Chapter 261


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Chapter 261 – Steff’s Training

It was the night after the guild had talked down to Steff.

I called Steff into my room.

「M…master. I’m present.」

She looked nervous. She was talking awkwardly.

Her clothes were a bit strange as well. It was winter, and she was showing too much skin.

She must not be that cold.

「Hey, no need to be nervous. I’m not going to bite or anything.」

「Oh, thank you very much!」

Still that nervous way of speaking.

She might have thought I was going to lash out at her.

「I’ve…taken my bath already.」

「Huh? Oh…」

Maybe she had to take one to prepare herself for getting yelled at.

Still, I didn’t think she’d be so nervous. I never really chewed her out before, anyway.

I was thinking of teaching her magic.

She had been mocked by the magician’s guild for being half beast, after all.

It would be easy to teach her something that would shut those idiots up.

Guys like that shouldn’t be able to continue to mock others just because of their backgrounds.

It would be necessary to change their ways of thinking.

Getting Steff to beat one of them in battle would be the quickest way to do so.

「First of all, you need to relax. I’ll go get you a drink.」

「But…I can…」

「Don’t worry about it. Just relax.」

「O…okay…so that’s what you mean…」

I had no idea what she meant, but I left and went to the kitchen.

I got a cup of tea and came back.

When I came back in, Steff was inside of my bed.

She had the blanket pulled up to her lips. She was totally in the bed.

Well, I did tell her to make herself at home. But…this was a bit too much.


「Yes? I leave the rest to you, master.」


「…this is my first time, so be gentle.」


I had no idea what she meant.

「Just get out of the bed.」

I couldn’t teach her unless she did.


She said, looking very surprised.

「Get out of the bed first. I can’t start unless you do.」

「I…is that how it goes?」


Then Steff’s face turned red.

「If you say so, master…」

She said, getting out of the bed.

「W…what are you doing?!」

「What is it?」

「”What is it??” You’re totally naked!」

「In order for me to fulfill your bidding, I have to take off my clothes.」

「I’m not bidding!」

「But…you called me to your room…which means you’re bidding me to give my body to…」

「No, I’m not!」

I told her to put her clothes back on and left the room.

I couldn’t believe all this.

Shiggy popped her head out and started gleefully crying out「ryaa ryaa」.

After a bit I went back in, and Steff had her clothes back on.

「What a shock.」

「I’m sorry my body may have been hard to look at…」

「Your body wasn’t hard to look at…it’s just, I didn’t ask for you to sleep with me.」

Steff’s face turned red again.

Moofy walked over and started licking her face.

I now noticed that both beasts had been there the whole time.

I had told them I was going to train her in magic, so they had retreated to the corners of the room.

So I got to the point.

「I WAS going to show you how to outwit those idiots from the magician’s guild.」

「What do you mean, master?」

「I want you to beat the top guy they have in the guild.」

The reason begin, I knew that he had mocked Steff in front of everyone.

Also, the magicians in the guild had prejudices against those with beast blood.

They probably also didn’t believe that a beast man was running around controlling nature spirits to do his bidding.

Because of that, I had to change their views on beast-humans magicians.

In addition, I had gotten the word back from Luka and Yureena about their information.

Seems it would take more time.

And while this was happening, it would be just enough time to train up Steff.

Steff looked at me, unsettled,

「It’s going to be hard for me to learn…」

「No, you have the ability.」

And I meant it, but she still looked unhappy.

Her ears and tail hung.

「If I train you, you should be ready quite quickly.」

「You really think I can do it?」

「Look how far I got Millet and Collette, and I started teaching them at the beginning of fall.」

「But they had been learning on their own before that, right?」

「No, they learned it all from me.」


She was a bit aghast.

She knew that their magic was already very developed to the point they could multi-cast.

She just couldn’t believe how fast the pace was.

It was common that even normal magicians were unable to cast two spells at once.

「I’ll start the real training tomorrow…but I can still show you some things in my bedroom, tonight.」



「Um…okay. Sorry, I was thinking about something else. I’ll do my best!」

So I showed her my magic techniques.

「You want it like this, master?」

「Yeah! Just like that!」

I trained Steff as hard as I could.

She wanted to become a stronger magician, so I had to give it to my disciple a bit roughly.

So it turned out I didn’t hate training her, after all. It was good to each.

She already knew the basics, so that was perfect.

She had a lot of room for growth.

Luke and Timi had beat her in magic battles already, after all.

I mean, both of those girls would beat a normal magician, no matter what.

She was still quite a magician when she asked to be my disciple.

If I just trained her a bit more, she’d be good enough to defeat the top fellows in the guild.

So I trained her intensely over the next week.

Millet and Collette wanted to learn the same magic, so I trained them as well.

And after a week, Steff showed remarkable improvement in her magic ability.



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