Chapter 259


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Chapter 259 – The Magician’s Guild

After that, I took a bath and slept.

Femm and Moofy joined me in both the bath and in bed.

Having them both put their snouts on my while I tried to sleep was a bother, though.

They must have been very lonely while I was away, so I petted them before I slept.

「rya ryaa」

Shiggy cried quietly, while I petted them.


The next day, Cruz and Steff left to the magician’s guild.

Luka to the adventurer’s guild, and Yureena to the church office.

They were going to gather information.

On the other hand, I just went to my usual guard post.

I wanted to get info as well, but I don’t think I’d really help, so I just stayed here.

And being a guard was an important job too…after all.

In order to get it done, I put Shiggy in my pocket and walked over to the seat next to the village gate.

Femm and Moofy just laid down in the snow next to me.

They weren’t cold, even lying on the snow.

「Don’t catch a cold, you two.」

「Moo mooo」

『I’m fine.』

I guess their think skins and furs kept them from the cold I was feeling.

While I was guarding, I taught Vi-Vi, Millet and, Collette magical exercises.

Even Vi-Vi was ready to try magical exercises herself.

After doing that a while, Chel approached.

It bounced up onto my knee.


「What is it?」

『I go village.』

「Ok…you need help?」

「Pigii! 『Please』」

Then Chef jiggled a bit.

Millet came over an petted the slime.

「Ah, I’ll help too. I can bring the golems along.」

「Mee tooo!」

『Thnks thanks』

Chel seemed quite happy.

Shiggy peeked out from my pouch and jumped onto Chel.

Moofy stood up, and ran off. She returned with a snow shovel in her mouth.


Moofy snorted. She must be ready to go.

After that, we all left to help shovel the snow from the new village.

I guess there weren’t enough people there yet.

Femm went around with Chel, hunting for magical beasts.

And since they did, the new village had enough food for a while as well.


Night fell, and as everyone thanked us, we left the village to Mulg.

Cruz and Steff had returned before us, so they came out to greet us.

「Master…welcome back.」

Steff looked a bit down.

Her tail was straight out, but her ears seemed to hang.

「I’m back. What is it Steff? You don’t look so happy.」

「No, I’m fine…」

Steff said, with a smile.

「Welcome back. Did you go to Chel’s village?」

「Sure did.」




Cruz and Chel both thanked me.

Chel had thanked me so many times, I couldn’t count anymore.

「Don’t worry about it. Just whenever you need some help, ask.」


After that, Millet prepared our dinner.

Cruz, Vi-Vi, Steff, and I got ready to eat.

We were ready to hear the info from the magician’s guild.

Just then, Moofy put her snout on my knee.

Femm laid down on the floor, while Chel just jiggled next to Femm.

「Cruz. Steff. How was the magical guild?」

「Well, we really didn’t get much information.」


Shiggy popped out of my pouch and jumped on the table. She rolled around with her belly up.

So I tickled her belly.

She happily cried out「ryaaryaayryaa」.

As I tickled her, I asked the girls.

「Hm? Did they hold something back?」

「Well…it’s because I’m a beast-human.」

The magicians there thought themselves to be the elites.

They weren’t going to just give info over to some beast-human that they looked down on.

「Sorry, Steff, I should have expected they’d act like this.」

「No, it’s not your fault, master!」

「I’m the one that was bad!」

Cruz said, loudly.

「You didn’t do anything wrong, right, Cruz?」

「Well, um…because of me…I got in a big fight with the guild.」

That wasn’t good news…they were a very powerful organization.

This was really going to suck if things got bad.

Then, Collette came into the kitchen.

Collette must have been interested when she heard the word ‘fight’.

She looked at us and then reached down and hugged Chel.

「Chel! Let’sth play!」


「Sthiggy too!」


Shiggy got up after rolling around on the table.

Collette went over, grabbed Shiggy, and put her on her head.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy happily cried from on Collette’s head.

Then she went over to where Chel was.

I watched her go, and asked Cruz quietly,

「Explain…I don’t get it.」

「Okay…but it’s a bit embarrassing…」

Cruz said, a bit seriously.



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