Chapter 251


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Chapter 251 – Realm Check

In the red morning light, Timi lifted off into the sky.

The snow was done falling, but the wind was frigid.

Shiggy yawned as she looked out from my pouch.


「You can sleep, Shiggy.」


Shiggy shook a bit and wiggled back into my pouch.

I patted her through the fabric.

I soon could hear her wheezing in a light sleep.

「Did Shiggy fall asleep?」

「Well, she is a baby.」


Luka said, looking down on Shiggy.

「Ah, there’s a Jack Frost!」

「They’re still there?」

「I guess so.」

The summoning had stopped because both the spirit lord and stronger spirits were released.

All the Jack Frosts around them were also destroyed and sent back to the spirit world.

The Jack Frosts were the most dense around those spirits, after all.

Either way, the majority of Jack Frosts had been taken care of.

However, not all had returned to the spirit world..

「Timi, fly lower.」

「Leave it to me.」

We could see small whirlwinds of snow revolving around the Jack Frosts.

The snow was scattering into the sky and landing on the ground below.

「Looking at this from above, it doesn’t really look like a blizzard.」

I said, and Cruz nodded.

「You’re right. On the ground it does though. They’re out of fuel though.」

「I think you’re right.」

Cruz said and Luka agreed.

「It snowed enough to cover all the snow in one winter at once. Even though it looks crazy from here, you can see it’s almost over.」

「Yeah, but we should probably get rid of what we can see anyway.」

「I was thinking of doing that in the first place.」

「Thank you Al!」

As Timi flew over the Jack Frosts I struck them down with a magic bolt.

Then they Frost disappeared.

It’s true that they were almost all out of power.

Then we continued flying over Cruz’ realm.

There were still some places with snow clouds, and so we destroyed the Jack Frosts under them.

As we looked down at them, Cruz said,

「Even though the sky cleared…what a lot of snow!」

「It’s going to be one hell of a job to shovel the snow out of the roads.」

「Yeah, maybe we can get Vallimie’s golems to help us out.」

「Good question.」

Luka thought it over.

Every village is going to have problems removing this snow.

With all the snow there, it’ll take until spring to remove it all.

There’s no way they could wait this long.

「Every region that has heavy snow already is prepared to deal with snow removal…but my realm doesn’t have much…」

「Hm…you’re right.」

Timi had thought about it.

「Cruz, to an extent, I can help move things around.」

「Uh, can you?」

「Yes. Using those magic bags, I can carry a lot.」

「Timi, thank you!」

「Don’t worry about it.」

After that, we spent time cleaning up the remaining Jack Frosts from the realm.

We had cleared away all of them we could see, so we returned to Mulg.

From the morning the weather got better, so there were people outside everywhere in the village.

They were all working on clearing away the snow.

Collette was using a golem to clear the snow when she saw us and shouted,

「Ah! Timi! Welcome home!」

She ran up waving her hands.

「Moo moo」

Moofy was doing the same thing, and also happily ran to us when she saw us.

She was blowing through the snow, running and blasting the snow to both sides.

「I coming down, just stay there!」

Timi said while descending quickly behind the storage shack.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy ran up to us like a wild boar through crops.

She couldn’t even wait for us to get off of Timi.

She jumped right up Timi’s back and towards us.

「Moofy, calm down!」

「Mummph mumph」

She was so excited, she snorted and chewed my hand.

I patted her head.

Around Timi came Vi-Vi, Fem, Millette, and Collette.

Steph, Yureena, and Vallimie too.

We got down off Timi and Femm rubbed against me immediately.

I had been away from the beasts for 10 hours.

Even so, they were really lonely.

「Mister Al, welcome home. Good job everyone.」

「Welcome home, old man!」

Millet and Collette said with a smile.

「I know you all want to hear how we solved the weather problem, but we probably should sleep first.」

「Yeah, I’m super tired.」

「I need to sleep too.」

「Me too!」

I asked Timi,

「What about you?」

「I can go without sleeping at the palace for several days…but I’ll go back and sleep a bit anyway.」

「Okay, see you.」


She petted Shiggy through the fabric, but she didn’t want to wake her.

She didn’t even look in the pouch, if she did, the cold would get in the pouch.

And then Shiggy would probably wake up.


She was speaking in her sleep. It was very cute.

Timi and I were both suddenly envious of the dragon and wanted to sleep too.



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