Chapter 253


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Chapter 253 – The Followers of the Magic Lord

I drank the tea that Millet had given me in the kitchen.

Collette, who was sitting next to me said,

「Old man, did you kill the Jack Frosthtsth?」

「I got rid of them.」

「Were they sthtrong?」

「You could say that.」

「I could sthay that?」

Collette looked at me seriously.

「Old man! You think I could beat one?」

「…yeah, I think that’d still be hard.」

「Okay. Stho how did you kill them, old man?」

So I told Collette how I got rid of the Jack Frosts.

Just magical attack bolts, nothing really detailed.

So I went on and told her about all the other stuff.

Like how to keep from getting cold.

Using a magic barrier to keep heat in, keep from getting hit, and so you can see in a storm.

「In the case of last night, it would have been good to use night vision as well.」

「I sthee!」

「Good idea, master!」

Collette was listening to the whole thing closely.

Steff appeared next to Collette all the sudden.

Millet said to me,

「Well, it’s hard to cast multiple magics at once, right?」

「Yeah, you have to get used to it.」

「Get used to it? There’s no way!」

Vi-Vi said as she entered the room.

She had a thick coat and scarf. With a warm looking hat as well.

Millet turned to Vi-Vi and said, with a kind voice,

「Vi-Vi, good work.」

「Sure, the cows are doing great!」

She was caring for the cows while working to clear the streets.

What a hard worker.

She was always so lazy when she first came to this town, but had really changed over the months.

「Thanks, Vi-Vi.」

「Moo moo」

Moofy happily nuzzled up to Vi-Vi.

「Such a good cow, Moofy!」

Vi-Vi said at she patted Moofy.

And, then,

「Listen, Al’s disciples.」


Millet and Collette looked confused, but Steff happily said yes. She was happy to be called a disciple.

「Normally you can’t cast multiple magics at once.」


「Millet, you know that right? It’s obvious. You don’t know basic magical information!」

「Is that so?」

「Moo moo」

Collette and Millet looked appreciatively at Vi-Vi.

Then Steff said,

「I knew that already.」

「Hmph. Then you do have basic knowledge, Steff. A normal magician.」

Vi-Vi said with a satisfied face.

Millet took off Vi-Vi’s coat and scarf and hung them up.

「Thank you.」

「No problem.」

「Sthub-bossth? Can you do multiple magic?」

「Hm? Collette, I think I can do it.」


「Collette, I’m the sub-boss right? Any sub-boss can do multiple magic.」

She said proudly.

Even though she was only the fifth of the Great Four Sub-Bosses, she was a very top-class magician in her own right.

After she put her coat up, Millet returned to the stove.

She was preparing more tea. A very helpful girl.

Just then, Steff reluctantly put her hand up.

「Um, can I ask a question?」

「What is it, disciple number three?」

「What’s a sub-boss?」

「Um…ah…I forgot to say, I was one of the four sub-bosses of the former Demon Lord.」


Steff looked at Vi-Vi as if she had no idea what she was talking about.

She must have thought it was a joke.

「…hah hah hah, that’s funny!」

「I mean it!」

「Well, then WOW!」

She didn’t look like she trusted Vi-Vi at all.

That’s why I told Steff,

「She really was.」

「Wha? No way.」



Steff was at a loss for words.

「Mumpphm muhmpph」

Moof y started chewing on Steff’s hand.

It had been a long time since Moofy had done that to anyone.

I actually had wanted to see her do it after a while.

When Moofy was lost at what humans were saying or doing, she tended to chew on someone’s hand.

It helped her calm down.

Steff was also at a loss, and beside her Collette lit a magic candle.

「Old man! Magic practice!」

「It’s true that with a magic candle, you can light a room without setting a fire.」

「Eheh heh」

Just then, Millet returned from the stove.

She really had made tea for Vi-Vi.

On top of that, she had some candies and pancakes as well.

It was left over from breakfast, and a little cold.

She had probably saved it for when we woke up.

「Ah, I’ll do it!」

「Please, thee, Collette.」

She kept the candle going on her right hand and with her left made a fire ball.

She held it right above the pancakes and heated them up.

「That’s very good Collette!」

「Heh heh!」

Collette was very happy to show off.

Then Vi-Vi said to her,

「No heh heh heh about that!」

「What isth it, sthub-bossth!?」

「What do you mean? You did multiple magic!」


Collette was surprised.

「Noooo. I was practicing magic candlesth. They’re both easthy magic.」

「Even so, you did two at once, that’s multiple magic casting!」

「Oh…I guessth stho…」

「I knew there was such things as magical casting…but…」

「You knew about it, Sthteff?」


Just before, Millet had said,「Multiple magic casting is very hard.」

But now she had seen it done.

「Practice…and then see if you can do two easy ones at once.」

Millet said to herself.

While I wasn’t paying attention, both had advanced as magicians quite a bit.



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