Chapter 254


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Chapter 254 – Blizzard Resolved

Vi-Vi looked over to me.

「Al, what did you do with those disciples of yours?!」

「They’re just very talented, I’m proud of them.」

「Eheh heh heh」

Collette blushed.

I patted her on the head.

「You’ve grown a lot too, Millet.」

「Because of your instruction, Mister Al.」

Millet was happy as well.

「Mumpph mupmmh」

And Moofy was still chewing on the last disciples hand.

I think it’s because Vi-Vi revealed that she was the former sub-boss of the former Demon Lord.

I think she should have kept it to herself.

Then Vi-Vi walked up to me and said,


「Ah, just training with emphasis on the basics.」


Collette then said to an obviously interested Vi-Vi,

「Magic exercisthesth.」

「Magic exercises?!」

「Like this, and this.」


Collette showed Vi-Vi the kind of exercises she did with a smile.

The ones that I taught them, excellent exercises I had thought up myself.

Moving your body while consciously circulating magic through your body.

If you do that, you can activated the magic in your body, and get used to the movement of magic.

「Collette! Please teach me these magical exercises!」

Steff said suddenly.

I had developed these exercises for beginners though.

Steff knew the basics. That’s why I didn’t teach her.


Collette taught her happily.

On the other hand, Stuff pulled her hand out of Moofy’s mouth, and Moofy looked sad.

I reached over and patted her.

As this when on, I asked Femm,

「Femm. Are the other wolves okay?」

『They’re fine. They went out to hunt this morning.』

If they encountered a Jack Frost, even as magic wolves they could have been frozen to death.

That’s why the didn’t go out. And if you can’t go out, you can’t hunt.

So they were in a bit of trouble.

Now that the Jack Frosts were gone, they probably went out as soon as they found out.

「After that blizzard, can they go out and hunt?」

『I think it’s harder than usual. But they do work hard. They’ll find something.』

Femm said, as it came closer and put its nose on my knee.

I petted Femm and it wagged its tail.

「I see. Well, if you need help, say something.」


Then we heard a voice from the entryway.

「I’m home!」

「We’re back. Is Shiggy there?」

It was Cruz and Timisoara returning.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy flapped its wings and flew to the entrance.

「Hey, Shiggy! Thanks for coming to see me…you’re so cute.」

「ryaa ryaa」

All three of them soon came into the kitchen. Timi was holding Shiggy.

「Cruz. Were you checking the realm?」

「Yes! You guessed right, Al!」

「Where did you go, Cruz?」

Millet asked Cruz.

「To the manor, and I got Timi’s help to go around to all the villages.」

「Sounds tough.」

「Not really.」

「Cruz, was everyone okay?」

「Yes. I checked all the villages and they were okay!」

「All of them? Wow…good job Timi.」

「Yeah, with me it’s no problem.」

Timi said, proudly.

Cruz then looked serious,

「Al, I didn’t know this, but it seems the villages are okay without using the roads.」

「I guess so…I didn’t know that either.」

Most villages are self-sustaining.

They can barter to each other and sell each other what they need to survive.

And most villages can make the food to support themselves.

「I had no idea…I’ve lived to long in the capital.」

「I was born in the country, but in a town.」

「But I worry about how Chel’s village is doing.」

「Yeah, we might need to bring them a few things.」


Cruz said, with a salute.

「So the problems are Chel’s village and one town near the manor.」

「They can’t support themselves…」

A town had a lot of people and little fields.

Also, Chel’s village was just created.

Both weren’t able to provide for themselves.

「Yes, we might need Timi to help bring them supplies.」

「Leave it to me!」

With Timi, problems disappear.

And using the magic bags and transport circles, lugging supplies around wasn’t a problem.

I was glad that both locations had transport circles nearby.

「So how was Chel?」

「It’s at the death temple village.」

「I see. It’s probably worried about its village too.」

After a bit, Chel came back.

「Speak of the devil.」


Chel bounced on over and onto my knee.

There it jiggled.

「Chel, how’s the village?」


「Do you have fuel and food?」

『Have fuel.』

「I see.」

『Have food from last time.』

They still had the meat we brought them a few days ago.

It was a lot, so they should be fine for a while.

「The biggest worry is Chel’s village because it’s still incomplete!」


「If you have any trouble, tell us.」

Saying that, Cruz picked Chel off my knee and hugged it.

『Thanz Cruz』

Chel said with a happy jiggle.

I was still worried that we didn’t catch whoever was responsible for the Jack Frost problem though.

However, Cruz’s realm still got through it alright.

I guess we could be happy with that.

After that, we all ate dinner together.



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