all these Jack Frosts were gone.

And since Cruz was the ruler, the threat to her citizens was also gone.

Of course she was relieved.

So I said to Cruz,

「We’ll catch whoever’s behind this soon, but I’m happy how this ended.」


Cruz smiled broadly.

「ryaa ryaa ryyaa!」

Shiggy also happily flapped her wings.

Then she flew out and towards Cruz.

Shiggy perched on Cruz’ shoulder and patted her head.


「ehhe heh」

Seeing that, Luka breathed out with a hmph.

「Well, I guess it’s okay for now.」

「Okay, are we ready to fly away now?」

It was still night and everything was dark.

But the Jack Frosts were gone so the snow had stopped falling.

We could see how the villages looked from far above though.

「Please, Timi!」

「Leave it to me!」

Timi transformed back into a giant dragon.

All the girls got back up on the dragon, and as I was about to get on, Cruz shouted,

「Al! The sun!」


The eastern sky was painted red.


Shiggy also cried out at the sun from Cruz’ shoulder.

「If we can see the sun, then the snow must be completely over.」

Timi said as she looked over at the morning sky.

I stretched to see it and walked over to Cruz.

「It is beautiful.」

「Very beautiful!」

「The sun’s making me sleepy…a little.」

Luka said with a laugh to herself.



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