Chapter 252


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Chapter 252 – The Need for Sleep

I went to bed without touching the bath.

I literally fell into my bed.

Getting old like this makes you tired when you’re up all night.

Since Moofy and Femm usually always slept with me, the bed had a lot of room now.

I took Shiggy out of the pouch.


Shiggy said, quietly.

「Go back to bed.」


And Shiggy did.

I put her on my stomach, covered her with the blanket, and fell asleep.



Someone was slapping my cheeks, so I woke up.

I looked and Shiggy was right in front of me.

She was patting my cheeks and holding my nose shut.


When our eyes met, Shiggy cried out happily.

「Shiggy, you’re awake?」


I looked outside.

It was still quite bright. Seeing from the direction of the shadows, it was near noon.

「Are you hungry?」


Since she did sound very hungry, I sat up in bed.

From there I reached under my pillow into my magic bag and got some dried meat.

「Eat up!」

「ryann ryaammm!」

She ate the meat from my hand happily.

But honestly, I still felt very sleepy.

I had stayed up all night, and I had used a lot of magic.

I destroyed that giant statue. Then a huge amount of Jack Frosts.

It was pretty rare recently to use that much magic.

Even so, it felt pretty good to shoot a full-powered magic bolt again.

It feels good to use all your power.

While thinking about that,

「Moo mooo」

I heard Moofy’s voice from my blanket.

「Moofy, where’d you come from?」

When I got into the bed, Moofy was still cleaning the streets of snow.

I guess she had come here when she had finished cleaning.


She put her snout over my leg and huffed.

「Good job cleaning the snow, Moofy.」

「Moo moo」

I rubbed her head.

Shiggy ate meat while I rubbed Moofy gently.

「Moofy, did you sleep last night?」


I didn’t know if that was a yes or no.

『She slept last night.』


I heard Femm tell me from the foot of my bed.

「Femm, you’re awake.」

『I just woke up.』

「Okay. Well good work to you too.」

After saying that, Femm prance on the bed to me.

Moofy just kept her snout over my leg.

I rubbed Femm’s head. Also Shiggy as she ate.

『Moofy spent all of last night laying where you are and sniffing your pillow.』

「Is that so?」


Moofy was probably lonely.

It was a little strange that Vi-Vi had left Moofy alone in here.

「You should have slept where Vi-Vi was sleeping.」

『Vi-Vi slept in here with Moofy.』

「Is that so?」

My bed is pretty popular when I’m away.

That almost meant that Femm slept here if Femm saw all this going on.

After eating all the meat, Shiggy curled back into a ball.

「Go back to bed.」


Shiggy fell asleep quickly.

I wanted to sleep again, so I did.

With Moofy and Femm surrounding me, I wasn’t cold.


When I woke up again, it was still light.

Shiggy was already up.

She was sitting between Moofy’s horns and chewing on her ear.

Shiggy quickly noticed that I had woken up.


「Morning Shiggy. 」

「Moo moo」「Wuff」

「Morning Moofy and Femm.」

They were both awake too.

I went with them all to the kitchen.

「Mister Al, good…morning.」

「Morning, old man!」

Collette and Millet greeted me happily.

「Good morning, you two.」

「Master! Good morning!」

「Morning Steff.」

They all asked me about why the snow cleared up.

「The snow stopped, so the village is saved.」

「The snow cleaning outside the village still has a lot to be done.」

「I’m sure that it does.」

There was no way to easily clear that.

「I guess we’ll have to use sleds to carry everything.」

I said to myself, and Millet said,

「Well, we can get around by foot inside the town…but I don’t think it’s going to get any worse, right?」

There was work for people to do outside the village. Cutting trees and hunting.

I thought that not being able to move around outside of the town would paralyze a lot of business.

But talking to Millet, it didn’t seem too bad.

If the blizzard continuing was bad, but the snow drifts alone weren’t to bad a problem.

「Good to hear.」

「But, Chel’s village…it’s still not complete do I’m worried.」

Chel’s village was still somewhat incomplete.

It was a worry.

「And Cruz?」

「Cruz and Timi went off somewhere.」

They might have left to find out who caused all of this horrible weather.

They really were good girls. They probably went to the manor first.

I wanted to help them as much as possible.



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