Chapter 260


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Chapter 260 – The Magician Guild and Steff

「Steff showed me to the magical guild place.」

「Was it hard for you to find?」

「Yeah, if she wasn’t there, I’d never find it.」

It was a very different place from the adventurer’s guild. It didn’t take normal customers.

So it was in a very quiet place among the nobles.

On top of it, it had a very small sign that was hard no notice.

「We told reception there in the building that we had something we wanted to ask the magician’s guild.」

「And they told us they don’t do stuff like that.」

「’Ummm, do you think this is the adventurer’s guild? Go away’」

She said, imitating them. Cruz did her best impression.

Hearing this, Vi-Vi said,

「What a bunch of jerks!」

「Steff’s a member, right? They didn’t say anything to her?」


Steff said, head down.

Cruz must have gotten pissed in the middle of all this.

She was starting to breath heavily through her nose.

「When she showed them her guild card, they said some really RUDE THINGS!」

「Rude things?」


Seems they said something really crude to Steff.

Cruz didn’t even want to repeat it.

But…Steff continued,

「They said, “You can pay your dues and leave, beast.”」


Now Vi-Vi was flipping out.

「Cruz! When you heard that, you weren’t going to let them get away with it!?」

「No way, Vi-Vi! I grabbed the reception guy by his collar, and…」

「Good! You should rough ‘em up!」

Vi-Vi said while nodding.

「So…this is why you got in a fight, Cruz?」

「No…that wasn’t the reason.」

「Because of all the commotion, a bunch of people came, and the top guy of the guild noticed it was Cruz.」

「And he really apologized.」

Cruz was the hero after all. And she was a marquis with her own realm.

They couldn’t just ignore how the guild had treated her.

「So, I don’t get it, Cruz. Where did the fight come in?」

「Well, Vi-Vi, I tried to get information, but…」

「The top guy of the guild tried to get Cruz to employ one of his magicians…」

「He said that any magician employed in Cruz’ realm would find it an honor.」

It was normal for the nobles to have their own magicians.

And Cruz’ rank of marquis was very close to being a noble just below the very-high nobles, who all had one.

However, since she had her own realm now, it was clear that she was in the top set.

Even so, it would have to be a new person for her to employ.

So the top guy in the guild must have been thinking that Cruz had come to see him simply to employ one of his magicians as staff.

「Even though I said I wasn’t there to hire anyone, he said it was better that I had one during times of disaster, so…」


「I told him I had already had a disaster, pretty much, and so he told me I could get a snow-clearer, but I said no…so…」

Most magicians could help with something easy like snow clearing.

However, she didn’t want anyone on that level.

A horse could clear stuff roads between towns easily without using magic.

And a normal magician would take until spring to clear all that snow away.

「So…I told him if I hire anyone, it’ll be Steff here, so I don’t need to see any of his magicians.」

「I can’t clear snow, though, Cruz.」

「Yeah, but I’d rather have you, anyway.」

「I know how you feel.」

I said, and Cruz nodded.

「Right?! But then the guy keeps talking about how she’s a beast!」

「He apologized but didn’t mean it at all! What a loser!」

「So I ended up saying that my own magician is way stronger than his!」

「Of course you did!」

Cruz and Vi-Vi were getting heated up about it.

「I know how you feel, but…」

I stopped what I was about to say.

Steff looked like she had caused a bit of trouble.

「So, I kind of said too much, so…」

「I still know how you feel.」

「Thank you.」

Then, Cruz looked at me and said,

「So the guild guy said there’s no way, so I told him I’d bring my guy! And I left.」


「Sorry! Al, I’m sorry!」

「Oh…now I get it.」

Cruz bowed very deeply to me.

So that’s what happened. She wanted me to go with her to the guild.

I really didn’t want to show my face after years of non-payment.

Even so, I couldn’t let them mock a disciple of mine, so I was a bit pissed.

「Okay, I’ll go.」

「Thank you!」

「Sorry for causing this, master.」

「No, I guess I need to pay my dues, after all. There’s no problem」

「Yeah! If you’d paid it in the first place, this would have never happened!」

Just as Vi-Vi said.

I mean, it should be a natural thing for my position.

Since I was an adventuring magician, I had to make sure I conducted business correctly.

Even so, I had done great things apart from the magician’s guild.

Maybe that would help me out in this position.

「Sorry for being a bit of a disappointing master.」

「No, no problem!」

Steff said, a bit taken aback.

「Let me think about what I need to do.」

「You don’t need to think that much, do you?」

Cruz said, unaware of what I was pondering.



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