Chapter 26


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Chapter 26 – Dragon Zombie Versus Wizard

Femm looked worn out.

「Femm, rest a little.」

『I don’t have the time!』

「I see, let me get ready and while I do, drink some water.」


Millet gave Femm some water and dinner.

Femm then ate as quickly as it could.

I took my time getting ready so that Femm had a moment to rest.

「Okay, let’s go.」

『I’ll tell you what’s happening on the way.』

I jumped onto Femm and got ready to go.

「I’m going with you!」

Vi-Vi shouted at us.

Vi-Vi was an excellent sorcerer, so I thought she might come in handy.

「Well, come on then, Vi-Vi.」


Vi-Vi tried to hop on Femm behind me.

Femm shook her off.

「I’m getting on!」



Femm clearly didn’t want Vi-Vi to ride.

「Femm, I know you don’t like her, but let her ride. She might come in handy.」


『Just this time.』

Femm let Vi-Vi ride this time.

Millet and Collette saw us off as Femm then ran through the gate and out of the village.

「So, Femm, what do we need to do?」

『There’s an enemy that I can’t defeat.』


Vi-Vi started babbling loudly.

「What a loser! If a dog like you can’t…」



She was so scared that she grabbed on tighter to Femm’s back.

If Femm was scared of this enemy, then it was best not to mock it.

「Don’t make fun of Femm, Vi-Vi…and Femm, don’t scare her!」


「So, what is it? It can’t be a normal beast if it’s something that you’re having trouble with, Femm.」

『It’s a dragon.』

I could hear Vi-Vi swallow in anxiety.

A dragon was one of the strongest foes.

「If it’s a dragon, then of course it’s going to be a hard foe, even for a magic wolf king.」

『Don’t mock me. I wouldn’t have a hard time fighting any dragon.』


『It’s a great undead dragon.』

「Yeah, an enemy like that is going to take a lot of work.」


Vi-Vi squealed in fear.

A Great Dragon was a size much bigger than normal dragons.

And, of course, it was very strong.

Also, it was undead…so it couldn’t die. Or, you could say that it moved even though it was already dead.

Even what was considered a fatal blow with something living wouldn’t work against the undead.

Breaking its neck, crushing its head, slashing its heart. The arms and legs could still move to their own possible limits.

You had to cut off all its limbs, burn it up, and so on.

Of course, it was a REAL pain to deal with.

Femm and the other wolves used their fangs and claws as their main weapons. An undead dragon, therefore, was a very troublesome enemy.

I shouted to Vi-Vi, who was shaking behind my back.

「Vi-Vi. You don’t have to come.」

「W…what are you saying? A great undead dragon’s…no match for me!」

「I see…you sound tough.」

While this was all occurring, Femm quickly stopped.

We were near the top of a steep cliff.

「It’s here?」


Other magic wolves ran up around us.

They all barked as if reporting to Femm.


Vi-Vi screeched again and clutched on to me.

I wondered why the hell I brought her with me.

「What’s happening?」

『I’ll explain.』

Femm explained the situation clearly.

Last night, a great undead dragon suddenly attacked. The wolves tried to repulse it, but failed.

Then they must have asked Femm for help.

The next time, Femm tried to repulse the undead dragon, but this time lesser undead dragons appeared with it and Femm failed.

Then Femm called me.

While I listened to Femm’s story, I looked around.

There were three lesser undead dragon skeletons crumbled on the ground.

「Since they were lessers, you were able to handle three of them, sounds very hard for magic wolves, but you did it.」


Femm was pleased at being complimented. The other wolves wagged their tails happily as well.

Femm looked back at me as it said.

『If it was just me, I could fight it. However, I am a magic wolf king. I have to protect my pack.』

Femm wasn’t saying it could win. Just that it could fight.

Femm correctly understood the difference in its own and its enemy’s strength.

『That’s why I need your strength.』

Femm bowed its head to me.

If only the magic wolves had fought the Dragon Undead, there would have been quite a few casualties.

Femm was bowing so that I would help protect the life of its pack, as king.

And some king Femm was.

「Leave it to me.」

「Me too. I think I’m well taken care of around you two.」


The dragon undead were in the shadow of the cliff. Just between to large cliffs, inside of a crevasse.

For some reason, the dragon undead were about to move from the cliffs into the forest where the magic wolves lived. And somehow the wolves were about to stop it in time.

「If they got over my forest, next would be Mulg Village. So now it becomes my problem.」

I said, as I rubbed Femm’s head.

「Leave the great undead dragon to me. The wolves should keep the lesser dragons away by fighting them far from me.」

「Ruff」「Bark bark」

Femm and his pack barked their responses.

「What about me?」

「Do whatever you want, Vi-Vi. I’ll let you take care of it.」

「Got it.」

After looking them over a final time, I began to chant a curse over the chasm that was the nest of these undead dragons.

「Oh Goddess of Fire, Reigning in Summer Skies. Demon Duke of Burning Hell
With a Holy Key, Break Open the Gate of Hades.
That Sun. That King of Earth.
Take the Fire of Everlasting Darkness, and Cleanse the World’s Corruption.
For my Name is Alfred Lint!」

A massive fireball appeared and flew down into the crevasse…then exploded.

This was the quickest way I knew how to mow down an enemy with the greatest amount of fire.

However, after the explosion, some of the forest closest to it turned to ash.

That’s why I had to hold the explosion of the fireball until the very last second, so the forest wouldn’t burn.

Even so, a huge wave of hot air hit us. My face was hot.

「W…what terrible power…」

Vi-Vi said…her voice shaking.

「Yeah, well if this ends it, then that will make it easy.」


Crying out, the Great Dragon Zombie emerged from the crevasse.

Just like a Great Dragon…big, like a mountain.

And it wasn’t just undead, it was a zombie.

Even if a Great Dragon changed to a zombie, it still had a strong magical barrier. There was no way I could burn it up because the barrier prevented the ability for the dragon to be ignited with fire.

The lessers came out as well, as they probably hid behind the great dragon’s body.

There were five of them, each about three times as large as a cow. One of them was enough to destroy a small town.

「Get ready to fight.」

「Rouf Wuff!」

The magic wolves all focused around Femm and attacked the lesser dragons.

Femm led them around all in unison.

I faced the Great Dragon, and shot multiple chant-less magical spears at it.

Speed was more important than power. Anything faster will win…as a basic strategy.

The first spear was knocked away by the dragon’s barrier, but the second one broke it.

The third hit the Great Dragon’s body.

I saw that I had damaged the Great Dragon’s body.


The dragon screamed out in pain. Even though it was already dead, it still could feel pain, I guessed.

And if it felt it…it was kind of sad. I wanted to be compassionate and put it out of its misery quickly.

The Great Dragon thrashed about in pain.

At the same time, the dragons that were led away by the wolves began to flee in the air.

「You’re going nowhere!」

Vi-Vi had cast a whirlwind from a magic circle she made. It was a magical whirlwind with blades in the sides of the spiral.

The dragons’ wings were cut off.

The dragons had also climbed quite high in the sky. With their wings gone they crashed into the ground.

They took a lot of damage from the fall.


Because they had lost a lot of physical strength and magic resistance from the fall damage, it was simple work to finish them off.

Femm went to finish off the lessers as well.

「They’re still moving.」

「Right. Time to burn them.」

With the finisher, even though they had lost all their fighting strength, their arms and legs were still moving.

I burned all of their bodies with fire magic.

「Wo, wo, woooooooooooooaaaan!!」

Femm howled after making sure that all the dragon undead were burned up.

The wolves soon followed in Femm’s howling.

Those howls must have been their declaration of victory.



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